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Hare Kon 174 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2018-09-16 08:31:17.962Z

There are 68 replies. Estimated reading time: 21 minutes

  1. BakaData2018-09-16 08:48:04.093Z

    Koharu crying at the end made me pretty sad :(

    1. FFrisca2018-09-16 10:25:51.156Z

      That was really2 sad
      TBH i cry
      Even tough this is just manga but so sad to see that
      Non is really genius to play with reader heart ....

      1. Aasdfasdfasdf2018-09-16 17:54:24.470Z

        Non playing us with our feelings...........

        1. PPikut2018-09-17 00:04:33.613Z

          Couldn't agree more. NON is really good for making our heart and emotion up and down. I never thought this manga will be as deep as this. My heart πŸ’”

      2. In reply toBakaData⬆:
        Aasdfasdfasdf2018-09-16 09:03:32.459Z

        Yeah that was sad.

      3. B
        In reply tosystem⬆:
        Batty2018-09-16 13:02:55.528Z

        I really enjoy reading Hare Kon, tho since Yuzu's Arc, I strated to realize more and more, how selfish Ryu is. Like he claims that he loves them all and he cares about them, but I don't really see him caring for their feeling.
        And I do like all of the girls in fact, but the way Madoka is, I don't see her suitable for Hare Kon, she's way to selfish for it, unlike Koharu. But I hope for Koharu to stand up for herself. It makes me so sad, seeing how she tries her best, always, and how she is treated in return by Ryu : /
        And tbh, recently I started to think that Koharu and Yuzu together alone would make best pair, hahaha (too bad they're hetero).

        1. PPerception2018-09-20 16:11:36.034Z

          joe? rlly? he "is not perfect but care about her" that's the same i heard from many girls , " the guy found a job" so what? , it's not a real challenge .Why her life will turning around about only 2 options? move on .

          1. In reply toBatty⬆:
            FFrisca2018-09-16 13:15:38.697Z2018-09-16 13:36:45.798Z

            You mean yuri ? 🀣🀣🀣
            I like koharu can marriage other guy
            Yuzu comeback to joe
            Madoka(seems she never gonna have a child so i though she can marriage a guy with a children (widower) )
            And for scumbag ryu
            he can continue his life with other harem women
            So he can die with some disaese
            Because to many having sex with woman 🀣
            I really hate ryu

            1. BBatty2018-09-16 21:42:00.672Z

              This idea always gets through my head, but even if I like yuri, no, in fact no. I can't imagine them as a couple, but I really adore their bond. I think Koharu cares about Yuzu more than Ryu, and the same for Yuzu. Even in the arc with Joe, it was Koharu, who seemed to want Yuzu back more than Ryu. It annoyed me, how he doesn't fight for her, even after he promised to make Yuzu happy. If it wasn't for Koharu, Yuzu would have left.

              But as you mention Joe, yea... I liked that dude, even if he wasn't perfect, but it seemed to me he really wants to be with Yuzu (he looked for job!). And I also want to belive the story that he told to Ryu that he can not have kids... Was a lie. It looked to me like that.
              And now that it seems Madoka wasn't talking to Koharu, nor Yuzu (since I would expect them having any kind of flashback about it), I start to hope that maybe it indeed was Joe. This would make things really interesting to me :V

              1. RRadomir812018-09-17 08:02:32.407Z

                Yes, Yuzu and Koharu have a strong bond. In the manga they well showed the development of the relationship of these two girls. When Yuzu escaped from Ryuu's house, he did not fight for her because he was scared. He completely did not know what to do in this situation - because it seems to me that of all wives, Yuzu was the one that Ryuu was afraid of the most. In the manga he never objected to her ideas. And Yuzu wanted to leave then because even though she loved Ryuu, she was not sure if her child in his home found love. In addition, when Koharu heard about pregnancy, she reacted strangely and did not show support Yuzu - that's why Yuzu was scared. But when she saw the cot for a newborn baby, she changed her mind.

                Ryuu, when it comes to the pregnancies of Yuzu and her escape, failed very much, and Koharu had to deal with everything herself. Probably that's why Ryuu wants to bring Madoka home without involving his wife. Because he wants to do it himself without tiring his family - the problem is that he screwed up, because the effect is now that Yuzu is worried and Koharu is crying.

                1. In reply toBatty⬆:
                  PPikut2018-09-17 00:07:33.318Z

                  Yeah i dont really have a feeling for yuzu but now i think yuzu is kind tho. She is understandable towards a family and koharu. But... Madoka. She is something i could not even brain what she really want. And why doing something bad to ruin the family. And about joe, i just hope rin is his son.

