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Kanojo Okarishimasu 67 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2018-11-14 11:01:14.823Z
  1. C
    chungdirung2018-11-14 11:01:15.340Z2018-11-17 03:33:17.840Z

    There're 5 possibility of this manga:

    1. Ruka have pregnancy. And it'll become rental "domestic kanojo". ( I hope not, pl)
    2. Nami NTR him back. (She working on it, though it's not gonna work)
    3. Kazuya fall for Sumi. ( He've liked her already. So it's possible, right?)
    4. If he can overcome all of those temptation. He and Chizuru will become a couple, and that's the last chap. (Just want to remind you: Chizuru've already liked him, just the matter of time. )
    5. Another rental girl-friend is introduced, and it's become an endless story. :)
      P/s: the full translation of chap 67 have been released. :(. i feel bad for you.
    1. BakaData2018-11-16 01:15:15.811Z

      Ruka getting pregnant would be hillarious, but yeah, I don't think the manga wants to go in that kind of direction. Sumi is probably a more likely love interest to Kazuya than Ruka, so yeah, while very unlikely, possible. I hope they don't introduce another girl anytime soon. It's really getting too many...Haha that's fine :) I'm glad the fandom gets read the full scanlated chapter so early. So don't feel about me. But thanks as usual for being so caring :) You're awesome!

    2. G
      In reply tosystem:
      granberiabg2018-11-20 15:31:02.334Z

      may i ask where ch 66 was? or was it skipped intentionally?

      1. BakaData2018-11-20 16:35:12.652Z

        The full chapter was out at that point, so the summary wasn't necessary. Hope that explains it.