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Hare Kon 179 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-02-18 01:57:33.226Z2019-03-02 04:52:50.936Z
  • 25 replies

There are 25 replies. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

  1. BakaData2019-02-18 01:57:33.331Z

    It's finally back. Enjoy everyone ;)

    1. R
      In reply tosystem:
      Radomir812019-02-18 15:26:38.449Z

      Thanks for the translation. You can see in this chapter that Koharu depression has gone a bit - You can see it after she is happy looking at her family. And Madoka at the end. If Koharu noticed her, there will be a confrontation again? Because she probably will not pretend not to see her.

      1. KKyotos2019-02-18 16:41:19.435Z

        Feel like Koharu has reached the point of not giving a shit anymore. Rightfully I should add.There will most definitely be a confrontation.

      2. F
        In reply tosystem:
        Farcar2019-02-26 21:05:58.679Z

        What do you think of a blackmail?
        Koharu is thrown out and Madoka's silence in dna test... 😳😨

        1. blastrophe2019-03-02 02:08:46.180Z

          I hold the view that she will target Rin...Which is a scary thought but who knows what she will do at this point.

          1. FFarcar2019-03-02 13:04:34.315Z

            I hope in worse development of all characters: Madoka's obsession; Ryuu's inability to keep him harem (i don't like use "family" ); Yuzu's safety; koharu's desperation. I'd like to see Ryuu's tears for lost love and him catharsis to grow up, to mature and to love properly... of course Koharu 😅

            1. blastrophe2019-03-02 18:54:40.038Z

              Yeah Ryuu crying would be really delightful. Hope that happens. This will also probably force Madoka to take a step back and reflect.

        2. In reply tosystem:
          blastrophe2019-03-02 02:09:01.535Z

          Next chapter will come out pretty soon right?

          1. In reply tosystem:
            smashhbro2019-02-18 13:58:32.405Z

            Thank you admin. It's been such a damn long time haha Seems like a good chapter and good to see that Yuzu is conscious how dangerous the current Madoka is.

            1. KKyotos2019-02-18 14:07:48.035Z

              Madoka indeed is going batshit crazy

            2. K
              In reply tosystem:
              Kyotos2019-02-18 14:07:27.996Z

              Kinda thought Yuzu would be more supportive of Madoka for some reason. But guess not.

              1. blastrophe2019-02-18 19:50:07.337Z

                Why would she be supportive?

                1. In reply toKyotos:
                  BBidji2019-02-18 23:24:33.219Z

                  Well yuzu doesn't have much problems with madoka.... The one made madoka pissed of is koharu...

                  1. KKyotos2019-02-18 23:25:58.145Z

                    They aren't going to do that. They know the truth and they don't need or want to verify it. So we the readers won't find it out either. But the author made sure that it's pretty much confirmed so I believe that she considers the matter as done.

                2. B
                  In reply tosystem:
                  Bidji2019-02-18 14:55:51.501Z

                  Rin is Joe's kid

                  1. KKyotos2019-02-18 16:41:45.823Z

                    I think that was pretty much confirmed few chapters ago.

                    1. BBidji2019-02-18 23:15:46.193Z

                      Need madoka's plan to take dna test about rin... Beside now she really want to destroy date family

                      1. In reply toKyotos:
                        AAraurime2019-02-21 04:53:52.209Z

                        When it was confirmed? Did I miss something? Can you tell me please then?

                        1. Zzebrat192019-02-22 19:05:43.264Z

                          It was never really directly confirmed. But the hints or clear implications we got means that we can treat it as close to being confirmed as a fact. I agree with OP that there isn't a clear reason for them to do the testing. I mean what initiative will they have? Who will benefit from that? No one. Madoka tried to do it but she got rejected. So all in all, if the story won't directly state it, we as readers can read the intentions from the author and draw an educated conclusion.

                      2. In reply toBidji:
                        Mmakanzie2019-02-18 19:42:50.655Z

                        Still pissed at that.

                      3. M
                        In reply tosystem:
                        makanzie2019-02-18 19:43:29.972Z

                        Am I the only one who thinks that Madoka may actually stab Koharu for real? Damn if this happens..........

                        1. blastrophe2019-02-18 19:49:53.319Z

                          Likely or possible that it happens. I already stated it but she has nothing to lose.

                          1. In reply tomakanzie:
                            BBidji2019-02-18 23:18:38.535Z

                            No no no she won't do that.... If she do that ryuunosuke would hate her forever

                            1. Mmakanzie2019-02-25 19:38:20.337Z

                              True. But she does things that isn't in the best interest for Ryuu either. She=crazy

                          2. In reply tosystem:
                            blastrophe2019-02-18 19:49:15.481Z

                            My dose of guilty pleasure is back yet again. Looking at Madoka is truly scary at this point. She basically has nothing to lose right now. That's fearsome.