              2. In reply toBatty⬆:
                PPikut2018-09-16 13:52:50.480Z

                Ryu is a selfish and idiotic man ever ! Thats is the best word i can describe his character. He claim to loves them all but all i can see each chapter is just him with his selfish desires. He cant even love them fairly enough. That is why i dont like a harem thing at the first place. He just like put them into a cage! And i dont think they all really 'happy' on this marriage. What is the point keeping them as a wives if he himself doesn't care about their feelings at all. Its not 'love' its just a responsibility !

                1. BBatty2018-09-16 21:46:57.298Z

                  I couldn't agree more. He never botehred to understand why Madoka left in the first place and now he wants to force her to come back into the harem, even though she tells him straight away she can't. He only wants to do things his way. He definietly sucks as a husband.
                  Tho I must admit, since I see on english sites that many hate Ryu and I wonder, how people in Japan actually see him :V I so much wonder what Non has on her mind.

                  1. PPikut2018-09-17 00:01:16.572Z

                    Right? Omg. His character is so stressful at that point i dont understand what he really think either. He sometimes looks mysterious.

                  2. In reply toPikut⬆:
                    FFrisca2018-09-16 23:04:14.263Z

                    Told ya
                    Someone took a picture
                    Im sure madoka planned it
                    and someone madoka called on the telephone might be a Joe or a reporter

                    Hahaha collapse coming soon

                    1. PPikut2018-09-17 00:02:55.572Z

                      Where you get this raw? Ok i get excited for this. I want to see them collapse. Serve him right tho πŸ˜‚

                      1. FFrisca2018-09-17 00:26:15.082Z

                        Somoene share in group 😊
                        I got excited too 🀣🀣

                        1. PPikut2018-09-17 00:27:10.616Z

                          This will really make koharu sad tho . Poor her

                          1. FFrisca2018-09-17 00:36:54.782Z

                            Yup and Koharu know that Ryu is only trying to convince Madoka to come back that is why Koharu even though she is hurt but she still says she will help Ryu ... if she knows Ryu does more than convince madoka she will be very angry and disappointed ... and maybe she will get divorced
                            I know this is harem..this is harekon but still there are things you can't do even though it's harekon..
                            Welcome collapse πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

                            1. PPikut2018-09-17 00:50:17.444Z

                              You got point there. Even if this is a harem but if you got betrayed and he lie like that there is no doubt something will happen. I really want to see who is the person that ryu choose... Haha

                        2. In reply toPikut⬆:
                          Aasdfasdfasdf2018-09-17 05:39:32.680Z

                          This is just a panel from chapter 172. Read that chapter again and ya will see it

                          1. PPikut2018-09-17 05:42:11.515Z

                            Really ? then we're mistaken then .

                            1. Aasdfasdfasdf2018-09-17 06:17:01.207Z

                              Yes it's from ch 172. Around page 5-9 or so.

                        3. In reply toFrisca⬆:
                          Aasdfasdfasdf2018-09-17 05:39:04.537Z

                          Wat? Someone took a pic? This is just a panel from chapter 172...

                          1. FFrisca2018-09-30 21:47:23.237Z

                            My mistake ☺

                    2. R
                      In reply tosystem⬆:
                      Radomir812018-09-16 15:45:37.432Z

                      Tanx for translate
                      So I was wrong, because earlier I thought that Madoka called Koharu. Maybe she contacted people from the music industry? Because if she wants to have Ryuu only for herself, then if she got him a lot of work, she would spend a lot of time with him as his manager. As for the chapter, history has come full circle with a small exception. Previously, Madoka did not sustain what was happening between Koharu and Ryuu and she left. Though paradoxically, Madoka escaped on the day when she wanted to repair her relationship with Koharu - she bought a piece of cake for her birthday. And now Koharu is nervous about what is happening between Ryuu and Madoka. She suffers from all this and cries now - similar to how Madoka once suffered.
                      Only Madoka has not dealt with this negative feeling, so I wonder how Koharu will deal with this frustration. If the situation with Madoka is explained once and for all, everything will calm down. Although Madoka can eternally drag the matter of her return to the Date home - and that would be bad for all Date family.

                      1. PPikut2018-09-17 00:10:56.542Z

                        Yeah its a same situation happen. But i bet instead of hating, koharu will be the one who persuade madoka to come back to this family even if she just heart broken to see that. Just an opinion tho

                      2. In reply tosystem⬆:
                        yomipocky2018-09-17 20:04:19.390Z

                        Thx Admin for the translation.
                        Please, just do not forget to translate the authorΒ΄s words please!!! like you did in previous chapters.

