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Kanojo Okarishimasu 56 Summary

By BakaData2018-08-29 01:23:08.791Z2018-08-29 17:46:18.116Z

Kanojo Okarishimasu 56 Summary was translated by BakaData

The season is spring, and Kazuya has become a second year student now. Kazuya is at his work, and asks his boss how to get a girlfriend who is way out of your league. Apparently, his boss is married to a CA; hence Kazuya asked him. The boss explains that he rode the plane numerous times, and even went to places he didn’t want to go to get closer to her wife.

Kazuya’s boss: Once you are in love, then you are already fighting a lost war. The only weapon you have is your passion.

Kazuya is on a date with Chizuru again, and as he wants to give her the money, she says, “I think renting me weekly is going a bit too overboard.”

She says that she’s happy that Kazuya wants to financially support her, but she doesn’t think it’s right that Kazuya would go that far for her. Also, Chizuru was told by Mami not to see Kazuya again, so if she happens to see them together, then that would be problematic. And even though they received Ruka’s permission, if they continue to meet each other so often, then she would feel bad for toying with Ruka’s feelings.

Kazuya is bowing down and asks Ruka’s permission for going on a date with Chizuru.

Ruka: Do you understand what you’re saying right now? Why are you directly declaring that you’re going to cheat on me?! Don’t you feel sorry for your girlfriend?

Ruka starts to cry as she was told by Kazuya last time that he will start to take the relationship seriously. But Kazuya explains that he has seen Chizuru’s acting and her dream of becoming an actress, so he wants to support her.

Ruka: Then…make a promise with me. You have to take me to Chizuru san’s play next time…Your eyes are a bit too suspicious to judge anyone’s acting so I won’t be convinced as long as I don’t see it with my own eyes!

Flashback over:
Kazuya asks Chizuru to act as usual, and to stop acting. Chizuru declines saying that it’s for her practice and she also has the obligation to be his ideal girlfriend. But Kazuya says that the normal Chizuru is his ideal girlfriend. Chizuru feels a bit embarrassed but agrees with Kazuya’s request.

The time has run out and they are about to go separate ways.

Kazuya: What the hell am I saying…renting her every week…how creepy…If I were Mizuhara, then being supported like that would end up being a burden…I’m merely her customer…At best, we’re merely maintaining our relationship…we’re not getting any closer…

Chizuru screams that the time has run out, and now her private time has started. She asks if Kazuya is free. Chizuru wants to go to a certain place and asks Kazuya to come with her.


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    phutien2018-08-30 11:37:27.786Z

    Hope u guys have financially support as Chizuru :)) (my english is terrible so plz don't judge me ;)) )

    1. BakaData2018-08-30 12:33:03.587Z

      Don't worry nobody will judge you here :) And your English is very good!

    2. V
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      Vayneee2018-08-29 03:20:10.212Z

      love it, keep up the good works

      1. BakaData2018-08-30 12:31:50.875Z

        Thank you!

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        thunder.jaw2018-08-29 13:42:15.117Z

        Love to see the couple is getting closer. It's the first time Chizuru asks Kazuya to go out with her. So sweet. Thank you, admin!

        1. BakaData2018-08-30 12:32:19.228Z

          Chizuru finally making her first step :D

        2. G
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          Granberrybg2018-08-29 23:10:17.521Z

          Can I ask what a CA is?

          1. GGranberrybg2018-08-29 23:12:19.932Z

            Judging from context is it a flight attendant?

            1. BakaData2018-08-30 12:31:20.391Z

              Yep that's right! Sorry should have specified it!

          2. H
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            henki2018-08-29 23:53:24.261Z

            man.. that's such a messed up relationship between those 3.

            thx for the summary!

            1. BakaData2018-08-30 12:31:34.087Z

              No problem!

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              Kyotos2018-08-31 14:50:38.417Z

              Thank you for the summary!

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                iWhits2018-09-17 03:21:50.251Z

                I'll support this manga when it gets official english release in north america. Just waiting for that day to come.