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Domestic na Kanojo 217 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-01-30 00:28:07.890Z
  • 64 replies

There are 64 replies. Estimated reading time: 23 minutes

  1. Some disagree with this:
    bluelion2019-01-30 08:32:10.281Z

    I am writing here my thoughts, as i wrote in reddit:

    I read several times that the breakup was a "selfish" and "cruel" thing Rui did to Natsuo because of "her being insecure" and that demonstrates how unfit Rui is as a partner to Natsuo.

    I think exactly the opposite. Why?

    First of all, as we see in chapter 217, Natsuo realizes that he has to change his ways. And why did he realize? Exactly because of the breakup and the way Rui speaks to him. If she was nicer to him, if she did not set a line, he had continued to stay inactive and lying to himself. So she knew what to do. And why did she know? Because she has a dream, like Natsuo, and when she cut herself and lost temporarily her ability to cook, she felt empty and useless as Natsuo feels now. But in that case the impairment was physical and could be simply healed with time, in this case is psychological and cannot be healed by other one than Natsuo. Rui is the only person in this moment that completely understands Natsuo's feelings. In chapter 217, Hina says to Natsuo "it must be hard for you", she is imagining how he feels. Rui KNOWS how he feels. So what she does, while appearing cruel and heartless, is exaclty the opposite, it's like the scolding of a mother to a child not behaving well. And nobody seems to think how cruel to herself that is. She is casting away her feelings for Natsuo to return to the right path, she's taking all the blame for the breakup decision, she's going away from home to work in a foreign land alone, with not even the consolation to find her loved one waiting for her when she's back. How hard is this on herself? Let me say, it's very, very, very hard, especially because even if she casted her feelings aside, she did not give up them (the neclace symbolizes her love for Natsuo being still intact).

    Another thing is that not only Natsuo has issues. She also has to wotk on herself. But let me say, with this decision alone Rui demonstrated she is matured a lot. Why?

    Because by letting him free, she is practically saying "I am no more possessive nor obsessive, Natsuo can choose freely for himself". And she's fully prepared to the consequences.
    She is no more running from Natsuo when something goes wrong, she takes the decision to breakup and don't leave him a letter, or does not tell him when she's far away. Instead, she endures the whole departure, which is extremely painful for her too, looking at Natsuo face to face.

    With chapter 216, IMHO Rui practically completed her growth as a person.

    In chapter 217, we see the foundation for a new arc, surely the arc where Natsuo works hard to be back on his foot with Hina supporting him. And probably romance will start again, because Hina still loves him and he has both some irresolved feelings for her and the need to be supported. Let's see how this will evolve, because it's clear that when Rui's back there will be the "final decision" by Natsuo between the two sisters and to say it plainly Hina is still quite an underdeveloped character (even if she's a very good natured person and a cheerful one, she's still childish, she's not aware of her value as a person, she has no dream, she's indecisive, she lacks courage and she often takes decisions like she's living in a fairytale) personality-wise she moved very little from what we see in the early chapters or even in some areas she even took a step backward, so it will be a bit unfair to Rui if we see an Hina ending with the situation as it is. Of course, in love it is not true that the one that did the most for his love wins, but...

    In any case, both Natsuo and especially Hina must grow a lot to have a reasonable outcome.

    1. BBlack789Reaper2019-01-31 14:57:54.396Z

      WOW.Thanks for this review.I'm glad that someone understand the situation between Rui & Natsuo.
      I also posted the similar explanation like u in reddit.
      Well,In my opinion,Rui's decision is pretty mature.When Natsuo tell rui that he can't write & he can't live without rui bcz he lost his writing spirit,the first time i felt how natsuo became such shit.I means he is not same natsuo,the one who encourage to rui to go to overseas & tell her that her doing hard work also be a encoragement for natsuo himself.Now,he loses his purpose & now will depend on rui for rest of his life which rui will became burden & rui can't let him happen cause it is just the opposite of natsuo's nature.So,she done what she can,in order to bring him the right path.
      When Natsuo breakup with hina,the despair & pain he felts make him the famous writer & gets him to win the award.The same thing is happening with rui breaking up with natsuo,with this our natsuo will be back with a great writer personality.

