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JP Aggregate Leader List 09/20/18 Discussion Thread

By system2018-09-23 09:36:37.176Z
  1. Zica2018-09-23 09:36:37.357Z


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      Skyknight2018-10-06 01:30:29.984Z

      (And watch a new post come out the day after this...)

      I'm curious what you think A. Osiris's chances are for getting among the top 8, or at least 16. I've already heard some analogies to Mega Metatron, although they admit he's not going to have as much resilience. I've already cobbled up a prototype team for him--R. Meimei, A. Vishnu, R. Susano, and one of Enkidu, Ragnarok Dragon, or R. Artemis. Raizer would be a shoo-in if I had him.

      (And if you'll pardon my grousing on something I think I brought up to you before, but was dispelled by the site reset...Why are people on the PDX Discord so certain that getting 7 combos in 7 seconds is easy?! They say to rely on instinct...what instinct?! And even 10 seconds isn't long in any milieu. Never mind that they seem to expect you to memorize all the optimal bicolor setups, when I think there's about 15 of them. My mental screen gets cluttered very easily...I think they said outright that Enhanced Combo will always be insuperable, no matter how much rows get amplified, on top of that.)

      (I do worry that I might be sluggish in moving the orbs, though. Just to be sure...How long does it normally take a reasonably quick player to undo a full-field blinding, of the sort Shouki and Jyaki like to do? It usually takes me just short of a full second, I think. I will grant that I seem to have a low average playing time; "just" rank 485 in about 5 years.)

      1. Zica2018-10-07 19:06:28.605Z

        Awoken Osiris is decent, and the better one out of the Egyptian 2s. though obviously shadowed by Dark Metatron and the likes. There isn't much synergy with the active skills and his awakenings aren't great (missing bind resist). Having at least 1 Raizer would circumvent some of his shortcomings. But yeah otherwise he isn't great. Personally I'd be frustrated playing the team that you have; having to constantly stall and tank hits before killing isn't my style.

        On the topic of 7 combos, 7 seconds is pretty tight. Personally, on average I'd probably need around 8-9 seconds if I'm comboing without thinking (i.e. during a Ranking Dungeon). I can do 7 seconds if the board is nice or if I do some planning beforehand.

        Their definition of basically "Instinct" is something you develop by playing quick. JP server prepares you for that quite well in that regard; JP's ranking dungeon every 2 weeks pushes you to combo quicker if you want top 20% or even the crown. And this includes doing fast bicolor boards.

        In your scenario, I'd say your speed is on-point. I usually undo it slower, in fear of my hand slipping off my phone and dropping the combo.

        Your rank is quite low for 5 years of play time. You're on the JP server IIRC? I assume you play solo and don't have an alt account to co-op with yourself. What helps is to have an alt and farm Arena with a combo team. From experience, playing more will always mean improvement. Also, push yourself to crown in Ranking Dungeons. That's where I got most of my experience.