                        Also, MUERTE A RYU!!
                        Poor Koharu, when she left harekon, ryu will understand how precious wife he had in his life (she is the only how only loves him and is not a selfish crazy)

                        1. BakaData2018-09-18 00:05:22.806Z

                          With the author's words, you mean the editor's note at the end of the page? If yes, then here you go =>Editor’s note: β€œIn her head, she knows it. But her true feelings drop out from her heart.” If you are referring to something else, then feel free to copy-paste it here and I will have it translated :)

                          1. yomipocky2018-09-18 16:28:31.489Z

                            Ooh, sorry. Yes, I mean the editor's note.
                            Again, thanks for the translation for this and previous chapter. :D

                        2. H
                          In reply tosystem⬆:
                          hikonyandesu2018-09-20 12:01:17.040Z

                          Koharu, please just leave him so that Ryu will realize what he do is wrong :( is it, right? I don't know, but i think what happen between Ryu and Madoka, right now is definitely wrong :(

                          1. J
                            In reply tosystem⬆:
                            jojo0012018-09-21 12:39:35.756Z

                            if at the end koharu will end with ryuu
                            I will forever hate this author,
                            I hope yuzu and koharu will leave ryuu
                            come on, if he loves both of you, he will never keep secret or sleep with another woman even with his ex without making decision with you. He's jus a selfish man who thinks he is the best and can love you equally :)
                            he deserve to be impotent guy who got dumped from his wives :)
                            he deserves to be homeless and die alone

                            1. In reply tosystem⬆:
                              BakaData2018-09-16 09:09:09.829Z2018-09-16 09:19:44.170Z

                              We will from now on embed the forum's comment section on BakaData. You can either continue commenting on here or on the forum. Your comment will appear on both sites. We're still testing and improving things, so your feedback is extremely valuable to us and we would appreciate it if you could help us out! Thanks ^^

                              1. A
                                In reply tosystem⬆:
                                asdfasdfasdf2018-09-16 09:02:30.627Z

                                Thanks admin!

                                1. BakaData2018-09-16 09:09:19.688Z

                                  No worries!

                                2. P
                                  In reply tosystem⬆:
                                  Pikut2018-09-16 09:54:13.109Z

                                  Koharu is right tho. If ryu has always been in love with madoka he should just tell them earlier . He should not lie to them . And yuzu was right, its better she see that kiss mark earlier than koharu. And I understand why koharu so broken inside because of this. Omg ! That cry at the end.... I cannot see that.

                                  1. FFrisca2018-09-16 10:31:08.481Z

                                    You will cry if u see how sad koharu crying

                                    1. PPikut2018-09-16 10:32:09.141Z

                                      Already see that... Im fucking sad tho 😒

                                      1. FFrisca2018-09-16 10:47:07.966Z

                                        Hey pikut
                                        Do you want to join with our group harekon in facebook
                                        We can share and talk about harekon
                                        The group is preety active

                                        Hare kon (manga)
                                        On facebook

                                        1. PPikut2018-09-16 10:49:30.128Z

                                          Sure ! What that group name ?

                                          1. FFrisca2018-09-16 10:50:09.475Z

                                            Hare kon (manga)

                                            1. PPikut2018-09-16 10:52:35.267Z

                                              Wait. Im coming πŸ˜‚

                                    2. In reply toPikut⬆:
                                      Mmollit2018-12-18 19:47:49.097Z

                                      WHy does everyone feel sympathy for Koharu, When the whole reason Madoka left was because of Koharu's selfishness and ryu going along with it. The rule was no oneis special everyone is equal but they ran off. Seriously!!

                                    3. F
                                      In reply tosystem⬆:
                                      Frisca2018-09-16 09:59:16.368Z

                                      Koharu you must realize now that they relationship in harekon so unhealty
                                      And ryu you really scumbag
                                      Never learn in the first place wy madoka left
                                      And now i can see maybe koharu will leave you
                                      I'm my english is not very good
                                      I'm still learning 🀣

                                      1. F
                                        In reply tosystem⬆:
                                        Frisca2018-09-16 10:03:59.129Z

                                        and it is a pity that Ryu believes in Madoka even though Madoka is planning something bad. But this is what must happen and I think this is the collapse which is meant by the collapse of Koharu's feelings towards Ryu and as a bonus maybe Koharu will leave.

                                        Tqtq admint πŸ˜™

                                        1. PPikut2018-09-16 10:16:08.832Z

                                          If they love each other then they should be together right ? Like koharu said its a harekon anyway. And madoka, she is just a bbbbbb for doing that. She leaves that kissmark on ryu to warning them that she will be back. But obviously she dont want to get back on that harekon again! She just planning to steal ryu from them. And even if koharu said she will help ryu to get madoka back, but i think deep inside she just so broken up already. And somehow i feel like this harekon will be broken up someday. I just feel like koharu will leaving this marriage because of this. She should tho...