      1. In reply tobluelion⬆:
        RRosar2019-01-31 12:30:50.590Z

        You have presented the whole picture behind Rui's decision. It was indeed a decision to let her grow. It is ridiculous how people can call Rui selfish after reading Chapter 216.

        1. BBlack789Reaper2019-01-31 15:00:46.026Z

          They r pretty idiot,they r not thinking in an mature way.They r thinking this manga in a high school teenage romance view,which is pretty stupid to begin with.This is the most mature,dramatic romance manga i ever read

        2. In reply tobluelion⬆:
          YYuu2019-01-30 09:49:45.990Z

          It reminded me of ichigo 100 :))) breakup to achieve the best despite of the risk that tsukasa find another guys :)))). He must realizes if he was orphange and there was no girls beside him, its only just him who break his writing's block

          1. Aak272019-01-31 07:18:46.716Z

            Glad to find someone who read Ichigo 100%, it was my first ever encounter with romance manga :D

            1. Bbeyonds2019-01-31 10:29:12.254Z

              And still the best out there. Would be pretty lit if they do a reanimation of it (won't happen)

            2. In reply toYuu⬆:
              Bbeyonds2019-01-31 03:26:20.929Z

              Damn I miss Ichigo 100% 😭

            3. In reply tobluelion⬆:
              YYuu2019-01-30 10:05:15.254Z

              When rui cut her hand, she lean on natsuo (eventhough she didn ask him ti support her or tell him anything). People were angry with her being stubborn. Now she left him for both of them, she's being anti more and more :))) really dunno what she should do for the right :))))

              1. Bbluelion2019-01-30 10:13:50.748Z

                In that case the problem was physical and it has healed simply over time. She had the fear to not being anymore able to cook if she cut her nerves or tendons. Psychological issues are much more tricky. Luckily he has realized soon that he indeed has a problem. After chapter 216 I had the fear he needed more time to realize or resented her, which at the moment seems avoided.

              2. In reply tobluelion⬆:
                BakaData2019-01-30 10:07:24.814Z

                Great comment as usual. I enjoy reading your thoughts :)

                1. In reply tobluelion⬆:
                  AAlchemist2019-01-30 12:32:20.212Z

                  @bluelion You seem to know a lot about Domestic Girlfriend so I must ask you this.
                  I cannot read Kanji so I only read english translated manga, could you tell me when the english translated chapter come out? Is there some sort of scheduel?
                  I first knew this Manga through the anime, after watching the first three episodes I simply wanted to know more, and I couldn't wait another week, so It was the first time I actually read a "full" (until now) manga, I had my first attempt with "Air Gear" but I was used to the anime and the manga was too different story wise,
                  To me Rui is the one that he will choose in the end, not only because she was always there for him, but because she actually makes him feel better, and like Natsuo says, he always makes her cry, which I think will ultimatly want him to make it up to her, meanwhile i do think she will hve an afair with her co-workerm which I think is absolutly unnecessary for the manga. She will probably regret it too.
                  I still hope Natsuo has an afair with Hina though, because I still think that she will actually learn a lot from him, and vice-versa.
                  However, I WISH he could be with both, because in the end he needs them both. Will honestly break my heart to read the decision chapter, which again, I belive will be in Rui's favor,

                  1. Bbluelion2019-01-30 13:10:32.652Z

                    I don't know how the manga will end, only Mrs. Kei Sasuga knows :-)

                    Anyway, I read the english scans on Cruchyroll but there are other sites where it's up to chapter 216. If you look at the reddid section you will find links there.

                    1. AAlchemist2019-01-30 13:18:29.940Z

                      @bluelion ty so much, so I conclude however that you don't know exactly when the chapters come out in english?

