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Shokugeki no Soma 301 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2019-02-28 04:50:19.266Z

There are 77 replies. Estimated reading time: 14 minutes

  1. BakaData2019-02-28 04:50:20.150Z

    Chapter title is "Ice Witch"

    1. Hhindachris2019-02-28 05:08:19.465Z

      thank you :D <3

      1. BakaData2019-02-28 18:26:51.966Z

        You're welcome.

    2. S
      In reply tosystem⬆:
      sorina2019-02-28 05:29:36.795Z

      what erina's wish

      1. OyraYukihira2019-02-28 05:53:33.533Z

        Her mother disliked the gourmet world pressure, she tried to avoid her daughter from this issues alone and erina finally feel what Joichiro did in the past. I think Mana wants Erina to "be protected",and then Erina is obviously cannot enjoy this cooking contest because she failed to makes her mother "happy" with the light chef.

        1. Ssorina2019-02-28 05:59:55.479Z

          then asahi gonna assume that he the one who can make erina's wish came true

          1. OyraYukihira2019-02-28 06:08:25.864Z

            Yeah but the plot is clear that Soma will do something for Erina, Tsukuda said that he will use Soma Mom's past to clear up this drama (I dont know when but I hope so)

            1. Ssorina2019-02-28 06:15:17.135Z

              Yeah he gonna use his dish to snap erina in the face

              1. H2HiyoriChan2019-02-28 06:30:03.528Z

                I don't think sensei want to make soma x erina he is focusing on asah xerina I am so disappointed πŸ˜₯ I don't wanna see this anymore

                1. OyraYukihira2019-02-28 06:31:57.304Z

                  Nah, I dont believe it, because his statement is still biased. What if Soma's past was more cruel than Asahi's? Now the plot is depend on it

                  1. In reply toHiyoriChan⬆:
                    Ssorina2019-02-28 06:34:45.006Z

                    LOL soma do something for her

                    1. OyraYukihira2019-02-28 06:46:23.428Z

                      Yeah with his past as plot armor lol

        2. In reply tosystem⬆:
          OyraYukihira2019-02-28 06:28:47.490Z

          The end of this arc is near. I Love Tsukuda prefer to finish the arc quickly (although its full of damage that we hate).This arc is trully not fun because of this pressure issues. I know editors want to exploit one of the real case from the cooking world as an interesting main topic but it just banishing the reader's excitement and abusing author so much. For Erina's case, her reaction is makes sense but I truly dissapoint with her condition. She tried to do it alone but its still sucks. Obviously Soma is the anticlimax here.

          1. H2HiyoriChan2019-02-28 06:35:34.856Z

            I wait 30 chapters for soma xerina but they didn't talk with each other and taksuka again making asahi xerina and all fanart is based on asah xerina I am soo frustrated I will die if I watch this shit more

            1. OyraYukihira2019-02-28 06:54:50.932Z2019-02-28 08:14:26.058Z

              Sensei said Erina is a key role of the plot. The current Erina despise the true gourmet but Asahi claimed that his cooking is the true gourmet. Meanwhile Soma doesnt have the real interest with that since his cooking style was claimed as "elite dinner B-class gourmet"

              1. Ssorina2019-03-01 01:52:23.557Z

                how about her challenge against asahi. So she need to win al to avoid herself from asahi

            2. In reply toOyraYukihira⬆:
              blastrophe2019-03-02 06:24:09.353Z

              But will the manga continue after this arc? Quickly finishing this arc may well be the end of this manga as a whole :/

              1. In reply toOyraYukihira⬆:
                Comment deleted
                1. Ssorina2019-02-28 06:38:12.170Z

                  until the end this soma x erina

                  1. H2HiyoriChan2019-02-28 06:40:15.778Z

                    I don't think sensei want to make soma xerina 😭😭😭😭😭😭i am dying

                    1. Ssorina2019-02-28 06:42:19.039Z

                      Soma gonna face erina too and he use his mother past to give her a right light to see her true self. Thats the plot

                      1. H2HiyoriChan2019-02-28 06:44:13.738Z

                        I hope you are right but I don't know when he is making this
                        I wait to long and still wait this give me pain

                        1. Ssorina2019-02-28 06:49:59.743Z

                          he say soma's mom design are coming soon and soma gonna do something for erina and she is the key from this plot

                    2. In reply tosorina⬆:
                      H2HiyoriChan2019-02-28 06:40:52.878Z

                      Again he make asahi x erina I think maybe he ship them 😒😭😭😭😭

                      1. Ssorina2019-02-28 06:44:52.947Z

                        Thats not true sorina ship is defend on the plot and soma's mom past.

                        1. H2HiyoriChan2019-02-28 06:47:17.480Z

                          😭😭😭😭In this chapter asahi is planning soma role remember season 2 seen when soma say that he is going to show erina that his food is del

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                          1. In reply tosorina⬆:
                            H2HiyoriChan2019-02-28 06:57:43.806Z

                            You can tell me that manga name

                            1. In reply tosorina⬆:
                              H2HiyoriChan2019-02-28 06:58:21.226Z

                              In this manga only asahi want erina Hart
                              Soma want to battle only

                              1. Ssorina2019-02-28 07:03:24.018Z

                                Yeah but this arc is help him to realize soma want erina's love too

                                1. H2HiyoriChan2019-02-28 07:04:52.731Z

                                  I don't know when maybe this will never happen

                                  1. Ssorina2019-02-28 07:09:59.043Z

                                    just let possitive the right time is gonna come when soma and erina got together.