                                          1. FFrisca2018-09-16 10:21:58.828Z

                                            Koharu will leave sooner or later ... just waiting for the right time..
                                            I can see the collapse is koharu feelings toward ryu
                                            Not about madoka but ryu himself

                                            1. PPikut2018-09-16 10:27:21.731Z

                                              Omg that is what we're waiting for ... Indeed ryu himself make this marriage collapse. He just dont understand himself. That stupid ass! He can't even decide who is the person that he truly loves! If he want to be with madoka than be with her. Why cheat and betrayed others trust tho! Fcuk, i got mad at this πŸ˜‚

                                              1. FFrisca2018-09-16 10:40:28.495Z

                                                I remember when koharu dad ask about divorce to her and told her about this married
                                                He told her " if you coming to regret what you've done
                                                I ai'nt coming to save you"

                                                1. PPikut2018-09-16 10:48:31.326Z

                                                  Yup i remember that. Koharu father dont approved this marriage at first. But sadly, he already gone. To see his daughter living a life like this he must be very disappointed tho. And i dont like the fact that koharu is so in love with this scumbag ! See, this is why polygamy is not always a good thing. Ryu can even give them the real 'happiness'

                                                  1. FFrisca2018-09-16 10:52:52.126Z

                                                    This is how important to listen to our parents word πŸ˜†

                                                    1. PPikut2018-09-16 10:56:33.312Z2018-09-16 11:25:51.894Z

                                                      Hahaha! Can relate to that . I wonder when will be the last chapter of this manga... Cant wait anymore. My heart so broken up already 😩

                                                      1. FFrisca2018-09-16 11:24:11.228Z

                                                        I read one article about harekon but I forgot
                                                        and there it was written that Harekon will only be up to 19 volumes
                                                        this has entered the 18 volume and if it is linked it seems like this is the peak

                                                        1. PPikut2018-09-16 11:28:21.909Z

                                                          If that is true we nearly to end right ? Hopefully the end will be not dissapointing . And i dont care if it will end with monogamy or not . I just hope the best for koharu tho

                                                          1. FFrisca2018-09-16 11:33:26.050Z

                                                            I think it will be happy ending
                                                            Because i read other manga from non
                                                            Title is delivery cinderela
                                                            The story is to difficult
                                                            But still happy ending 😊

                                                            1. PPikut2018-09-16 11:39:13.196Z

                                                              I dont know what to say really... This manga is so confusing for me . And i dont want to have high expectations for them to have a happy ending cause i dont see that coming tho. And if this marriage still a polygamy at the end then that is not what a 'happy ending' that i imagine it to be tho. Hahaha

                                                              1. FFrisca2018-09-16 11:50:29.069Z

                                                                It's impossible if endup harem ending
                                                                To think about koharu personality and madoka personality
                                                                To difficult for imagine

                                                                1. PPikut2018-09-16 12:10:35.052Z

                                                                  Ya you're right. Their personality is different from yuzu tho. Yuzu is so chill and doesn't care at all if ryu cheat or not. But these two is.... Kinda difficult. But i still like koharu here... Even if she hurt of that fact that ryu still in love with madoka she doesn't getting mad or lose her temper in front of ryu. Pathetic 😣

                                                                  1. FFrisca2018-09-16 13:28:54.375Z2018-09-16 13:35:18.656Z

                                                                    She trying her best for the sake of family
                                                                    that's one of the reasons why I really like Koharu's character ... she is very kind, cheerful, strong,and most importantly she is the type of woman who is faithful even if she is a little careless and naive

                                                                    1. PPikut2018-09-16 13:43:25.350Z

                                                                      Indeed. But seeing her crying over this thing i cannot sure enough she will keep strong to this. At this point she literally so broken inside . Even if she tries hard to not 'care' about these thing at the end she still do care about it . She still feel 'beaten' by his action. Moreover , if madoka confront her and saying she will taking ryu from them and doesn't want to go back to this family then they're done.

                                                                    2. In reply toPikut⬆:
                                                                      RRadomir812018-09-17 07:24:01.549Z

                                                                      Yuzu worries about cheating. She was scared as she saw the mark on Ryuu neck. If it was a different woman, she would probably hit him, but it was Madoka - and she has good relations with her and considers her a family. This can change if Madoka wants to hurt Koharu now. Then Yuzu will take the side of Koharu because she loves her sincerely.

                                                                      1. PPikut2018-09-17 07:27:24.754Z

                                                                        Exactly. If yuzu support koharu in this then it is all good. I dont yuzu tho. She is like a sisterto koharu

                                                  2. In reply toPikut⬆:
                                                    FFrisca2018-09-16 10:43:41.053Z

                                                    Who can save her right now??
                                                    It's not YuZU or her mother
                                                    She can save herself with leave this kind of shit situation

                                                    1. PPikut2018-09-16 10:52:06.034Z

                                                      Only herself can do that . Its not worth it anymore to stay on this marriage that only bring them sadness. I hope she just be brave enough to let ryu go. He doesn't even deserve her loves

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