                      1. Bbluelion2019-01-30 16:10:16.992Z

                        For chapters in English you can find them on reddit, usually on Tuesday evening. Crunchyroll has them up on Wednesday.

                  2. In reply tobluelion⬆:
                    Aak272019-01-31 07:30:21.914Z

                    Agreed as always. Natsuo will need some time alone to grow and find himself, maybe a handful of arc or a time skip. If he went latching himself right away to any willing girl (even Hina), it's a major step back for the story.

                    1. Bbeyonds2019-01-31 07:34:10.082Z

                      May as well finish the manga if he seriously run away to Hina. Won't happen though

                    2. In reply tobluelion⬆:
                      MMr.wicked2019-02-01 10:51:45.921Z

                      All i can say is rui i a bitch from the start. Seduce the guy and leave in the end

                      1. YYuu2019-02-01 15:01:23.231Z

                        Yup. That is "all" you "can" say :)

                        1. In reply toMr.wicked⬆:
                          Mmakanzie2019-02-02 01:55:46.263Z

                          Nah look at the anime and it will remind you how horrible Hina actually is. I have been supporting her but bad memories of her are coming back now.

                      2. M
                        In reply tosystem⬆:
                        makanzie2019-01-30 06:25:52.568Z

                        Now that Natsuo has confessed his true feelings about the situation, maybe he will overcome the struggles and return to a state where he can write again.

                        1. Uultimateblast2019-01-30 06:30:01.240Z

                          Not sure how that will exactly make him return to being able to write again. I think there's gotta be more. If that's really all he needed, he should've overcome it by now. Don't you think?

                          1. Bbeyonds2019-01-30 06:34:09.580Z

                            Agree. This shouldn't be enough. I mean him saying that he didn't want to disappoint what?

                            1. Mmakanzie2019-01-30 06:42:53.663Z

                              Sometimes it can be that easy

                              1. kraft2019-01-30 08:30:00.164Z

                                Would make the previous chapters too meaningless to me.

                              2. Bbluelion2019-01-30 10:01:52.717Z

                                Rui made him realize his way was wrong. But of course realizing is only the first step, now he has to struggle to be back in control of his life. Maturing is not a simple or istantaneous process, but this process cannot start if you are lying to yourself.

                                1. Uultimateblast2019-01-31 07:46:33.001Z

                                  True. I would also say that's the first step. Now if he's able tp be open about it to all people around him, then each person will probably do their best to help him and make him realize the things that he ignored till now.

                            2. B
                              In reply tosystem⬆:
                              Bidji2019-01-30 09:06:47.020Z

                              Natsuo: β€œI don’t look sad. This is normal for me.”

                              You always look sad? hmmmm so sad

                              1. Bbeyonds2019-01-31 03:24:51.028Z

                                He's just pouting

                              2. U
                                In reply tosystem⬆:
                                ultimateblast2019-01-30 06:28:05.917Z

                                Hina giving the kindness that Natsuo desired. Man, if Natsuo still continues to act like a baby beh

                                1. Bbeyonds2019-01-30 06:34:40.899Z

                                  Showing weakness isn't acting like a baby. He's going through a lot.

                                  1. Bbluelion2019-01-30 08:47:04.474Z

                                    Natsuo maybe desired kindness, but he did not needed kindness, he needed him to realize what was wrong in him.
                                    And it's not Hina that made him realize that.

                                    1. BBidji2019-01-30 08:56:11.529Z


                                      1. Bbluelion2019-01-30 09:49:00.742Z

                                        Yes, he realizes he has to change himself due to the breakup. Before that he was indulging in self-pity.

                                        1. BBidji2019-02-01 03:53:01.112Z


                                  2. In reply tosystem⬆:
                                    blastrophe2019-01-30 00:28:07.974Z

                                    Hina acted exactly as Natsuo had hoped Rui acted. It will be seen which one ultimately is the better for him. Probably both were needed

                                    1. Uultimateblast2019-01-30 06:31:08.138Z

                                      This will be interesting. If Hina's kindness really was what he needed then Rui's actions can be now deemed as unnecessary and as the wrong decision.

