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Puzzle and Dragons Aggregate-leader-list-11-05-18 Discussion Thread

By system2018-11-06 01:18:23.693Z
  1. S
    Skyknight2018-11-06 01:18:24.043Z

    I will admit that between Sinon and Mega Gremory, it's starting to look like GungHo's creeping into ATKx20 being a frequent occurrence. (And yes, I'm aware of Gilgamesh.) At the very least, dual Sinon doesn't have much difficulty hitting ATKx400.

    Hopefully, there will be a new echelon for the pantheon members (provisional name: Transcendent) coming soon.

    1. Zica2018-11-08 07:52:54.373Z

      Restriced teambuilding for Sinon is the main concern; otherwise her multipliers are pretty solid, moreso than the meta leads we have right now.

      And yeah, I'm expecting huge things from Gungho. If they managed to give out 200 free stones and all the other goodness 6 months before the 7th anniversary, who knows what else we will get? Not to mention there was news that JP hit 50 million downloads.

      1. TTeonvin2018-11-09 19:21:48.472Z

        Honestly attacker isn't even that bad.

        Odindra, Mel, Edward, Alphonse, Yuna, Valk CIEL, Fujin are all very good attacker subs. She's not that far off from Sheria Roots, and I actually like her better with <80% than Sheria's >50%

        1. Zica2018-11-10 06:10:51.736Z

          Sorry I guess I was a little biased against her due to best girl Sinon playing rainbow. But yeah she isn't bad at all with the right subs as you mentioned.

          And in terms of activation, <80% is "easier" to maintain because you can just tank a few hits (along with Sinon's active) to get there. Roots's 3 god killers is very hard to pass up however.