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Domestic na Kanojo 221 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2019-02-25 14:53:22.196Z
  • 22 replies

There are 22 replies. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

  1. BakaData2019-02-26 16:18:25.426Z

    I've uploaded the full summary now. The chapter should be a lot clearer now. Enjoy

    1. M
      In reply tosystem:
      MrF0x2019-02-27 20:20:52.794Z

      I just hope it isn't set up for some Cliché: Hina gets hurt/kidnapped by this guy.
      I would prefer something normal like her ex or brother (friend etc.) than unnecessary drama out of nowhere.
      Also it's kind of annoying how author forgets about some previous set ups and characters until new vol. Like Serizawa "making move now" when already days/weeks passed since.

      1. blastrophe2019-03-02 02:01:54.743Z

        Agreed. Now isn't the right time for drama like that. Misaki alone has drama material anyway lol

      2. H
        In reply tosystem:
        hanafubuki2019-02-27 16:29:56.476Z

        The guy looks creepy... Hope he didn't look for Misaki to do anything bad to her.

        1. M2makanzie2019-02-27 23:41:08.041Z

          Looks like a thug. Definitely has some bad plans.

          1. In reply tohanafubuki:
            blastrophe2019-03-02 01:59:19.372Z

            I assume he's related to some of her previous shady works and tries to get her back OR her ex boyfriend who may be abusive.

          2. A
            In reply tosystem:
            AirShark2019-02-25 21:35:33.939Z

            Thanks for sending the link on the other page that I commented ... I love you! Like a brother! hahahaha

            1. BakaData2019-02-28 00:42:14.335Z

              No problem ;)

            2. Z
              In reply tosystem:
              zebrat192019-02-25 14:53:22.353Z

              So I guess she's indeed working as an escort?

              1. DDragonmaou2019-02-27 11:20:02.911Z

                She said she tried being an escort but it didn't work out, as for that guy he could be just anyone , her ex-boyfriend , some guy she owes money too. The author just wants to keep it as a cliff hanger so we read next chapter and it can continue despite it going down the hill already

                1. Zzebrat192019-02-28 00:26:27.059Z

                  I'm aware that it didn't work out as an escort for her, but there's also no good reason to believe her. She could very well be continuing it. But yeah, you're right, it could be anyone.

                2. In reply tozebrat19:
                  Kkgb_assassin2019-02-26 05:51:36.633Z

                  She said she is an escort

                  1. Bbeyonds2019-02-28 00:19:36.615Z

                    She said she WAS an escort but quit. So she would be contradicting herself if she still continues. However it's also worth nothing that she said in this chapter that she got the money from her old job. That would be consistent with her words previously.

                3. M2
                  In reply tosystem:
                  makanzie2019-02-25 16:50:16.189Z

                  Last chapter ended with Misaki doing a dubious deal. This chapter ends with Misaki doing a dubious deal. Great job author.

                  1. A
                    In reply tosystem:
                    AirShark2019-02-25 21:40:38.111Z

                    I think she really is a program girl, but how does this author like the subject not? ... Proque does not start soon with the return of Hina to the heart of Natsuo!

                    1. V
                      In reply tosystem:
                      vongdong2019-02-26 08:19:20.733Z

                      I guess the suspicious guy is her pimp.

                      1. M2makanzie2019-02-27 23:41:41.460Z

                        I don't think Japanese escorting really have pimps though.

                      2. B
                        In reply tosystem:
                        beyonds2019-02-28 00:17:38.551Z

                        Why did that thug know that Misaki lives there? I assume she told him? Lots of mysteries surrounding Misaki.

                        1. blastrophe2019-03-02 02:00:55.067Z

                          Probably stalked her to that place. I don't think Misaki would tell him. Although...we don't know much about her character to make good deduction though.

                        2. B
                          In reply tosystem:
                          Bidji2019-02-28 02:23:32.437Z

                          Hmmm Natsuo should try it with Misaki... who knows if they're will become a good couple :))

                          1. blastrophe2019-03-02 02:00:03.987Z

                            She's becoming best girl material but the introduction is way too late for her to be a real candidate for Natsuo's gf position. Unfortunately I should add

                          2. A
                            In reply tosystem:
                            AirShark2019-03-05 14:18:49.066Z

                            By Gods, neither a spoiler nor a picture of 222, I'm dying here knew hahahahah.
                            In my opinion I think Misaki is a character introduced to warm things up between Hina and Natsuo ... I hope to make sure of this ... O.O ...