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Hare Kon 177 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2018-10-31 07:22:57.968Z
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  1. B
    Batty2018-10-31 11:17:34.793Z

    Big thanks for the summary! c:

    “The Hare Kon will continue to push you to your limits and bring you agony. And as long as I continue to love you, I will continue to destroy you and will protect you forever. This is the form of my love to you.”

    I read this and try to find some sense in this but I fail to understand. How can he say he wants them to be happy, that he loves her even though Ryuu knows this marriage brings Madoka agony. How he can say he will protect her, just after telling he will keep destroing her. WTF?! I can't understand Ryuu's logic even a bit. What Non had in her mind?! His love is toxic as hell.

    Also I'm kinda nervous and displeased with Koharu confronting Madoka like this. I kind of assume already she will try to make up with Madoka and try to convince her to come back for everyone's sake? I hope I'm wrong.

    1. RRadomir812018-10-31 12:41:30.580Z

      Madoka is alone and is very unhappy, often depressed - this is shown in the chapters about her. Ryuu on the other hand wants her back because she loves her and needs her, because although she will continue to suffer with him in a relationship, but she will not end up being badly alone - which can also lead to greater depression associated with suicide. Madoka can not live without Ryuu, she tried but she did not succeed. Ryuu wants to end this by believing that things will work out over time. As for Koharu it is difficult to predict what she will do, it seems that she will want to convince somehow Madoke, but also tell her what she thinks about her and leave her with it. Alternatively, Madoka can escape by throwing a ball into the ground with smoke ;p.

    2. J
      In reply tosystem:
      jojo0012018-10-31 13:47:56.381Z

      maybe the next chapter...
      koharu will convince madoka to go back in hare kon..
      madoka agree
      ryuu wil have 3 wives back
      everyone will suffer except ryu
      he will happy by sex overnight with different wives every single day until become impotent
      he will think that he can make them happy, or maybe he will think himself as savior that can make his wives doesn't feel alone
      and then after many years he will searching for new wives :)

      what a toxic story in the beginning
      the author make this story become worse in every new chapter
      hope this toxic manga will end soon as possible

      if what I say is true,
      the conclusion, that 3 wives is stupid, doesnt have smart brain to think, they are blind of love..especislly KOHARU, Ryu is an idiot by the logic he has and doesnt have enough faith to be with a person

      ughhh I really hope koharu can Cleary think about leave that toxic hare kon as soon as possible..

      1. PPATATAchan2019-05-06 17:08:36.888Z

        Yes. I hope all the wives realized the truth that they are hurting bc of ryuu selfishnessss huhu

      2. R
        In reply tosystem:
        Radomir812018-10-31 13:02:57.857Z

        Thanks for the translation, a great confrontation built by all these chapters is approaching. Although it seems to me that this whole family can somehow get along. But even if it seems that Yuzu's father will lose the election and the monogamy will be withdrawn - I wonder what will Ryuu do with his wives then? Because probably for such drama the author of the Hare Kon manga is now preparing readers ;p.

        1. In reply tosystem:
          BakaData2018-10-31 07:22:58.055Z

          Sorry for being late with this one! But here it is!

          1. H
            In reply tosystem:
            hanafubuki2018-10-31 15:46:19.998Z

            Hm.. I wonder if there's a mistranslation? I thought Ryuu said as long as Madoka continues to love him, he will forever break and protect her, not the other way round.

            1. BakaData2018-10-31 17:05:54.247Z

              I will check it later to verify it!

              1. In reply tohanafubuki:
                BakaData2018-10-31 19:03:22.544Z

                Thanks you were right. It was "as long as you continue to love me". I have it fixed now.