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Hare Kon 173 Summary

By BakaData2018-09-03 19:45:33.026Z2018-09-03 22:25:03.089Z

Hare Kon 173 Summary was translated by BakaData

Ryuu is still sleeping, and Madoka applying makeup. She wakes him up saying that breakfast is ready. As Madoka serves him with rice, Ryuu recalls the past with Madoka.

Ryuu: I can’t eat that much already in the morning.

Madoka: You have to eat that. You struggled to wake up again because of low blood pressure.

Ryuu further recalls all the time he spent with Madoka, and is speechless for a moment.

[Flashback over]
Madoka: Is something wrong…?

Ryuu as usual sugar coats his opinion, and says he was excited remembering the night he spent with her yesterday.

Ryuu: You were quite frankly the worst. All you basically wanted was to feel good, and the rest was irrelevant to you. A true pig…Fufufu

Madoka: I’m so sorry…

Ryuu: Hmm? I’m praising you?

Ryuu says that they are both indecent and that’s why they get attracted to each other.

They are now riding the Shinkansen, and are using their phones to play Shogi against each other.

Madoka: You improved a lot from last time…

Ryuu: Fufufu feel free to call me Date Ryu-O (*TL Note: Ryu-O is one of the most prestigious titles in professional Shoji)

Ryuu says he has cornered her and is certain that he will win, but Madoka once again wins. She says that if he brings ice-cream this time then she will allow a re-match. On the table you can see few ice-creams as well as drinks, indicating that Ryuu has lost several times now.

Madoka: I don’t need anything anymore…You still want to continue?

Ryuu: One more time! One last time! I will give you anything you desire.

Madoka says there’s one thing she wants to have from Ryuu, and he suspects that she wants to have his balls, Madoka interrupts and says, “your time”. Ryuu answers that this will be expensive and the favour he will ask back will be naturally big as well. Madoka says that she doesn’t mind it, as she will win anyway.

Ryuu: Well then…If I win then…

Madoka leaves the train, and makes a call to someone.

Madoka: It’s been a while…It’s Madoka. I have something important to talk to you…It’s important for both of us. Can we meet somewhere? Pease call back.

Madoka on the last pages apologizes to Ryuu, and says that she knows that he won’t abandon his family, so she will destroy it. And then, the only things left to him are his talent and her.


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  1. P
    Pikut2018-09-03 20:05:43.057Z

    Thank for the translation admin . wow , what a day madoka !!! She is gone wild . never mind , good luck with that madoka ! So congratulations ryu, you will lost your family :(

    1. BakaData2018-09-03 20:53:46.211Z

      No worries! Pretty curious what she's plotting tbh. Surely, something bad...

      1. JJane2018-09-08 13:10:20.125Z

        Admin thank you for this update. You’re always the best👍👍👍

        1. BakaData2018-09-08 17:14:12.675Z

          You're welcome! Thank you ^^

          1. Bbella2018-09-27 05:36:16.201Z

            please tell me when the chapter 175 is out

            1. BakaData2018-09-27 21:03:13.799Z

              I would need to check it again, but I believe in 2-3 days? I will try to check it (assuming I remember it)

      2. In reply toPikut:
        FFrisca2018-09-03 22:36:03.618Z

        Serve you right ryu
        this is what you get when you are greedy

        1. In reply toPikut:
          Kkyry2018-09-06 09:17:56.092Z

          I'm looking forward Koharu leave Ryu. I know Madoka is such an evil. But thanks to her, now we have a chance for Koharu to leave Ryu. Kekeke

          1. PPikut2018-09-06 09:35:24.801Z

            Yes omg same here ! at first im so done with this manga like im so giving up . im mad and i dont want to read it anymore but seeing this make me so excited ! Cant wait to see what madoka will do for this family . i hope she'll ruin this family and ryu will lost all of his family member . but it doesn't care if yuzu want to stay or not but im wishing koharu will be the one who leave here ... And ryu , since he choose this psychopath woman than deal with that craziness of her ! Hahaha

            1. EEarth082018-09-06 16:31:46.126Z

              Aww i'm a bit sad seeing there are many people who hates/dislike madoka in here (though in japan and other websites, there are plenty of people who like madoka ) ^^;; well each on their own i guess.

