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Feedback Thread

By BakaData2018-12-09 10:02:06.684Z2019-01-02 04:45:29.715Z

Your feedback will help us to improve the site and also help us to create what you desire.

The feedback can be about anything, but below are options that could guide. Thank you!
1) things you want us to do

2) features you would like to see on our main site and forum

3) ideas to improve usability like navigation of the site, which can be about changing or adding things

Or anything you have in your mind. Your feedback is greatly valued and appreciated and will shape the future of BakaData.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. R
    In reply toBakaData:
    Radomir812018-12-10 13:31:56.528Z

    Make some contest for the users of this site about manga, and the main prizes will be the Japanese trunk with alkochol. Which administration will buy for hard earned money, and then send it to those who won!

    1. BakaData2019-01-03 03:59:15.531Z


    2. K
      In reply toBakaData:
      Kyotos2018-12-31 03:36:50.084Z

      more summaries would be cool

      1. BakaData2019-01-03 03:59:19.483Z


      2. In reply toBakaData:
        Moabmenace2019-01-03 02:52:07.023Z

        I’d say adding some kind of friends list on the forum would be pretty cool

        1. BakaData2019-01-03 03:59:35.090Z


          1. Moabmenace2019-01-03 04:00:17.907Z

            Your welcome

        2. S
          In reply toBakaData:
          sorina2019-01-03 06:55:13.955Z

          Also a full translate chapter

          1. BakaData2019-01-04 02:27:43.078Z


          2. M
            In reply toBakaData:
            makanzie2019-01-11 07:50:47.102Z

            Fan art thread?

            1. BakaData2019-01-12 01:02:57.574Z


            2. In reply toBakaData:
              blastrophe2019-01-21 08:33:40.104Z

              I think having more anime related threads would be a great idea

              1. BakaData2019-01-22 00:33:42.832Z

                Thank you!

              2. Progress
                with doing this idea
              3. BakaDatapinned this topic 2018-12-09 10:02:25.685Z.