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Kanojo Okarishimasu 68 Summar Discussion Thread

By system2018-11-22 14:08:12.534Z
  1. C
    chungdirung2018-11-22 14:08:12.627Z

    If i'm a pros. I'll marry Sumi, keep guard form Ruka, rent Chizuru twice per month and keep Nami out of my life.
    But i'm not. So i'll keep calm and waiting to see what Sumi wanna do. :)

    1. BakaData2018-11-23 19:49:45.356Z

      Who's your favourite girl in the manga?

      1. Cchungdirung2018-11-24 06:38:02.654Z

        Did i just say i want to marry Sumi?
        Even Kayura say his bowl of self-esteen inside his heart was being filled by the cute liquid called Sumi-chan. Sumi in Japanese mean an ink.
        But, to be honest, after 5 or 10 year live with her , you'll get bored. Defenitely. Because every precious thing are precious only when they are out of our arm's reach.
        I'm a FA. But i've loved and i've been loved. It's a long story. But i know she like me. But i didn't treasure her. ( no, i doesn't imagine that)
        Come back to the point:
        You ask me:" who is my favourite girl"
        My answer is every girl, and no one.
        I can see a good side and the bad side of everybody. I like what's good, and hate what's bad. So i like all the good side of them, but also i do not have anyone in my eye.
        :) what's a complicated personality.

        1. BakaData2018-11-25 06:53:00.763Z

          Haha it's good that you like every girl. Waifu war can get quite real sometimes lol But yeah, I like all of them as well. Even Mami, who seems to be mentally ill, is quite entertaining to me :D That being said, I like it that there's more focus on Sumi lately.

          1. Cchungdirung2018-11-25 07:36:16.000Z

            No. This is a flag. I think it'll be Nami's flag next.
            But yeah, i'm waiting for what Sumi wanna do