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Hare Kon author expects the manga to finish this year

By BakaData2019-01-27 08:27:09.633Z

“According to Wikipedia, Harekon has been in serialization since 2014. My son who was 2 months old then is almost 5 now. I expect this manga to finish within this years.”
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  1. U
    ultimateblast2019-01-27 09:14:23.367Z

    Welp kinda thought that would be the case but still had wished for another 2 years or so

    1. Kkamijooo2019-01-27 09:29:58.965Z

      Really? I didn't expect that at all :/

    2. K
      In reply toBakaData:
      kamijooo2019-01-27 09:30:58.165Z

      So it will like finish like in 30 or so chapters??? Damn it