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[Domestic na Kanojo Anime] What do you think of the anime?

By makanzie2019-01-20 02:47:54.833Z

What do you guys think of the anime thus far? A good presentation of the manga or are they doing a poor job?

In general, I think the overall quality of the production is pretty solid and much better than I expected. The trailer looked a bit iffy, so I was surprised how good it was.

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  1. B
    beyonds2019-01-20 05:54:49.468Z

    I usually wait for the 3 episode threshold. If it's still good after that, then yeah, I guess I can call it a great anime

    1. smashhbro2019-01-21 03:57:42.529Z

      Natsuo's voice though......

    2. K
      In reply tomakanzie:
      Kyotos2019-01-20 06:00:51.443Z

      It's pretty average imo especially compared to the other adaptions we have this time around

      1. In reply tomakanzie:
        smashhbro2019-01-20 19:00:43.173Z

        Don't think that Natsuo's voice fits to his characters and that's a pretty huge downside to me

        1. In reply tomakanzie:
          kraft2019-01-22 00:25:55.033Z

          Had low expectations so it would have been impossible to let me down. Pretty fine I guess