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Domestic na Kanojo 220 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2019-02-18 13:55:40.911Z2019-03-02 04:53:01.132Z
  • 32 replies

There are 32 replies. Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

  1. V
    vongdong2019-02-19 21:23:58.480Z

    My guess for her deal is that she's selling herself/services.

    1. Zzebrat192019-02-24 17:04:20.602Z

      She did say she used to be an escort. So yeah, I agree, she probably continues it or does other shady shit. What happened to her would definitely have some toll on her personality and the way she views life.

    2. B
      In reply tosystem:
      Bidji2019-02-19 14:52:34.606Z

      I'm wondering if there's hare kon system in domexkano.... Natsuo with hina n rui :))

      1. blastrophe2019-02-19 16:01:01.204Z

        The ending we all deserve :D

        1. BBidji2019-02-21 04:08:11.542Z

          case close :))

      2. A
        In reply tosystem:
        AirShark2019-02-18 21:10:49.144Z

        Thank you! I can take the time I spent this week. haha ha
        That takes a lot of the questions from the last chapter. And I agree Misaki will become a reference to him, her problems are much bigger, this should unlock him a little. And it will be like Hina's little heart ... I wish a lot of frank talk between the two!

        1. Z
          In reply tosystem:
          zebrat192019-02-19 17:44:50.042Z

          Sorry y'all. I'm on the Misaki hype train now.

          1. Mmulticast2019-02-19 20:22:41.473Z

            yeah i hope she is not whore. im rui team but after that betrayal what kind a girl who abondon his man on verge colapsing and give him finishing blow if the sasuga sensei need choose between those 2 i prefer hina her reason more noble than rui even i can say hina is childish

            1. Zzebrat192019-02-22 21:19:01.499Z

              She kinda does seem like a whore, but who knows. We don't know enough about her to make assumptions. But I like what I'm seeing haha

            2. In reply tozebrat19:
              BBidji2019-02-21 04:09:01.821Z

              I'm with Nino's unstoppable train XD

            3. A
              In reply tosystem:
              AirShark2019-02-19 21:01:21.028Z

              You can be sure of one thing. If Natsuo ends up with Rui or anyone other than Hina, I'll start a petition to change the ending! haha ha

              1. In reply tosystem:
                BakaData2019-02-18 13:55:41.007Z

                I will give a more detailed translation when I read the full chapter. So for now, the 5ch spoiler translation should suffice.

                1. blastrophe2019-02-18 19:50:30.293Z

                  Thanks as usual.

                2. In reply tosystem:
                  blastrophe2019-02-18 19:51:06.674Z

                  Interesting to see that Misaki will actually stay there for a while. And wonder what that deal with that guy was?

                  1. K
                    In reply tosystem:
                    Kyotos2019-02-18 16:43:16.705Z

                    Now we have a proper correlation between Natsuo and Misaki. Natsu should realize that his situation is far better than the one Misaki is. Her challenge is far greater and almost impossible to overcome because of her occupation. Natsuo, in contrast, is "just" mental. Not easy, but still possible to overcome.

                    1. Bbluelion2019-02-19 18:00:58.590Z

                      Exactly, But I think there will be more to see, not everything is clear and she did not tell yet Natsuo why her boyfriend break up with her (and there are those shady moves with money in the last panel).

                      1. Zzebrat192019-02-19 19:32:02.167Z

                        Isn't that her just continuing her job as a prostitute? She did say she stopped it but who really knows.

                        1. Bbluelion2019-02-19 20:28:42.620Z

                          Someone theorized she sold Natsuo's items (necklace, watch, pen). IDK really, we'll see next week.

                          1. M2MrF0x2019-02-19 21:24:15.162Z

                            I wouldn't say it's the case, also didn't he return either watch or necklace? For such items she shouldn't get much money(those items are of emotional value not exactly material). Also her friend spot her(it should be very important) so for story telling point is should be something "bigger", because selling some items is to easy to talk off.

                            Would say she is back in prostitution(fast cash)- aren't by the chance those banners on the street of some love hotels or something like it?
                            Another option would be(like 10% chance) that someone is paying her to toy with Natsuo, but it's rather not the case- he don't have any special enemies(stalker plot is drop and I don't see point to bring it up again) and friend doing it as some cure is pointless so...

                            Anyway plot goes as I thought- he realize how worse her situation is and gets up a little. So there will be probably small plot twist and story will progress normally- he will help her and write story based on her life etc.

                            It's just pity that rest of support cast is drop out for most part. It would be much better if we would get like few extra pages with friends or Natsuo father.

                            1. Bbluelion2019-02-20 07:23:23.026Z

                              No, it's Rui that returned the watch to him and kept her necklace, Natsuo had the other necklace and now the two watches. You can see the watch in his house in the past chapters. The banners are for advertising apartments for rental.

                            2. In reply tobluelion:
                              Zzebrat192019-02-19 20:39:46.592Z

                              DAMN! If that's true 😲

                              1. In reply tobluelion:
                                AAirShark2019-02-19 21:04:43.116Z

                                You reminded me of something ... the Natsuo aind did not see that Hina is with the two rings together in a cord and does not know that in the trip she went in the rain on that forest road to look for them. Another fact to shake the boy's head ... hahahaha

                        2. A
                          In reply tosystem:
                          AirShark2019-02-19 23:14:17.557Z

                          Theory, would not it be Misaki hired by Hagiwara to seduce Natsuo and break Hina's feelings?
                          Remembering that Hagiwara is the reincarnation of the devil!

                          1. BBidji2019-02-20 02:41:25.947Z

                            I think Hina doesn't have problem with that.... Her mission for now is to support Natsuo happiness.... Ckck dumb isn't it?

                            1. AAirShark2019-02-20 02:46:22.112Z

                              Very dumb, I had a lot of anger at the author because of that ...

                              1. BBidji2019-02-21 04:34:16.405Z

                                that's why I lost my interest with this manga, the author made up silly drama.... like how Natsuo end up with those two sisters lol..... I'm curious about the others who's already read another great manga such as Hare kon, go-toubun, and etc but still take this manga as their fav one. Even I can't imagine how something like Kono Oto Tomare which has a great story, got lack of readers than this manga in manga websites lol

                                1. AAirShark2019-02-21 14:54:53.315Z

                                  I particularly like the story, get a bit unmotivated after the focus became the Rui, it was looking like he had no more character ... instead of getting teased by this stifling focus because the author did not show us a parallel with the suffering of Hina alone ... I felt a lot of anger at the author for the way she was doing things, I liked Rui's estrangement, I hope Hina is better developed in the plot.

                            2. In reply toAirShark:
                              Zzebrat192019-02-24 17:05:48.139Z

                              I think the thing with Hagiwara is done and he won't play a role in the story anymore. I don't see the purpose of him. At least not in a role as a clear villain.

                              1. AAirShark2019-02-24 17:15:10.193Z

                                I agree with you, especially that he was a very hated character, at least I hated him, without seasoning and bland, very weak!

                                1. Zzebrat192019-02-24 17:17:09.362Z

                                  Yeah he was really detestable. Just a really really bad human being overall without any redeeming qualities.

                            3. A
                              In reply tosystem:
                              AirShark2019-02-25 13:35:28.634Z

                              Waiting for spoiler of chapter 221 ...
                              I'm not even anxious hahahahaha