                                      1. Bbeyonds2019-01-30 06:33:33.760Z

                                        Not really. Natsuo wouldn't be confessing his feelings if Rui hadn't broken up with him. All of it was needed for him to take the first step. Although, I'm not sure if that was really first step or not.

                                        1. kraft2019-01-30 08:28:25.349Z

                                          He also could have said that if Rui had talked to him before taking the imminent choice of breaking up. Goes both ways rly

                                          1. Bbluelion2019-01-30 10:00:03.631Z

                                            Talking was useless. Natsuo was lying to himself, he would have continued to lie to both of them. Rui set up a line so he could not escape his responsabilities.

                                            1. Bbeyonds2019-01-30 21:38:52.648Z

                                              You really think Rui first talking to him in a sincere and serious manner wouldn't have made him talk his true feelings? That's way too conclusive.

                                              1. Bbluelion2019-01-30 21:41:30.376Z2019-01-30 21:47:32.990Z

                                                He's not admitting things to himself, how he can be sincere with others? He could have taken the initiative, too. He didn't . He needed the "slap" of the breakup for opening up.

                                                1. Bbeyonds2019-01-31 03:23:45.103Z

                                                  Sure he could've taken the initiative. I'm not saying that Rui is the only one to be blamed. She still could've talked to him first and THEN if he had still acted the same and wouldn't attempt to get out of his misery, sure Rui should have done what she did. But anything before that was premature.

                                                  1. Bbluelion2019-01-31 08:11:19.501Z

                                                    We in reality don't know if they did not talk about Natsuo problems, the scene jumps directly from the sleep to the airport. It is likely that they talked about it (due to the secret being discovered finally) but it's also likely Natsuo did not show any sign of reaction. Let's be honest, he did not talk about this with his best friends (Mari, Fumiya) who are not writers but gave him always the best advices.
                                                    In any case, the author's view on the case is clear (also to have more drama because it's never enough): Natsuo is not facing his inner demons and only the breakup makes him realize he has to change.

                                                    1. Bbeyonds2019-01-31 10:28:18.949Z

                                                      If he did talk to Rui about it, then we would know it. There would at least a word or two implicating their discussion before skipping it. I don't necessarily disagree with that it may have been necessary for the breakup to happen. But I still can't deny that a serious discussion with Rui would've done the same effect. One doesn't need to be thrown into absolute misery to find themselves.

                                                      1. Bbluelion2019-01-31 10:46:16.949Z2019-01-31 12:24:41.913Z

                                                        Yes, but this is a manga and that is the problem. In RL maybe they could have talked for a lot and solved it, or they could have talked for eternity and not solving it. Or in RL they could simply have split when Rui found he was meeting Serizawa after she said him to not meet her... Maybe Rui simply feels they are too immature to continue on that road, and if Natsuo does not solve his issue she will end up not helping him, but causing him to have even more worries. The problem is also that she is far away working for her dream, to reinforce her relationship with Natsuo she should give up her dream to be with him, but also this is wrong as if this happen and she will never have another opportunity she may start to blame him, and this will hurt them more (Also Natsuo said he could never give up his writing for anyone, as it defined his very self). The theme of "dream" is quite strong in this manga and it's one of the two "hidden messages" that seems to be the backbone of the storyline. That is, Rui's father (It's also Hina's but in that moment Hina is out of the scene) says to Natsuo that true happiness can only be achieved when you will fulfill your dreams. While the other message is that to become a "true couple" two lovers' love must endure through all the hurdles of life.

                                                        1. Bbeyonds2019-01-31 22:36:24.359Z

                                                          Fair enough. Good point.

