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Hare Kon 176 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2018-10-16 05:01:51.119Z2018-10-16 05:02:17.997Z
  • 23 replies

There are 23 replies. Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

  1. W
    WinterIsComing2018-10-17 01:33:53.662Z

    Hello! New to the forum.
    Not only is this chapter disappointing but the way Non has been handling any and all criticism about Madoka or Ryu has been disappointing as well.

    1. PPikut2018-10-20 02:59:03.944Z

      Hahahaha... You know what im the one who got blocked for commenting madoka is not my favourite characters. Wtf? Im not saying i hate her work . Hahahahaha . And this gonna be the last manga from her that i read. Never gonna touch her manga anymore. Childish

    2. P
      In reply tosystem:
      Pikut2018-10-16 06:49:36.525Z

      So this is it !!! What a dumb chapter to read . Really ryu? You're happy when the two of them fighting cause they love you? Then would you be happy too if madoka try to break your relationships with the other wives ? What a selfish jerk you are. Seriously!!! Well im waiting for the destruction of your 'family'... I hope it will happen sooner or later. That you could lump all you shit! Why non always make it like this , why koharu have to suffer like this ... Koharu is not happy! Period. I just hope koharu just leaving this marriage. Its not worth for her anymore. Stop looking like a maid there koharu!!!! On that house, you're just look like a maid rather than a fucking wife! So stop it already.

      1. FFrisca2018-10-16 07:02:42.399Z

        Hahahaha I can only laugh ... let's see if Ryu can still feel satisfied, proud and passionate after knowing Madoka is planning a bad thing 🤣🤣

        1. PPikut2018-10-16 07:06:48.530Z

          I hope he doesn't know what madoka is planning. It would be lovely if he know it last cause that time it already tooooo fucking late for him to fix the broken glass right ?

          1. FFrisca2018-10-16 07:26:21.854Z

            Tbh I'm a little disappointed with Koharu's reaction in the chapter this time, she should be loud and honest saying that she was disappointed with what Ryu did but she chose to behave as usual and it made himself hurt ... why can't she say "yes I'm not happy with what you do or when ryu asks if I make you unhappy? should koharu answer yes nor I don't know

            1. PPikut2018-10-16 07:29:34.391Z

              Indeed! What a dumbess word was that saying that she is happy ? Wtf. She should just say it. Say she dont really happy with this whole situation. Omg, koharu is just stupid. Way too stupid!!!

              1. FFrisca2018-10-16 07:38:27.917Z

                Yes, compared to Naive, actually Koharu is just stupid or she's too kind being a woman ..
                But let's patiently wait for madoka to bring down this fucking shit family and destroy fucking shit dream of ryu about happy family 🤣

                1. PPikut2018-10-16 07:45:46.599Z

                  Typical manga girl right? Lol. Stupid and naive in love. But this is too much! Koharu is too fucking stupid. She cannot be stop anymore, somebody need to slap her on face to make her realise that this fairytale is just a nightmare. Yaa though i hate too see madoka face right now but i hope she gonna work it. Cant even see the smile on ryu face right now. Im disgusted too 😂

      2. W
        In reply tosystem:
        WinterIsComing2018-10-17 08:09:10.161Z

        Thank you for the translation!

        1. BakaData2018-10-20 06:10:07.336Z


        2. J
          In reply tosystem:
          jojo0012018-10-18 19:02:03.325Z

          come oonnnnn,
          the author must make koharu become a woman who are smart and independent to think that she deserves better than this jerk :)
          the author make all of women look like can die if they cannot be with someone they love
          its time for koharu to use her brain not her heart
          she really kind and look like dumb right now
          ugh if the ending koharu will be with this jerk, I really disappointed, I will never read the author's manga anymore because every time I red this manga, its show that woman is stupid and the man can't treat woman in better way. woman just can cry and waiting while the man can have sex with other woman, can have few wives, can be selfish :)

          sorry my English very baddddd

          1. PPikut2018-10-20 02:56:18.564Z

            Same here. Everytime i read this manga i always endup being mad and disappointed ! I know its a damn harem but all of them look toxic. Koharu is the most pathetic here cause she give her pure love to this jerk 😑 and im still hurt cause the author blocked me on her twitter cause of saying that madoka is not my favourite characters. What a childish person . Im done with her work. As soon as this manga finish im not gonna read her work again 😑

            1. Jjojo0012018-10-21 14:18:35.321Z

              the whole story is toxic except Koharu, I think koharu still doesn't know what love means, all her boyfriend was cheating or married.
              in the beginning, ryu really aggressive to catch koharu, and her got problem, so she doesn't have enough time to think why she should love him as a man.
              And her village is toxic too of course :)

              the author is CHILLDISH person, if he or she can't accept anyone critics why she or he have to become mangaka :) maybe the author loves madoka like ryuu or maybe actually ryu representing the author :) in real life

              I'm done if koharu still the same in the ending of this toxic manga, the reason I keep read this is koharu. I want koharu at the end can leave that selfish-jerk man, can be only a wife to someone who can truly loves her. She deserve better than this toxic house,village and story

              1. PPikut2018-10-21 19:54:41.519Z

                Yeah the story itself is a toxic. I keep on reading it because of koharu. Really want to know the ending.

              2. In reply toPikut:
                LLili2018-10-21 16:48:56.625Z

                Just wondering, did you write your comment in english or in japanese ? If it's in english, well maybe because the comic hasn't been licensed in english
                ( i actually want to buy the comics legally so I've searched any possible infos but none exist ), the author knew we read the series illegally that's why she blocked you ? ( though i never see her twitter so i may be wrong )

                1. PPikut2018-10-21 19:53:38.279Z

                  In english of course. But its not like im putting some hate comment about her story... Lol! Just by saying madoka is not my favourite then the comment got deleted. Hahahahaha. Then later she blocked me 😂

            2. F
              In reply tosystem:
              Frisca2018-10-16 07:04:28.871Z

              Thank you for the summary admin 😉😉😉

              1. BakaData2018-10-16 18:07:15.727Z

                You're very welcome ;)

              2. R
                In reply tosystem:
                Radomir812018-10-16 09:16:18.771Z

                Thanks for the translation. I have a problem with this chapter because Ryu says that he is worried about Koharu, and also says that he likes to watch her suffer because of him - these two things do not match. I assume that Koharu knows or guesses that Ryuu spent the night with Madoka because he avoids kissing with him - although I thought before that she was nauseated because of the fact that she might get pregnant. If she knows about sex with Madoka, does not she think it's a betrayal only that it's unfair? If so, she changed her approach to the harem over the years. I do not know if she could now find a relationship with another guy who would only love her. A quite normal and healthy situation would be abnormal for her - which also shows how the psyche of people changes when they are in a different environment.

                1. BakaData2018-10-16 18:07:44.061Z

                  No worries. Ryu is intrinsically selfish.

                  1. RRadomir812018-10-16 21:30:42.754Z

                    Theoretically, 80% of his dreams come true. He only lacks the last piece of the puzzle.