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Shokugeki no Soma 278 Spoiler Thread

By BakaData2018-09-06 04:51:44.521Z2018-09-06 16:44:52.708Z


I've updated the spoiler with the image translations! Enjoy!

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  1. E
    erinayukihira2018-09-06 08:57:15.369Z

    sir that have pics leaked you can translated that too

    1. BakaData2018-09-06 14:25:39.490Z

      I will translate it later.

      1. In reply toerinayukihira:
        BakaData2018-09-06 16:44:37.842Z
        1. SSolvi2018-09-06 16:50:49.641Z

          Thank u!

          1. BakaData2018-09-06 17:05:19.332Z

            You're welcome :)

      2. H
        In reply toBakaData:
        hindachris2018-09-06 12:53:12.024Z

        Thank you very much xD omg love is in the air :p

        1. BakaData2018-09-06 14:25:21.470Z

          No problem Hinda ^^ Yeah there was some good romance in the chapter :D

          1. In reply tohindachris:
            Ssorina2018-09-06 14:28:29.570Z2018-09-06 14:39:47.409Z

            what do you mean love is in the air

          2. E
            In reply toBakaData:
            erinayukihira2018-09-07 00:42:28.960Z

            Erina: G…geez…what are you saying. Give me a break. I didn’t expect that something romantic would come out of your mouth as well. Our role as students is to study! In other words, culinary! There’s no time for romance!

            Soma: Ohh! That’s right! For now, we have to first pass this exam anyway….

            Erina: Shouldn’t you be fine?
            LOL looks like soma is rejected by erina