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Hajime no Ippo 1239 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2018-10-18 07:17:55.206Z
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    milek2018-10-18 07:17:55.437Z


    I'm astonished. Cant wait for new chapter.

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      In reply tosystem:
      MOYcano2018-10-19 16:55:59.339Z

      Duuude. Ippo vs. Takamura? Even if it's training, that's the highlight for this week's manga reading!

      1. BakaData2018-10-19 17:05:25.397Z

        Seems like I worded it badly. What is meant with the last scene is that Kamogawa is the one who needs to get back into rhythm; otherwise, he won't be able to keep with Takamura. So Ippo will 'train' with Kamogawa.