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Kanojo Okarishimasu 76 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-01-30 01:29:00.276Z
  • 17 replies
  1. C
    chungdirung2019-01-30 06:08:22.898Z

    That bag will make everything get worse.
    Set oil in the fire.

    1. Mmakanzie2019-01-30 06:26:39.756Z

      Yeah. Right when I thought Ruka has finished Mami off, this shit will fuel Mami again.

      1. In reply tochungdirung:
        Uultimateblast2019-01-30 06:29:08.181Z

        Much needed tbh Mami was ultra soft

        1. In reply tochungdirung:
          Zzebrat192019-02-01 01:52:14.752Z

          How is she gonna react tho? Not sure what even her issue is. She's so damn weird

        2. I
          In reply tosystem:
          irawrzkai2019-01-30 13:43:13.206Z

          Yeah Ruka!! Shove it in that bitch's face! MC never stops being pathetic huh?

          1. Bbeyonds2019-01-30 21:37:19.099Z

            Yeh not sure why he can tolerate Mami like that

            1. In reply toirawrzkai:
              Mmakanzie2019-01-31 10:38:35.075Z

              Dude has no hope really -_____-

              1. In reply toirawrzkai:
                kraft2019-02-01 02:01:14.644Z

                It's part of his personality. Fella was born to be pathetic.

              2. B
                In reply tosystem:
                Bidji2019-01-30 09:16:37.258Z

                hmmmm interesting.... so the battle will begin

                1. Bbeyonds2019-01-30 10:11:40.276Z

                  yeah its getting real

                2. U
                  In reply tosystem:
                  ultimateblast2019-01-30 06:28:54.232Z

                  Actually a bit disappointed with the way Mami acted. Thought she would cause much more havoc!

                  1. Bbeyonds2019-01-30 06:32:24.959Z

                    True. She just went to visit her ex bf and then he screwed by his new gf. But juice is about come!!!

                  2. In reply tosystem:
                    kraft2019-01-30 01:29:00.384Z

                    As expected, Ruka put Mami to her rightful place LMAO

                    1. Mmakanzie2019-01-30 06:26:07.541Z

                      Much better than I had hoped.

                      1. kraft2019-01-30 08:28:53.674Z

                        True. She delivered

                        1. Bbeyonds2019-01-31 03:27:09.904Z

                          Would've liked to see some punches thrown tbh

                    2. B
                      In reply tosystem:
                      beyonds2019-01-30 10:11:22.570Z

                      am i the only one who finds mami calling ruka insane as hilarious?