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Kanojo Okarishimasu 64 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2018-10-25 00:33:44.968Z
  1. C
    chungdirung2018-10-25 00:33:45.065Z

    Ruka like him because he make her heart punching.
    Natural. Pure. Emotional.
    That's the reason i like Ruka and i hope sthg will happen.
    But, please don't become sthg like Domestic Kanojo.

    1. SSeng1232018-10-25 10:53:27.031Z

      What happen in domestic kanojo? please tell me i wanna know i dont mind u spoiling.

      1. Cchungdirung2018-10-25 11:04:32.422Z

        Just a guy do it with a lot of girl and can't choose one.
        For over 200 chapters and i've droped it.

        1. Llionheart2018-10-25 15:43:39.108Z

          LEL ! Same but i went half way and I dropped it. I saw they are making an anime for it.

      2. In reply tochungdirung:
        FFebrian2018-10-25 17:59:56.791Z

        Whatever ruka is bitch
        still in last mizuhara is best heroine and win