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Shokugeki no Soma 293 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2018-12-20 04:42:20.714Z
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    sorina2018-12-20 04:42:20.821Z

    shit no erina once again

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      In reply tosystem:
      Chingaruna5172018-12-20 12:11:19.141Z

      Well, what do ya know, once again the Yukihira Genius is belittled by the masses, again! To make matters worse is that Noir leader still think that his "brother" a trash chef simply because he has beaten once. Be careful what you say, pal because this will going to bite you for a long time.

      And of course, Miss Chainsaw here is still have some doubt towards our favorite chef but remains confident by using an overkill skill with a SLEDGEHAMMER AND DETONATOR? Is it even called cooking anymore? Regardless, this hasn't stop Soma from cooking because he has one weapon to humble Miss Weapon: an ice-cream spoon! Pen is mightier than sword, dare I say...