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Hare Kon 175 Summary Discussion thread

By system2018-10-02 07:21:58.885Z

There are 22 replies. Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

  1. P
    Pikut2018-10-02 23:29:25.874Z2018-10-03 03:16:29.977Z

    Madoka really digging her own grave. Girl, there is nowhere ryu will approve or appreciate what you're doing girl! By hurting or stealing his own family? No that would not be a good idea. Joe was right, what is the point of being happy if it was only a selfishness of itself? They are all selfish! Sorry not sorry but madoka and ryu is indeed suit each other cause they both selfish and greedy! They dont even think about others people feeling at all. Sorry ryu! Joe is much better than your dumbass ass. But its ok cant wait for the next plan . Lol! Now im rooting for madoka to break this family up. I am so done with ryu! He said he loves them all. Naa... What a selfish liar. I predict , some other guy will appear to hit on koharu. Maybe it is madoka plan on koharu. Who know? Lol. And i hope that would happen. Koharu need to move on. All these time her efforts on keeping this family happy is not payable. Useless! Ryu doesn't care for her at all. So when she leaves him i am sure ryu himself cant handle it! He will regret it. šŸ˜¢

    1. RRadomir812018-10-03 10:12:31.540Z

      He is not a liar because he loves all these girls. The problem is that when Yuzu and Koharu can get along with each other, then Madoka can not deal with the others in the harem.

      1. PPikut2018-10-03 10:19:47.317Z

        Sorry but i still cant think that ryu is being honest with himself. There is always a 'reason' why he married all of them. I cant figure it out what his real intentions are but i dont believe he can be fair to all of them. I dont know who is his real 'loves' are. Maybe it is madoka or koharu i dont know... But all i want this time is this marriage to break and we can see who is the person he really chose.

        1. RRadomir812018-10-03 11:00:33.622Z

          As before, in the manga it was showing how he imagines life, it was shown in his thoughts these three girls playing together. These are his true intentions, he wants them to live in harmony and sincerely wants to have all three of them for themselves. Manga clearly showed that when some of these women disappeared, this idiot was depressed.
          Only if some of his wives are not self-confident, he tries to fix it, usually leading another wife to depression. He has chosen it the way he wants to live long ago, the other wives now have to kick his ass, because he deserved it.

          1. PPikut2018-10-03 11:10:15.555Z

            It would be nice if they live happily together. But that cant work out right now. With madoka being like that? Naa... There is nowhere she will be back to the family. They both is selfish, cheating and betraying behind the others. Ryu could just told them honestly about that earlier that she still 'in love' with madoka but he chose to lie. That was frustrating! If he truly loves them all it should be no liar and betrayal right? I think the purpose of he marrying them is just a 'responsibility' and not 'love'. But i do agree with you, someone should just kick his ass and fucking leave. Lol

    2. In reply tosystemā¬†:
      BakaData2018-10-02 19:39:42.841Z2018-10-03 00:43:55.305Z

      Shoutout to @pikut who predicted Madoka was phoning Joe. *Or was it @Frisca? :D

      1. PPikut2018-10-03 03:10:56.820Z

        It was @Frisca who predicted it first admin šŸ˜

      2. In reply tosystemā¬†:
        BakaData2018-10-02 20:43:45.066Z

        Thanks to the Hare kon community! You all are so appreciative of our work, and this support means a lot to us :)

        1. F
          In reply tosystemā¬†:
          Frisca2018-10-02 23:26:52.014Z

          one thing that is certain in this case is madoka will succeed in making date family collapse,because non has warned about collapse ...
          so it makes no sense if collapse will be avoided because what I see many believe koharu can save this problem while non has emphasized about the collapse that will occur ...
          So Keep going
          Make koharu leave that jerk šŸ¤£

          1. R
            In reply tosystemā¬†:
            Radomir812018-10-02 16:28:45.623Z

            Thanks for the translation. I do not know what this Madoka is doing, but from chapter 139 it follows that the child is Ryuu. Besides, he was ready to stay with her even if it was not his. I am also surprised that Madoka uses Joe on Yuzu, especially when he uses violence against her.

            1. BakaData2018-10-02 20:42:07.463Z

              You're welcome! Madoka definitely won't have mercy anymore. She's going all in to win back Ryuu.

            2. In reply tosystemā¬†:
              yomipocky2018-10-02 16:32:56.047Z

              Thank you so much for the summary! Very fast, as always :D

              Well, everything is going like Madoka wanted. The plot is really getting interesting but in few moths the author will bring another baby to this world so I will be more impatience because she will release more slow chapters.

              Anyway, still want to know more about what will happen next.

              1. BakaData2018-10-02 20:42:56.842Z

                No problem! Yeah good point! There definitely will be a longer break pretty soon...

              2. F
                In reply tosystemā¬†:
                Frisca2018-10-02 23:19:09.611Z

                Told ya..its joe after all šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

                1. BakaData2018-10-03 00:43:23.476Z

                  Great job :D any other predictions you want to share? ;)

                  1. FFrisca2018-10-03 03:12:39.909Z

                    My prediction is that if Yuzu becomes the first target then the last battle is Madoka vs. Koharu ...
                    the main character vs. the main antagonist ...
                    And collapse is unavoidable ... This family will surely collapse starting from Yuzu ...

                    1. PPikut2018-10-03 03:18:44.563Z

                      Yuzu will surely come back with joe. Or choose to be a single mother maybe? Haha.

                2. In reply tosystemā¬†:
                  BakaData2018-10-03 00:54:01.260Z

                  While I was pretty empathic of Madoka, the fact that she is basically targeting Rin crosses the line. That's pretty scummy. Although there's a chance that Rin will be the one to change her mind. Pretty good chapter overall.

                  1. PPikut2018-10-03 03:15:24.720Z

                    I never thought madoka will targeted yuzu and rin . Lol ! Its getting interesting to see the harekon is going to collapse. Erm... When will be the last chapter ? Cant wait to see the ending. NON will giving birth soon right. Oh no... Does that mean this manga going to take a long break?

                    1. In reply toBakaDataā¬†:
                      RRadomir812018-10-03 10:08:27.988Z

                      Now what? Madoka will hide somewhere in the bushes and wait for Rin to get a DNA sample?

                    2. L
                      In reply tosystemā¬†:
                      lilyauee2019-01-10 18:21:41.338Z

                      Aaah it's killing me ! Ryu Ryu, what are you doing ??? I've read all the comments and I see Ryu is pretty much hated ! I couldn't agree more hahaha ! He is in fact really really selfish how can Koharu still be in his life ??! It looks like it's been a while that she felt happy...About Rin, didn't Joe told that he did a vasectomy ? Arghhh I don't know anything anymore. Thank you for sharing this with us :)