              This will be long post so you can skip it if you want hehe.
              I personally don't want madoka to be back with ryuu. Ryuu is like a poison for her. She may have her happiness with him but it will be unhealty for her. She's a great woman, honestly she can find guys who are much better than ryuu if only she's able to give up on him ( but yeah.. human's feeling isn't as simple as it looks ).

              About madoka being psychopath, err definition speaking madoka can't be considered as psychopath ( you can read the definition in here for a reference : )

              About madoka's situation... honestly since i'm a female reader and from my pov as female, i don't blame madoka for what she did. She's been in love with ryuu for years ( literally since she was 13/14 ) then suddenly yuzu comes in their life and becomes his wife... not to mention his first wife making madoka as the second one. Being in the polygamy marriage means you have to share your loved one while remaining faithful yourself... and... that's not as simple as it looks... she must feel sad for that fact but still accepted the marriage offer anyway because just as she said in the earlier chapters " i'm not the one who can make ryuu san happy "... then to make the situation worsen, ryuu this greedy bastard marries koharu. The one he genuinely loves... how do you think madoka will feel ? "I wonder if my husband does love me... i guess i'm nothing special..." that's probably what many women will probably think if their husband is like ryuu... that's probably one of the reasons why she left date family in the first place.. because she wants to be ryuu's special one.. because she doesn't want to share him with anyone else.. Which is normal, heck, even you ms/mr probably don't want your loved one to have another lover beside you right ? That's why i can understand why madoka does what she does though i do also think that what madoka does in the recent chapters are horrible because It's cheating.

              Now about koharu.. i have mixed feeling about that. In a way, i would be glad for her if she can leaves this good for nothing husband of her but at the same time... it's not only ryuu that she cares in the date family, there's her son and yuzu whom she considers as her own sister, does leaving the date family will really gives her happiness ? Will she be able to find another lover who is better than ryuu giving how awful her taste in men.... ?

              1. PPikut2018-09-06 16:59:56.294Z

                Sorry for calling her psychopath (madoka) . ya i know what you're trying to say here . im personally dont hate madoka but i cant stand her selfish personality . we know , she is the woman that know ryu for so long and be with him at first before yuzu and koharu but instead of being a 'family' she choose to leave because she doesn't want to 'share' with anybody .now , she come back and im sure she'll plotting a bad thing to steal ryu back . and she does mentioned earlier she want him alone . of course she will break this family so she can be with ryu ( and somehow im happy with it cause it is the chance for koharu to leave this harekon) . and i just cant understand why people dont supporting koharu characters in this manga . for me she is the type if woman we can call 'strong,loveable,matured and loyal' wife . unlike madoka , she just leave when thing doesn't go with what she want . and unlike yuzu , she cheat while she is still ryu wifes. And after all this mess up koharu still there keep supporting and bring all this family together and even being a 'real' mother to rin . and dont forget , when madoka left she is the one who attempted to bring her back . but madoka still refuse it ! She keep blaming koharu for that incident (when ryu choose to be with koharu instead of her that night) . remember , she talk only to yuzu but not koharu . and i pity koharu for fall in love with ryu . i cant see he care a lot about koharu ... And if he choose madoka then in ok with it . goodluck for them ! But i hope koharu stop being stupid to stay with this marriage.
                *just my opinion tho . peace ✌️

                1. EEarth082018-09-22 18:02:34.682Z

                  Sorry for the (very) late reply, i actually didn't know there's a reply ( because that time was the first time i used this website and since then i haven't opened the website again until a few minutes ago ).

                  Nah, the nice part of forum is we can share our opinions while we can also know other people's opinions ^^ in fact i enjoy reading your opinion about koharu's and madoka's situation.

