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Kanojo Okarishimasu 59 Spoiler

By BakaData
    2018-09-14 20:56:34.286Z
    • 4 replies
    1. BakaData
        2018-09-14 20:59:30.556Z

        Those are only the translations of the first 6 or so pages of the chapter. I will provide the full summary once it's out. Enjoy!

        1. FFebrian
            2018-09-16 18:40:48.155Z

            I cant wait
            But thanks for translate

            1. BakaData
                2018-09-16 21:07:43.586Z

                Yeah I'm curious how the chapter ends up :D Will be out probably in 1-2 days!

            2. C
              In reply toBakaData:
                2018-09-17 09:47:40.038Z

                I don't think have a night in 20 years old boy is the good idel. The reason might be she always short of money.
                2 main character will be a couple at any manga. The question is:"How is that happen?"