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Kanojo Okarishimasu 70 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2018-12-05 04:36:25.256Z
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    chungdirung2018-12-05 04:36:25.359Z2018-12-05 04:43:31.844Z

    So, it's seem like we will focus in Chizuru. Now they only have to overcome a ton of challenges brought by our beloved author.
    P/s: Thanks for the translation with lighting speed. But don't put yourself too much. You don't seem to be the one who have a lot of free time.

    1. BakaData2018-12-08 04:51:51.163Z

      Yep we're finally back with Chizuru as the focus. I wonder how that meet-up will help their development though. Haha don't worry! I enjoy summarizing this series since it's the first summary project we picked up and because of people like you :) We truly appreciate your support!