                  Just like you i also pity how terrible ryuu treats koharu is... especially after i read the latest chapter ( ch.176 if i'm not wrong ) oh man... i may love madoka but this time i'm for koharu's side.... honestly... ryuu keeps saying he loves all his wives but i can't see it...

                  As much as i want koharu to leaves the hare kon ( for her own sake ) i kinda don't want her to, the only reason ( as i also have said before ) because her sister-ish bond with yuzu and how the son is like her own son... i know she will keep in touch with yuzu and her son even after she divorce ryuu ( and may or may not marry another man ), but the bond of those two will probably feel different than the current one.

                  1. PPikut2018-09-22 21:53:08.627Z

                    Yes i've been waiting for you to reply me tho. Hehe! Yup, i like being on this forum. Sharing my thoughts and also reading people's opinion about this manga. Chapter 176 ? Already came out? The latest chapter i've read is 174 tho. But nvm, still i dont 'approved' ryu action all these time. Like i said earlier he cant even loves them all fairly enough. He just keep breaking their heart if he 'force' them be in it. He know what is madoka real intentions are but he still want her to get back on this marriage and that is so sickening to read! He may lose all of his family this time cause i'm sure madoka will be back for 'no good' this time. She did mention she want ryu all by himself right? And it most likely she want tp destroy the family relationships in other to have ryu alone. That is why i dont really like her character here. Selfish just like ryu! And it sad for koharu cause she is so disappointed cause ryu didn't even say anything or be honest about madoka earlier to them. Its like a betrayal because he even said he don't cheat but instead he does that! And koharu believe him when he said that . And i think maybe madoka want to take a revenge this time on koharu cause in the past koharu make ryu choose her over madoka i think... Can relate right? Hahaha

                2. In reply toEarth08:
                  MMari2018-09-11 00:26:35.079Z

                  In love with your comment. i only read this manga because of Madoka (damn, such an amazing character) so Im now living for your analysis on her.

                  1. In reply toEarth08:
                    BakaData2018-09-06 16:44:18.037Z

                    I actually like Madoka :P Great analysis on Madoka's character! Honestly, she's actually the only really normal female out there lol

              2. In reply toPikut:
                FFrisca2018-09-03 22:23:57.448Z

                TBH i'm looking forward to it
                date family destruction....
                finally I can see a little hope Koharu will leave this shit situation..
                I said Madoka is a bitch so I never liked her from the first place ... she really loved Ryu but with unhealthy love

                1. PPikut2018-09-04 00:21:32.648Z

                  Yas im looking forward to see what will happen next . im so excited with this ! Its not like i like madoka but i want to see Date family collapse . that is the way to make ryu realize he is wrong all this time ! And it would be bonus if koharu leaving him . serve him right ! God , cant wait for it .

                  1. JJane2018-09-08 13:16:45.847Z

                    Pikot every time that I read your comments it really makes me smile. Your honest in a way your expressing your true feeling. Your the best.👍

                    1. PPikut2018-09-08 14:13:04.300Z

                      Hi jane :) tq for reading my comments although my words sometime can make people disagree/hate with me , its ok tho ! ya im just being honest about what i thought about this manga . i dont know why i read it at the first place and im into it so much that i cant stop . then the more i read it , the more i hate it ! Haha . and now i just so disappointed with all of this , its like i cannot understand anymore what is going on and i try so hard to except how is this going and what will happens next ! My bad for hoping too much from this manga . its just a 'manga' but its affects my emotions so much ! I've never not feeling sad while reading this manga :( i kinda sad for ryu tho , why he cant choose the woman he really need and love tho ? I kinda sad for madoka because she cant even except this harekon i know she is the first woman in ryu life we know she care about him but why she cant except the facts that ryu still in 'love' with the others ? She is the one who choose to leave at first . right ? Or maybe she think that its not fair for her to be treated like that since she is the one who be with ryu for the longest time , in bad or good time . then she should fight for her loves tho , make ryu fall in love to only her . idc anymore about that ! And im kinda sad for yuzu , she loves joe but she choose to stay . for what ? Pityness or just cause she cant leave ryu because of his kindness or maybe for sex ? At last i pity koharu . i dont understand why people hate her character (but nvm everyone have their own opinion, sorry) . she hate this type of man , that keep breaking her heart at the past but then now she end up being with a man that have all the characteristics that she hate the most but still FALL IN LOVES WITH HIM ! For me , she is the one who always loving and understanding towards her family without being selfish . this keep breaking my heart to see the saddest face of her . nothing to say anymore , i hope she is happy at the end . and i hope ryu will choose madoka . they suits each other ! Just hoping he will let go of koharu .
                      #disappointed af

