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Kanojo Okarishimasu 58 Summary Discussion Thread

By BakaData2018-09-12 03:37:15.003Z
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  1. BakaData2018-09-12 03:44:07.977Z

    Thoughts on this chapter? Personally enjoyed it a lot, and it emphasized Kazuya's importance in Chizuru's life.

    1. Cchungdirung2018-09-12 05:59:15.281Z

      Agree. He have been become a trusted friend.

    2. C
      In reply toBakaData:
      chungdirung2018-09-12 05:56:58.677Z

      She just lost her key
      I think she really lost her key. It's too early for her to lie about that. :)
      Thank you. I can't wait for the next chap.
      But probably notthing happen, i think it's a flag, not a forward step.

      1. P
        In reply toBakaData:
        phutien2018-09-15 06:47:04.071Z

        Hope they won't go too far =))