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Shokugeki no Soma 299 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2019-02-15 02:52:09.870Z
  1. B
    beyonds2019-02-15 02:52:09.947Z

    Truly truly hate the super power concept.

    1. Zzebrat192019-02-15 13:21:24.225Z

      Made things from bad to worse.

      1. In reply tobeyonds:
        SS_Dandy2019-02-16 19:15:55.467Z

        Then how do you feel about the even crazier idea about food orgasms, exploding stripping, and the bestowing of said explosive stripping?

        1. Bbeyonds2019-02-16 20:57:48.313Z

          A figurative idea that I didn't take literal but as funny if anything. You seriously think the superpower introduction was a good idea? What's even the point of it.

          1. SS_Dandy2019-02-16 22:45:24.588Z

            Yes, I seriously think it was a good idea. I almost feel sorry for you that you don’t. What’s the point of it? You might as well ask why wipe your ass with toilet paper, after taking a crap. This is the larger cooking world outside of Tootsuki. This is to introduce a level of chefs to raise the stakes and opposition higher. But whatever. Go ahead and complain. You’re free to be unhappy about it. It’s your loss of enjoyment, after all.

            1. KKyotos2019-02-17 16:14:42.585Z

              I too think it was a good idea. Feel like the story needed something new and that was a good way to handle it. It may not have been perfectly executed, but in general it's good. Too many also critcize or attack the manga just for fun. The last chapters have been really really good, brining more emphasis to the characters we are used to, but people refuse to see beyond that, and continue to bash the manga for no reason at this point. They've basically made up their mind and won't give the manga any chance anymore, which is pretty sad.

              1. In reply toS_Dandy:
                Bbeyonds2019-02-17 01:47:07.516Z

                Chill. No need to be so freaking passive aggressive. Have some goddamn manners. So, you think it's a good idea although it ultimately makes people hate the manga? If a huge majority of the readers hate that concept, then yeah it's a bad thing for the story.

                1. SS_Dandy2019-02-17 03:01:57.193Z

                  Well then. So by your rationale, it’s polite to voice your hate for this superpowers concept. Whatever.

                  Besides, if the story is still running and has enough support to continue, I’m all for it. And I could care less for what the so-called majority have to say, particularly their negativity. Honestly, I hate the hate. And the haters suck.

                  Besides, this sad majority of haters have a problem with something called patience. They have to piss and complain about superpowers or BLUE or whatever the current chapter does to disappoint their enormous explectations. So either they don’t know or have long since forgotten how to simply take each chapter and enjoy it for what it is, a small piece of a larger story.

                  Besides, majority of readers? Please provide actual proof. Substantiated proof, no less. And also provide the demographic of said readers, namely either the ones in Japan (the manga’s main target audience) or the readers out west (namely the states, where it seems most of the haters are, anyway).

        2. S
          In reply tosystem:
          Soumegu2019-02-15 03:52:43.889Z

          Well at least we are getting the flashback. Interesting to see what the reactions from Takumi is going to be. Maybe sets up something for the future between Soma and Takumi.

          1. Zzebrat192019-02-15 13:22:20.915Z

            Yeh the flashback was pretty nice. And displayed that their strength is pretty close now which wasn't really the case during the central period.

          2. C
            In reply tosystem:
            Chingaruna5172019-02-15 09:07:41.922Z

            Yeah, go figures that Sokumi eventually skin these Noir wolves easily considering their past teamwork during the Azami Arc, that should at least tone down their ego a bit . Also, again! No such thing as superpower in cooking! It's call cooking skill, darn it!

            Also , also, another go figure that the Mezzaluna flashback where Soma and Takumi fought against each other and apparently, the Yukihira Genius's undefeated Shokugeki streak stopped right then and there, but then not that he cares so much about the record because the important part for him is to learn the cooking skill.

            Gotta wonder how will the morons responds to this, and I'm talking about Asahi and the Bookmaster...

            1. Bbeyonds2019-02-15 13:24:49.338Z

              Introducing the superpower concept before hinting it anywhere at the beginning was such a bad move.

              1. SS_Dandy2019-02-16 19:14:18.974Z

                It was much more subtle than given credit for. The ability to blow off one’s own clothes and then the clothes of others is basically a superpower of its own. And that ability has been around SNS since the beginning. That said, all this complaining about superpowers seems to be selective. If one were to complain about superhuman cooking abilities, one might as well complain about the even more absurd idea of explosive stripping and the bestowing thereof.

                1. Bbeyonds2019-02-16 21:05:21.868Z

                  But that was something we had from the beginning. It was never hinted that this superpower is a thing. If it existed early on in the story or was hinted, then people wouldn't take issue with it. 280 chapters in and suddenly this superpower concept is introduced. And not sure why you would say that bestowing is a superpower. The things that the noir do is just ridiculous.

                  1. SS_Dandy2019-02-16 22:37:50.978Z

                    Fine then. Feel free to complain. Feel free to criticize. Feel free to not enjoy the story and accept what’s presented. Feel free to get caught up in selective semantics by accepting bursting and bestowing and rejecting freakish cooking talent.