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Shokugeki no Soma 289 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2018-11-22 04:46:46.182Z
  1. S
    sorina2018-11-22 05:22:00.866Z

    Erina doesn't want to involve with asahi anymore

    1. K
      In reply tosystem:
      ketsuma2018-11-22 05:25:40.672Z

      Really? Where did you see that? The only thing I saw was "Erina answers that she does not want to be involved with someone she does not even know him" and that means she does not like him YET! and I say YET, because Asahi is a forced character, but who strives to conquer Erina, is always attentive and loving to her, and any woman likes it, meanwhile, Souma does not even know what it is to fall in love with a girl, and not seem worried about it, but rather, being the best cook! So Soma has to change!

      1. Ssorina2018-11-22 05:29:42.898Z

        but erina already likes soma right and she didn't know that

        1. FFrayten2018-11-22 05:40:05.888Z

          Yeah and but Soma did kinda got fluster when Asahi asked if he got girlfriend

        2. In reply toketsuma:
          Ssorina2018-11-22 06:43:03.252Z

          what do you mean YET

          1. Kketsuma2018-11-22 07:24:40.478Z2018-11-22 07:35:20.455Z

            I say STILL because Asahi is struggling to conquer her, if Yukihira does not become a man and start trying to conquer her, she may also like Asahi! I know she likes Souma for everything he has done in her life, but if he does not correspond her desire and does not care for her that way, and he just wants to know how to be the best, that can be a problem!

            1. Ssorina2018-11-22 10:34:34.934Z

              feelings towards erina when he heard about her bet in the challenge she accept also erina never be fall on asahi now because he is a midnight chef

        3. U
          In reply tosystem:
          Ureek2018-11-22 18:13:20.267Z

          Well, soma from start didn't show any romantic interest, he is soo dense!!
          so, Asahi trying to conquer Erina may succeed actually.
          Megumi x Soma
          and here I thought Asahi is some cool guy guy, it seems that he has some inferiority complex towards Soma!

          1. Ssorina2018-11-22 20:56:27.280Z2018-11-22 21:22:10.231Z

            Asahi trying to conquer Erina may succeed actually
            LOL stop saying this actually asahi failed to conquer her thats why he want to force it on blue. Also its clear erina ideal man description is soma personality but she doesn't know so she gonna realize it during blue for sure. Soma is the who suceed to conquer

          2. A
            In reply tosystem:
            anon1332018-11-22 21:51:07.994Z

            Solution: Marry the Bookmaster (hidden in the shadows).
            Asahi: YES I'M FREE TO MARRY ERINA
            Soma: Then she can be the concubine.

            1. Ssorina2018-11-22 22:48:55.212Z

              she didn't not marry him because asahi is not her ideal man also he is the villian.

            2. In reply tosystem:
              BakaData2018-11-23 06:39:29.833Z

              Updated with the image translation. Enjoy you all!

              1. Ssorina2018-11-23 07:52:37.641Z

                so erina want go with asahi in that place

                1. BakaData2018-11-23 08:09:14.204Z

                  She didn't really say that she wants to go there.

                  1. Ssorina2018-11-23 08:11:02.949Z

                    so whay she mean

                  2. In reply tosorina:
                    BakaData2018-11-23 08:12:15.597Z

                    I assume you are talking about this comment
                    ''Erina: “Not that I care but you really wanna go to a Southern country huh?” I slightly edited it to clarify it but she just said that Asahi wants to go to a Southern country since all the countries he suggests are from such areas. She didn't implicate that she wants or would go with him.

                    1. Ssorina2018-11-23 09:26:38.964Z2018-11-23 09:39:31.440Z

                      erina saying the last part thats mean she didn't interested in asahi right please tell me