                      1. JJane2018-09-09 14:41:12.048Z

                        Hi Pikut that’s the reason why I always read your comments because your just being you. You don’t care whether what you say is bad or not because this is the way you are. And about yuzu, this what I guess, i think the reason why she pdidn’t leave ryu is because of pity and the other one is being practical. I mean he can work and support juzu and her baby. She wants a stable husband with a stable income. And for madoka she’s forever bitch. Sorry for my word.

                        1. PPikut2018-09-09 14:56:55.454Z

                          Indeed . she is more dangerous than yuzu . i mean , there is something wrong about her personality that i dont like . but many people like her ... Haha ! Maybe im wrong at describing her personality . but yeah ... Im so giving up with this ! Hopefully she will have ryu like she wanted all this time .

                        2. In reply toPikut:
                          BakaData2018-09-09 18:27:26.782Z

                          I too enjoy your comments @Pikut! Thanks for dedicated comments you make here. The place wouldn't be the same without you :)

                          1. PPikut2018-09-09 20:00:00.098Z

                            Tq admin 😂

                2. R
                  In reply toBakaData:
                  Radomir812018-09-04 11:38:16.001Z

                  Tanx for translation. So Madoka at the end of the chapter, she called Koharu. She is in touch with Yuzu, so she would not say "It's been a while" to her. That feels something, that it all goes to the final confrontation between the two of the possessive girls. Probably for this meeting Koharu will take the child - I saw earlier at the beginning of the chapters some picture of how Madoka keeps Ryuu soon in her arms. As if Madoka did not care about her former family matters, she would not see pictures that Yuzu sent her.

                  1. BakaData2018-09-04 14:51:33.539Z

                    No problem! Yeah I suspect that she's talking to Koharu as well. There definitely will be a confrontation. What I'm curious is who won the last Shogi match. I assume it's Ryuu and his request is probably for Madoka to come back, but then Madoka wanting to destroy the family wouldn't make much sense.

                    1. RRadomir812018-09-04 20:45:24.599Z

                      No matter what kind of mask of confidence Madoka does not wear, it will be seen that the whole situation frightens her. Besides, she may be wrong if she thinks that Koharu will leave Ryuu because of betrayal. Despite the passage of years, Koharu and Yuzu think of Madoka as a lost part of their family. And they never spoke about her as a type of person already alien to them. Koharu can get mad at Madoka and she can even hit her, but eventually she will ask her to come back home - and that will probably surprise Madoka. Although, of course, something else can happen, I'm not counting on Ryuu and some of his "initiatives".

                      1. PPikut2018-09-05 05:35:56.888Z

                        I thought the same as you . instead of getting mad and leaving ryu for this betrayals , koharu will ask madoka to get back to date family for sure . that's the type of person koharu is . she will win madoka back for the sake of date family or ryu :( cause she always put family's first before herself . and that's so disappointing for me . but nvm , im still hoping for the best for this manga ! Still hoping for her to be happy

                        1. In reply toRadomir81:
                          FFrisca2018-09-06 06:57:16.995Z

                          so what is the meaning of collapse if everything is that simple ???

