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Shokugeki no Soma 298 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2019-02-07 03:27:17.226Z
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  1. S
    Soumegu2019-02-07 06:06:33.868Z

    It will be interesting to see what those two pull off together. Also somewhat hopeful we get a glimpse of if Takumi did beat Soma for the Mezzaluna back in at least a small flashback.

    1. Mmakanzie2019-02-07 06:57:10.167Z

      Next chapter seems like the perfect timing for a Mezzaluna flashback. I mean otherwise it would be weird. UNLESS there's some massive challenge for Takumi in his next battles and that's when Tsukuda chooses to bring the flashback..That being said, it still makes more sense to have the flashback considering Soma and Takumi are tagging.

      1. CChingaruna5172019-02-07 09:37:34.064Z

        Considering that this is the Yukihira Genius here, not to mention their experience from the Team Shokugeki during their battle against Azami's Central Team, I pretty sure that will bring up again.

      2. In reply toSoumegu:
        Zzebrat192019-02-07 08:12:11.033Z

        We will see that for sure.

      3. C
        In reply tosystem:
        Chingaruna5172019-02-07 10:38:35.586Z

        OK, here

        1. So, because of the appearance of the Yukihira Genius-the "small fry" that beaten his fellow wolf (who may I add a b*tchiest one at that), the KFC Mascot has some nerve to call for Takumi's disqualification by having another chef as his partner! Says the criminal who ordered his men have Isami kidnapped before the match even begin that put Takumi in a handicapped position in the first place, hypocrite!
        2. However, both Book Dork and the WGO** finally **shows their authority of running the BLUE by demanding KFC Mascot to shut up or they will opt to investigate why and how Isami was absent from entering BLUE . So *now *the Book Dork and the WGO finally feel that something is fishy about the entire match that involving these Noir dogs? That pretty much solidifying my personal complain about WGO's incompetency, especially that Jackass-behind-the-curtain who made a
        3. Not improving the situation for his own fate is that this KFC Mascot, still in denial, believing that the Mezzaluna's "powers" will be lost without the Aldini Bros. Guess moronic egoism really runs within the group. That said, however, Megumi worries about the 2 students only to remember about their teamwork back at the RDC. You were there, Megumi. How come you forget?
        1. S2
          In reply tosystem:
          sorina2019-02-07 03:56:23.465Z

          so after this takumi match and we see erina again.

          1. Mmakanzie2019-02-07 06:57:39.009Z

            Maybe a glimpse, but the focus will probably and hopefully switch to Megumi.

            1. S2sorina2019-02-07 07:01:10.628Z

              i hope erina can talk with soma about her challenge and anything etc. Also for suspense his reaction.

              1. Mmakanzie2019-02-07 07:28:13.152Z

                Smaller interaction would be nice but it probably won't happen just yet. Seems like Tsukuda wants to tease us as much as he can.

                1. S2sorina2019-02-07 07:39:58.891Z

                  yeah we wait for the right time

          2. K
            In reply tosystem:
            kamijooo2019-02-07 03:27:17.345Z

            Hope we see the end of the fight in the next chapter and we move on.