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By BakaData2018-09-07 21:03:25.339Z

Apology for the late announcement. We are happy to announce that is fortunately back up again. We have tried to closely replicate our past site to not confuse you with an entirely different design. There are however several changes, but those should be improvements, which hopefully makes navigating the site easier for you. As for the forum, we will also continue working on it and hope to make it a pleasant community for you to enjoy. We would appreciate your continued support by commenting or making your post and enrich the discussion here! We will continue to work as hard as we can and bring you the best experience we can. Thanks everyone :)

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    hindachris2018-09-12 02:58:00.693Z

    Yay it's finally back up :D xD!

    1. BakaData2018-09-12 03:43:16.551Z

      Yeah it's finally back ^^ Took us a lot longer than we had hoped...but the main challenge has been solved :P Lots more development to come though!

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