                          I still remember a previous chapter when Yuzu and Koharu talked while bathing together, with what Koharu and Ryu had passed together in Kyoto and they talked about how Ryu wanted a child (his own child) .
                          Koharu feeling betrayed if ryu and madoka together in Kyoto plus Ryu did not say anything about him and Madoka in Kyoto.
                          Koharu felt very disappointed and betrayed.
                          but well see ,, i'm still sure about collapse and if as you say that Koharu will make Madoka back then what exactly does the collapse mean by the writer?

                          1. In reply toRadomir81:
                            FFrisca2018-09-06 07:03:06.779Z2018-09-06 07:18:08.142Z

                            This is about trust issue & loyalty
                            Ryu has lost those two things ,rather than losing can be said from the beginning he did not have two things.

                            I'm sure that what is meant by collapse is a koharu feeling towards ryu or dissolution date family

                            I'm not sure about yuzu because she did the same thing in the past with joe

                      2. In reply toBakaData:
                        BakaData2018-09-03 19:46:18.276Z

                        Thanks to everyone who made last chapter's comment section so engaged with a rich discussion! Appreciate you all very much ^^

                        1. FFrisca2018-09-03 22:15:55.276Z

                          Madoka becomes evil and there is no chance for her to join the harekon and be happy together ... I don't think this will end in a harem..

                          This is what i want 🤣🤣
                          This will make the date family's destroyed and this will open Ryu's eyes that what he has done so far is wrong ...
                          Serve you right ryu 🤣🤣🤣
                          I bet the one talking on the phone with Madoka is Joe

                          1. PPikut2018-09-04 10:04:23.753Z

                            Joe ? Omg i like that idea tho . hahahaha ! Im laughing like a mad clown right now . if that really joe , then what they're planning tho ? Steals yuzu and rin away ? Oh that would be the best ... I somehow hoping that some guy appear and steal koharu from ryu ! This will be amazing and ryu can just fuck himself alone 😂

                            1. FFrisca2018-09-06 06:23:58.214Z

                              Maybe Madoka wants to talk with Joe so he can take Yuzu back with his son because in my opinion it would be easier if Joe took part.
                              the one I see here is Madoka being a bad woman. That's all

                              1. PPikut2018-09-06 06:32:07.541Z

                                Make sense tho ! Can wait to see what happen next . whatever happen , surely this mad woman planning something bad . oh gosh ! Be ready ryu , you just make a wrong move for thinking she will back for good to the family . she just want him for himself and destroy whatever is after her . okay , now im satisfied with this . if Date family is breaking down that is the consequences for what he has done all this time . it could be a bonus if everyone leaving this harekon especially koharu . serve him right !!

                                1. FFrisca2018-09-06 07:26:21.671Z

                                  Yeah and i'm still sure about collapse ☺

                            2. In reply toFrisca:
                              BakaData2018-09-04 14:48:22.203Z

                              Ryuu probably wanted her to re-join the harekon if he wins the Shogi match, but Madoka is clearly determined now to have Ryuu only for herself; thus plotting to destroy the Hare kon. Also the one talking to Madoka on the phone is likely Koharu.

                              1. FFrisca2018-09-06 06:17:50.075Z

                                just look .. whoever madoka call's I'm still sure it's not koharu

                            3. In reply toBakaData:
                              PPikut2018-09-04 00:24:42.237Z

                              Most welcome admin . i said previously that i will not reading this manga anymore but i change my mind . lets make it through the end ... Lets see where this manga is going tho . and now i cant wait to see what happen next ! I'll be waiting for your next summary admin ;)

                              1. BakaData2018-09-04 14:49:19.090Z

                                Glad to hear that you decided to continue :) Yeah let's see how this all develops!

                            4. In reply toBakaData:
                              BakaData2018-09-07 19:13:40.110Z

                              Just wanted to let everyone that is back up and we have restored all the past summaries of Hare Kon. So if you are interested in reading them again, you can find them here Feel free leave any feedback of the new site. Thanks!

                              1. PPikut2018-09-16 01:22:24.417Z

                                Hi admin, when will chapter 174 summary is out ? I see the raw already out on other website. I will be waiting 😊