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Shokugeki no Soma 282 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2018-10-04 03:15:14.137Z
  1. K
    kyrai23972018-10-04 04:00:05.510Z

    Okay. Mom's gonna enter the scenario soon :')

    1. S
      In reply tosystem:
      sorina2018-10-04 04:03:34.015Z

      so erina is in soma place or she still kidnap by asahi then she didn't say her deal with asahi

      1. Kkyrai23972018-10-04 05:24:39.883Z

        she'll probably return to the academy to practice for the competition

        1. Ssorina2018-10-04 05:26:09.535Z

          so soma and erina gonna train together thats i wnat to see

          1. Kkyrai23972018-10-04 05:38:43.916Z

            i dont think that would happen XD knowing their personalities. and they both want to win, but now individually. Erina, to prove to Asahi that she's not to be taken lightly, and probably to escape his proposal, and Souma, to prove his worthiness to inherit their diner.

            1. Ssorina2018-10-04 05:46:08.712Z

              yeah but who knows but erina really like there combination god tongue + creativity

      2. In reply tosystem:
        BakaData2018-10-04 03:15:14.449Z

        Alright, done with the rest. Will add more once more leaks happen.