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Domestic na Kanojo 214 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-01-10 06:40:28.091Z

There are 83 replies. Estimated reading time: 34 minutes

  1. smashhbro2019-01-10 06:40:28.190Z

    Thx for the summary! Felt sorry for Rui. That must hurt!

    1. BakaData2019-01-11 02:47:02.090Z

      No worries!

    2. K
      In reply tosystem:
      KaguraYang2019-01-14 10:56:39.030Z

      thank you so much. I think Rui is a very very good girl, she will nevers betray Nat. If Rui won't end up with Nat, I think Nat is a very very bad boy

      1. BakaData2019-01-15 05:37:43.540Z

        You're very welcome!

      2. Some disagree with this:
        In reply tosystem:
        Mine2019-01-14 01:47:50.531Z

        Well... I hope they break up because I prefer Hina, and more the stories goes more I hate Rui I HATE HER She just Thief, if I hate her so much, there is plenty of reason but ONE thing is not pass it's when she told to Hina "Just please don't do anything that'd me cry, okay ?" Why it's not pass ? Because what did she do, Rui know Hina love Natsuo but that did not stop her from going out with him, I hope Natsuo will be back with Hina she so cute and when I see her happy when she is with Natsuo it warms my heart......... I think... I take it a little to seriously
        Sorry for my english, I'm french so it's not perfect

        1. Comment deleted
          1. MMine2019-01-15 10:16:30.706Z

            How did you know how it's finish ??? The sequel is not out yet and how can you said Hina left Natsuo for nothing ?! She left Natsuo for protect him and she sufferd alot when she was alone. I'm looking for the end I can not find anything stop saying shit

            1. BBidji2019-01-15 12:19:46.308Z

              lol that person just trolled you

              1. MMine2019-01-15 12:36:15.316Z

                I understood he can do nothing but lie

        2. L
          In reply tosystem:
          Ligayamaesa2019-01-10 09:15:28.180Z

          Natsuo too much drama I'm sick of him

          1. blastrophe2019-01-11 07:06:30.367Z

            same here. dude's so dumb

            1. In reply toLigayamaesa:
              BBidji2019-01-13 12:06:42.768Z

              It's just part of the way of the author to extend the story LOL

              1. In reply toLigayamaesa:
                BakaData2019-01-11 02:47:19.035Z

                Yeh Natsuo handled it quite awfully.

              2. C
                In reply tosystem:
                Chichinette2019-01-11 14:42:02.647Z

                Thank you for the traduction !! <3 Hope they're not gonna break up !! Natsuo is an idiot ! He doesn't trust her enough !

                1. BakaData2019-01-12 02:22:39.775Z

                  You're welcome! Natsuo for sure is an idiot. But that being said, I don't think they will break up because of this. But if they do...oof

                  1. CChichinette2019-01-12 04:00:12.617Z

                    If they do i’m gonna die ! 😭😅 I really don’t want him with Hina. TT pff.

                    1. BakaData2019-01-12 10:12:51.578Z

                      Why not Hina? I actually prefer her :D But he will probably end up with Rui tho

                      1. CChichinette2019-01-12 23:14:23.900Z

                        Well, i didn't like her from the start i don't know, i guess i don't like her personality. In my opinion Rui is more suitable for Natsuo and

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                2. In reply tosystem:
                  blastrophe2019-01-11 07:06:17.252Z

                  the two should just break up man. natsuo fucked up bad

                  1. K
                    In reply tosystem:
                    Comment deleted
                    1. CChichinette2019-01-15 10:47:05.425Z

                      Hi ! Did u really saw the ending ??? Is it true about Rui and Natsuo ??? I would be sooo happy it that’s the truth!!! 😍😍😍😃

                      1. Bbeyonds2019-01-15 10:51:20.890Z

                        No one has seen the ending. Believe me. Things like that don't get leaked.

                        1. CChichinette2019-01-15 10:55:07.109Z

                          Maybe. We never know. ^^

                          1. Bbeyonds2019-01-15 11:34:01.558Z

                            Unless he's the author's editor, he won't know. 100%

                            1. BBidji2019-01-15 11:51:09.718Z

                              LOL actually the next volume still hasn't been released yet... you need to wait till middle of February and that's with Japanese words

                      2. In reply toKaiChan:
                        MMine2019-01-15 12:46:56.362Z

                        Stop lying!!!!! Shut the fuck up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You piss me of to tell shit !!!!! Why are you lying like that ? to satisfy you? Are you afraid that it does not end as you want?