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Puzzle And Dragons Jp Aggregate List 11/17/18 Discussion Thread

By system2018-12-01 17:56:57.225Z
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    Skyknight2018-12-01 17:56:57.330Z

    To my exasperation, it seems the leader rankings on the Japanese sites haven't shifted at all. (Although...are they updated daily in the first place?) I was hoping to see if any of the awoken Star Angels somehow managed to place, even with their somewhat smallish attack multipliers. (I...might be biased, mapping out an A. Famiel team as we speak...Although I am debating if it's worth it to try to pair her with R. Umisachi. 192+xATK vs. 144xATK, but also half the HP, and a bit more orb-hungry--16 vs. 13, counting the call for a water two-prong.)

    Maybe once the Kamen Rider units settle out, we'll see an update there. I will say that, from my recollection, Black RX and First And Second looked interesting.

    1. Zica2018-12-02 10:08:48.777Z

      To be honest, I'm not too surprised the new Awokens didn't make the list. Their awakenings and leader skills are, for the most part, weaker versions of the current Meta leads. In Famiel's case, she is outclassed by Barbara & Julie. Other than having an easier LS to activate (combos rather than water + fire), Famiel's awakenings and active skill synergy pales in comparison.

      And sadly that is the current state of the meta. There hasn't been any new over-the-top releases in the past month, which explains why there haven't been any tier list shifts. Which also explains my lack of Aggregate Leader List posts.

      From my speculations on the new Kamen Rider Collab, I agree with you that First and Second, and the Black RX will definitely place relatively high on the list. Will probably do a first-impressions post tomorrow.

      1. SSkyknight2018-12-02 17:50:22.427Z

        Figures, I never took a close look at Barbara & Julie, probably because killer awakenings just don't appeal to me. (Now I notice that all six major types are represented...) The more technical two-prongs and enhanced combos, and to a lesser degree rows, tend to catch my attention more. Of course, one is a lot more likely to fetch Famiel than Barbara & Julie, so I'd think the majority (i.e. non-whales) would have some impact.

        Thing of it is, I don't have Barbara & Julie, but I probably have some viable subordinates. Weld (of course) and Gabriel come to mind in a hurry. Not at the same time, though.

        Although, does this game even need "over-the-top" units? I do wish the pantheons would get back into the seasonal/GFE-dominated tiers, though.

        EDIT: Just realized something. Without B&J duplicates (and how many players are going to have duplicates of them?), how do you make sure everyone carries the weight equally? Are B&J expected to do the lion's share of the damage? Because I can't think of any other water (or fire) units with that many distinct killers built in. (And I feel like Latent Awakening slots are better fitted with skill-down resist and time extension...)

        1. Zica2018-12-03 13:07:06.109Z

          I'm quite surprised of you not knowing about Barbara & Julie, considering I've done and mentioned her more than just a few times. She is indeed much harder to get, but I think that is a different topic of discussion we're going into here as far as the "Meta" is concerned.

          Honestly though, with PAD being such a huge lineup of cards/characters, it's hard not to have "over-the-top" units. There will always going to be higher-tiered cards, and lower tiered ones. And to be fair GFE/seasonals are much easier to get now, with the 10-stone machine and the mountains of free stones Gungho has been handing out.

          I just consider ourselves lucky PAD is one of the better games out there that's on the generous side and doesn't outright prey on your wallet.

          B&J is indeed intended to carry damage for the rest of the team. It's no longer the case that damage needs to be even throughout the whole team (like in the old days, to control damage for damage-absorb bosses like Parvati/Vishnu). Rest of the team is usually filled with utilities (Mel, Amatsu, Kuroyuri, etc.)

    2. J
      In reply tosystem:
      Joshiosaurus2020-01-17 20:42:27.706Z

      We ever going to get another update? Or is it safe to say as far as subs go nothing much has changed?