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Puzzle&Dragons JP Aggregate Leader List 12/18/18 Discussion Thread

By system2018-12-23 01:06:58.676Z
  1. S
    Skyknight2018-12-23 01:06:59.285Z

    Now that the new Samurai pantheon is out...well, I'm not expecting them to be leader material. But I get the distinct feeling that at least Uesugi (this godsbane does not care about your absorption shield, prey) and Toyotomi (the usual Enhanced Combo weight) will be particularly sought after as subordinates. Me, I'm currently eyeing Masamune for his place in an A. Osiris team...

    1. Zica2018-12-24 09:52:49.557Z

      Oof. The new Samurai 3 pantheon is actually very interesting. They're all very nice to have just for their 1.5x rank EXP lead skill. Ganesha has this too, but Ganesha only provides 1 skill boost and doesn't have any offensive multipliers. These 7* all have at least 2 SB and comparatively short base skills and good awakenings.

      Takeda has 3 Team HP, 1 FUA
      Uesugi has 3sb, 3 god killer, short fujin active
      Date has high attack and 3 <50% (similar to Raizen)
      Toyotomi... 3 7c, Balanced typing, bicolor board
      Tokugawa 3sb, 3 VDP, 3 turn CD poison

      I won't be specifically rolling for these, but indeed they are a step up from Ganesha and we will possibly see more game-changing cards from Gungho soon

      1. Kaile2018-12-29 04:54:02.659Z

        This is really off topic about what you're talking about, but is this you?

        1. Zica2018-12-30 16:42:40.580Z

          That is indeed me. Looks like someone noticed the connection!

          1. Kaile2019-01-01 09:13:08.275Z

            Haha, yeah, it was very cryptic 🤔