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By system2018-11-17 00:44:13.565Z

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  1. G
    Gtninjaex2018-12-01 02:14:18.986Z

    Me and my friend read the first chapter and it looked really interesting but we can’t really understand it because it’s japonese, if you could you translate this manga that would be really cool - fechippuru bokura no junsuina koi

    1. BakaData2018-12-01 09:05:08.748Z

      Can you pm me the raw file? I wasn't able to find it,

      1. GGtninjaex2018-12-02 17:52:50.091Z2018-12-02 20:12:25.587Z

        Thanks btw.

        1. BakaData2018-12-03 08:37:54.493Z

          I will take a look at it and do the first chapter within the next days.

          1. In reply toGtninjaex:
            BakaData2018-12-08 08:15:23.678Z2018-12-09 05:20:45.939Z

            Here's the summary of the manga you requested. It was pretty fun :D No wonder why you wanted to know what was going on!

      2. S
        In reply tosystem:
        sorina2018-11-29 07:30:14.913Z

        sir where's the spoiler of the 290

        1. BakaData2018-11-29 16:31:33.399Z

          It's not out yet. Probably will be out in 10-12 hours from now. Not entirely sure though.

        2. In reply tosystem:
          BakaData2018-11-17 00:44:13.742Z

          If you have any questions, please post here or directly in our forum. Thanks!

          1. YYamin2018-11-26 16:24:16.496Z

            i realise that there are no more one piece and nanatsu no taizai spoiler? Why?

            1. BakaData2018-11-29 00:49:21.092Z

              Since Rai has stopped leaking Nanatsu spoilers, the releases have been non-existent or come rarely out, so at the moment, it's kinda hard for me to post spoilers. One Piece has many translators available so I don't see much need to contribute there, but I do plan to translate spoilers here and there. Hope that clarifies it. If you have translations request, feel free to post them here or create a thread on the forum.