                                                      2. In reply tobluelion⬆:
                                                        Zzebrat192019-02-01 01:51:39.093Z

                                                        Is Natsuo's problem that big that he needs a breakup to occur to resolve it? Is it really THAT serious? πŸ€”

                                                        1. YYuu2019-02-01 05:31:35.786Z

                                                          Breaking up doesn means rui abandoned him, i think she want natsuo to be released. Because their relationship cant bring peace for him

                                                          1. Zzebrat192019-02-01 07:11:14.660Z

                                                            I'm not denying that. My point is more that people make it seem like that Natsuo's issues are way bigger than they actually are.

                                                            1. YYuu2019-02-01 09:27:00.097Z

                                                              Hummm. Maybe its really serious. Its may last forever and he become useless.. ( for example: an architect lost his ability to imagine, a cook lost ability to taste, a singer lost her voice...) I think natsuo's problem came from stress. He had been working hard for a year and the results make him disappointed while others ( hana senpai, 15-year old student) won many awards... Future, money, pride, rui, family's hope... these kind of thing make he exhausted lead to kind of mental illness :(((

                                                          2. In reply tozebrat19⬆:
                                                            Bbluelion2019-02-01 07:48:30.798Z

                                                            Yes, it is so great. The problem is that he being a writer for him is not only a job, it is his dream and what defines his very self (like the cooking is for Rui). That meaning, losing the ability to write for Natsuo means he is losing himself. And you can see it especially in chapters 213-214, he is depressed, angry withour reason, untrustful, unreasonable. For Rui is not a problem per se if he does not write anymore, she loves Natsuo for being simply Natsuo, but Natsuo does not love himself anymore and she knows how important is to write for him. And Natsuo with his behavior (not relying on her, lying to her, fighting with her) made Rui feel like she's more an obstacle to his dream. And she wants him to be happy, fulfilling his dream.
                                                            So on one side she "frees" Natsuo from the limits he put on himself because theire relationship.
                                                            On the other side, she makes him realize he's the only one that can solve his inner issues.
                                                            That's the whole point of this breakup. She did that not for herself. The breakup is probably even more painful on Rui's side.
                                                            But she had to do to make him happy, even at the cost to be not together anymore.

                                                2. In reply tokraft⬆:
                                                  Bbeyonds2019-01-30 10:13:28.701Z

                                                  don't see dat happening my man

                                          2. X
                                            In reply tosystem⬆:
                                            xxxntrat2019-01-30 06:41:44.645Z

                                            Your time is now Hina. Give Natsuo what Rui chan coudln't give him 🀭

                                            1. BBidji2019-01-30 09:00:05.149Z

                                              Could u tell me what is it?

                                              1. Bbeyonds2019-01-31 03:24:09.865Z

                                                He porlly means something sexual lol

                                                1. BBidji2019-02-01 04:07:12.793Z

                                                  lol both of them already gave it to him..... after that they're all broken up with him... poor for him

                                                  1. Bbeyonds2019-02-01 04:14:44.876Z

                                                    But only Hina can offer those big fruits on her 😏

                                                    1. BBidji2019-02-01 04:45:49.755Z

                                                      Rui has that potential too man :))

                                                      1. Bbeyonds2019-02-01 05:05:07.307Z

                                                        True. They are siblings and she's still young. But realistically, I think it's too late lol

                                                        1. In reply toBidji⬆:
                                                          Uultimateblast2019-02-10 07:47:39.210Z

                                                          Nah she too old

                                              2. M
                                                In reply tosystem⬆:
                                                makanzie2019-01-31 10:37:47.548Z

                                                Glad that this didn't get dragged too long and the first step to his recovery has been commenced already.

                                                1. Z
                                                  In reply tosystem⬆:
                                                  zebrat192019-02-01 01:50:37.988Z

                                                  Weird to me that Hina didn't realize that they broke up or that Rui wouldn't tell her anything. Also hoping that the journey of Natsuo recovering won't take that long. Wonder if something will develop between Rui and Kajita? I think his name was.

                                                  1. In reply tosystem⬆:
                                                    smashhbro2019-02-01 03:44:23.992Z

                                                    Chapter showed that he has the right kind of people around him to help him out. Now it's up to him to utilize that support system or not. Rui paved him the way and now he needs to get off.