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Go-Toubun no Hanayome 75 summary discussion thread

By system2019-02-26 10:15:55.752Z
  • 9 replies
  1. B
    Bidji2019-02-26 10:15:55.859Z

    there's no hype about Fuutarou know that Ichika likes him?

    1. BakaData2019-02-26 16:19:18.018Z

      He awkwardly walked away from her so he probably doesn't know how he should react to it.

      1. BBidji2019-02-28 02:13:37.813Z

        so sad fuutarou kun

      2. In reply toBidji:
        Mmakanzie2019-02-27 02:41:28.149Z

        Dude will never change really.

      3. C
        In reply tosystem:
        chungdirung2019-02-26 13:50:55.905Z

        So, no killing and no blood?
        What a trick

        1. BakaData2019-02-26 16:19:40.745Z

          No yandere in this chapter sadly :/

          1. In reply tochungdirung:
            Mmakanzie2019-02-27 02:41:02.139Z

            That's for Madoka to do in Hare kon.

          2. U
            In reply tosystem:
            ultimateblast2019-02-27 04:32:44.791Z
            1. BakaData2019-02-28 00:44:30.949Z

              "Itsuki with her 68 points and the kissing scene was in chapter 68 so it makes you think it's Itsuki, but then in reality 6x8=48 so Yotsuba was actually the one who kissed him seems to be the hottest theory."