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Kanojo Okarishimasu 75 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-01-22 20:01:11.965Z
  • 13 replies
  1. I
    irawrzkai2019-01-23 07:13:17.766Z

    Ruka sure brought her A game.

    1. Uultimateblast2019-01-24 03:15:28.753Z

      Yeah to beat the shit out of Mami. Go defeat that evil!

      1. In reply toirawrzkai:
        kraft2019-01-24 08:30:38.139Z

        But I'm so scared that Mami chan will do something to Ruka 😭

        1. In reply toirawrzkai:
          BakaData2019-01-24 19:31:57.149Z

          Best girl

        2. In reply tosystem:
          smashhbro2019-01-22 20:01:12.039Z

          Ruka don't take any of that Mami shit

          1. Mmakanzie2019-01-22 21:58:45.662Z

            Chizuru has been way too polite to Mami, but Ruka won't be that easy lol

            1. smashhbro2019-01-23 05:11:27.909Z

              True now Mami will face the real shit.

            2. In reply tosmashhbro:
              blastrophe2019-01-22 22:57:29.713Z

              Next chapter the two will duel 1vs1. Please make that happen.

              1. smashhbro2019-01-23 05:12:13.820Z

                Cat fight may commence!

              2. In reply tosmashhbro:
                BBidji2019-01-23 08:02:02.770Z

                LOL Ruka

              3. M
                In reply tosystem:
                makanzie2019-01-22 21:28:21.520Z

                Well I thought Mami would actually cause a bit more trouble, but I guess there's more to come.

                1. Bblablablub ?2019-01-24 06:53:50.123Z

                  She's taking small steps to execute her plan.

                2. In reply tosystem:
                  kraft2019-01-24 08:30:06.521Z

                  YES! Ruka sama about to whip Mami's a$$. Seriously though, Mami is so scary so I hope she won't hurt Ruka in some capacity and Kazuya will actually protect her instead of being an awkward twat.