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Kanojo Okarishimasu 62 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2018-10-10 06:59:49.492Z
  1. BakaData2018-10-10 06:59:49.621Z

    Please do NOT copy-paste our translation, but link directly to this page if you want to share it. If you find sites or certain facebook pages that do that, please ask them to stop it. Otherwise, it is hard to continue this project. Thanks!

    1. C
      In reply tosystem:
      chungdirung2018-10-10 12:51:45.541Z

      See? It's becoming a battlefield.

      1. BakaData2018-10-10 23:56:49.920Z

        Yeah...Mami will surely do something nasty. A bit curious of what will happen tho

      2. L
        In reply tosystem:
        lionheart2018-10-11 02:40:24.629Z

        Holy Sheeet ! I wouldnt mind if he picks Ruka cause shes really sweet but damn Mami, you dangerous

        1. BakaData2018-10-12 18:13:02.705Z

          I like Ruka too! Although I doubt he will ever have romantic interest in her.

          1. Llionheart2018-10-13 04:41:28.975Z

            I agree with you too. However its great to see Ruka having her own piece. Tho i really wonder whats mami up to

            1. BakaData2018-10-13 07:04:44.236Z

              For sure! Ruka's actions are always fun to see :D Surely something bad...She's getting serious now.