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One Piece 917 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2019-01-31 10:50:45.059Z
  • 4 replies
  1. Z
    zebrat192019-01-31 10:50:45.155Z

    The most powerful ally ever? Wouldn't be interesting if they can take her to their advantage or not.

    1. CChingaruna5172019-01-31 12:01:41.674Z

      Better question: will her amnesia hold the Straw Hats long enough to fight against the Drunken Dragon named Kaidou? and how long will her amnesia will going to last? Because, as far as I know, if she somehow regains her memories one way or another, she can and will turn against Luffy and allies...

      1. Zzebrat192019-01-31 22:38:51.506Z

        Man I would laugh if they actually manage to make her fight Kaido together. But yeah it's curious how long her amnesia will last. And even if her memories do come back, will she get so close with the straw hats that she will become their ally still? Unlikely but nevertheless interesting

        1. In reply toChingaruna517:
          smashhbro2019-02-01 02:02:32.053Z

          And where are the rest of the Big Mom crew? Anyhow, Big Mom losing her memory is a thing of hilarity.