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Domestic na Kanojo 216 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-01-22 16:57:46.326Z2019-01-22 16:58:57.394Z

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  1. M
    multicast2019-01-23 17:59:48.167Z

    why the hell i think natsuo will not end up with 2 of them doehh like his 2 author sensei and become secluded alone with book while watching them have family damn natsuo you choose the wrong path you should take your moms word and be with her

    1. A
      In reply tosystem:
      AminnudinBDG2019-01-22 17:47:44.009Z

      The way they break up is worse than hina

      1. AAkagi2019-01-22 20:18:16.223Z


        1. In reply toAminnudinBDG:
          KKrag2019-01-23 19:21:28.538Z

          There were few foreshadowing that had also led to this breakup. One was at the get together between friends at the beach when Rui was just in the background like she was just fading away from the story. Then another clue was at the hospital when she did not show more emotions when Natsuo at a coma. Last one was when Rui overheard her parents' conversation about letting Hina and Natsuo to be together when the fact that they had no clue that she was also in a relationship with him. I would say she was the one not being fair by running away. True that she sacrificed too for the both them, but it was Natsuo was the one who supported the decision, so she can better herself. Ultimately, at the end, when Natsuo was at his worst, Hina supported him.

          1. Bbluelion2019-01-23 23:45:19.401Z2019-01-24 00:32:30.446Z

            Natsuo did not support anything, he does not want to break up because he relies on her for fixing his problems and he accepts it only when he sees her resolve. Moreover, she is not running away from him, she says she will always support him and he can call her and ask her advice anytime. She is asking both of them to change for the better. Also the hospital: which manga did you read? Rui is always present and she's devastated, she stays also with Natsuo until he wakes up from the coma, and in the meanwhile she is also scarred by her parents' dialogue. Later she does not stay as long ad Hina in Natsuo's bedroom (but she visits him everyday) because Rui has to work and Hina volountereed to stay next to Natsuo (they did not say to their parents they are engaged). Also, the wound coming from hearing their parents' dialogue has some effect here.

          2. In reply toAminnudinBDG:
            K2kamijooo2019-01-22 19:03:06.459Z

            True story

            1. In reply toAminnudinBDG:
              KKrag2019-01-23 11:33:21.978Z

              I agree with you. Rui was being selfish, and the fact that the she allowed herself to be influenced by the new people she met in a new environment was one of the catalysts to her decision. If you remember the line when she was going downstairs when she said to her apartment mates that the long distance sucks, that was when I knew she was going to break up with Natsuo. Moreover, they are both at the age of exploration of feelings and surroundings. I think Hina will be a better fit for Natsuo in the end because she was the one that sacrificed herself throughout the story more than anyone else, unless the author decides to play pingpong in this manga which will extend to more chapters.

              1. Bbluelion2019-01-23 14:01:17.257Z

                With this choice it's Rui that sacrificed the most to achieve an actual goal for both.
                Hina had to made a sacrifice because her own foolishness.
                Not saying that Rui will be endgame, but Hina has her own issues she has to solve before ending with Natsuo.

                1. In reply toKrag:
                  0007h2019-01-25 15:28:56.826Z

                  bro this really sucks i read the full chapter 216 natsu breakup with rui
                  this causes natsu deal with big suffer and end up call hina his words on call hina nee what natsu kun go on a date with me and then after that he came to see rui after seeing rui he shocked that son of bitch guy cheif spelling mistake kiss rui with into the bed and having sex with her natsu temper lose he what did you my girlfriend pinch him beat him on ground floor then he apologize to rui making a trouble her then she said you finally known my relationship but seeing you after me make me very sad then his word make me suddenly shocked he say bitch whose say to you i'm after you i only came to tell you i found a new love she surprised the before 6 years editor call nastu he should think to write these things when he reunite with his bride and then he say welcome back sweeti

                2. In reply toAminnudinBDG:
                  YYuu2019-01-23 16:41:05.426Z

                  No, this time breaking up is necessary. That will be Rui's selfishness if she try to continue.

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                3. L
                  In reply tosystem:
                  Lassa2019-01-22 19:47:24.786Z

                  Poor man. Always dumped.

                  1. smashhbro2019-01-22 20:01:30.526Z

                    Story of life loll

                  2. M2
                    In reply tosystem:
                    makanzie2019-01-22 21:00:51.959Z

                    That made me a bit cringe. Damn Rui

                    1. RRosskai132019-01-27 18:57:06.279Z

                      I feel same

                    2. In reply tosystem:
                      blastrophe2019-01-22 22:56:47.341Z

                      I would've expect a better justification from Rui. That's rather lame. But this will eventually pave the path to Hina

                      1. BBidji2019-01-23 07:50:18.219Z

                        Don't forget Serizawa

                        1. smashhbro2019-01-23 19:37:20.997Z

                          Serizawa ending would be so freaking weird. I think her character is freaking bad. There's some desperate development needed.

                      2. B
                        In reply tosystem:
                        baika2019-01-24 04:24:12.434Z

                        I think this manga is still continuing because there is information on the left end, つ づ く/Tsudzuku which means it still continues,,ends in terms of volume only.

                        1. B
                          In reply tosystem:
                          Bidji2019-01-26 16:35:26.068Z

                          Anyone can give me the link for chapter 217? Thx b4 :D

                          1. Moabmenace2019-01-28 05:06:33.118Z

                            It comes out on Tuesday

                          2. In reply tosystem:
                            ak272019-01-23 11:07:07.045Z

                            Relationship that filled with distrust and jealousy is doomed to fail anyway. The question is only when. Ending this early, then you can sta

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                            1. In reply tosystem:
                              metal12019-01-23 13:38:23.539Z

                              Suicide route! I want natsuo to suicide! And make rui feel guilty for all her life and destroy the life of hina and break the new family of

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