                                    1. H2HiyoriChan2019-02-28 07:16:59.404Z

                                      OK then I am waiting for 50 chapter but I am sure he will not make soma x erina

                                      1. Ssorina2019-02-28 07:18:30.127Z

                                        no he can make soma x erina in the end of the manga

                                2. In reply toHiyoriChan⬆:
                                  Vvorokai2019-02-28 15:41:14.718Z

                                  asahi want erina Hart

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                      2. J
                        In reply tosystem⬆:
                        jamesorosco732019-02-28 07:18:13.966Z

                        That worst chapter ever that why the new arc is making the manga down because of Asahi saiba

                        1. H2HiyoriChan2019-02-28 07:20:03.856Z

                          Tasuka is not stopping to making the romance between erina and ashia this is worst for me

                          1. Ssorina2019-02-28 07:21:29.700Z

                            please stop you are annoying he stop it when soma win this tournament and help erina to see the light.

                          2. Ssorina2019-02-28 07:20:18.528Z

                            i think yuto want to finish this manga

                            1. H2HiyoriChan2019-02-28 07:24:11.053Z

                              I think to beacuse he is written shity plot

                            2. Jjamesorosco732019-02-28 07:41:48.104Z

                              Sorry when i saw that i got mad i hope soma beat Asahi and bring back the old erina not cold hearted erina

                              1. Ssorina2019-02-28 07:45:28.454Z

                                asahi believe his gourmet are the one who convince erina to marry him. But i think soma is the one who beat her and snap erina's face to back in herself

                                1. Jjamesorosco732019-02-28 07:50:00.961Z

                                  Yeah i hope because i. Was happy soma free erina from her father n now he has a problem with Asahi saiba

                                  1. Ssorina2019-02-28 08:04:17.540Z

                                    yeah he need to save erina once again

                                    1. blastrophe2019-03-02 06:23:26.126Z

                                      I don't think she's influenced by Asahi. It's 100% her mom. Although, unlike Azami, I do believe that her mother rather wants to save her fr

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                              2. C
                                In reply tosystem⬆:
                                Chingaruna5172019-02-28 13:02:17.206Z

                                Gosh darn it! And just when the Nakiri problem is about to come to light, THIS IS WHAT WE GET?! I did predict about Mana's own problem but I never thought the entire affair is as worse as Birkin's G-Virus mutation!

                                Soma, I don't care what you do, slap Erina right now!

                                1. Ssorina2019-03-01 05:12:41.952Z

                                  the spoiler pic are out and asahi try to brain wash erina by saying he's is the one who make her wish true

                                  1. CChingaruna5172019-03-01 08:05:26.043Z

                                    Brainwashing? Nah, is the Go...I mean Devil Tongue is easily tempted by the brainwashing by the Knife Leech King? And what was Erina's wish anyway? Trying to destroy her own mother? And why would Asahi going to make such an offer anyway? Unless, of course, seeing Erina's own hatred against Mana reminds him about his own issue with his own mother....

                                    Whichever the case, it really doesn't even matter. Soma? SLAP THE WITCH!!!

                                    1. Ssorina2019-03-01 19:37:16.915Z

                                      looks like sure erina accept that

                                      1. blastrophe2019-03-02 06:20:57.983Z

                                        To show her worth to her mother. She has a mama complex.

                                  2. H
                                    In reply tosystem⬆:
                                    Heri2019-02-28 11:07:08.650Z2019-02-28 13:03:50.247Z

                                    Not caring too much about Souma and Erina ship now, there is other girls like Hisako and Megumi and even Alice though.

                                    I just want Souma to beat Asahi.

                                    1. Ssorina2019-02-28 11:14:52.222Z

                                      why you not care

                                      1. HHeri2019-02-28 13:02:13.871Z

                                        Idk why I feel this but the way author develop this arc make me not care about the ship.

                                      2. In reply toHeri⬆:
                                        CChingaruna5172019-02-28 13:03:27.903Z

                                        I'm pretty sure that the Yukihira Genius can and will going to beat Asahi one way for another, but I am more anticipating him slapping Erina to break her out from her own depression....

                                        1. HHeri2019-02-28 13:05:53.644Z

                                          More like Yukihira's plot armor lol.

                                          1. Bbeyonds2019-03-02 21:25:59.669Z

                                            Asahi's plot armour vs Soma's plot armour coming soon

                                        2. In reply toHeri⬆:
                                          blastrophe2019-03-02 06:21:40.236Z

                                          Asahi is so damn op and broken. I rlly don't know is Soma gonna beat him.

                                        3. S2
                                          In reply tosystem⬆:
                                          Soumegu2019-02-28 18:21:27.131Z

                                          Takumi vs Erina then; really curious about the upcoming facial reactions. Obviously this was something I actually wanted from the beginning was chefs facing chefs. Definitely interested for the reactions of the other characters in this matchup.

                                          1. In reply tosystem⬆:
                                            BakaData2019-02-28 18:26:29.067Z

                                            5ch source adds: "There’s also a flashback of Alice winning against Hayama and Hayama also challenges Kuga in the flashback."

                                            1. OyraYukihira2019-03-01 01:35:02.339Z

                                              Is it related to BLUE?

                                              1. blastrophe2019-03-02 02:07:39.455Z

                                                From the Korean scan, it seems like the intention is to show our Erina has calmed down as a person, but now that she has gone full ice witch during the BLUE. Which imo SUCKS

                                                1. In reply toOyraYukihira⬆:
                                                  BakaData2019-03-02 04:55:21.920Z

                                                  Not directly. More related to Erina and how she was post regiment de cuisine period.

                                              2. In reply tosystem⬆:
                                                blastrophe2019-03-02 02:04:21.641Z

                                                So......Erina's character development is going all to the trash bin? Don't wanna complain but this is such a bad choice. Seems like Tsukuda just wants to wrap up the story.

                                                1. Ssorina2019-03-02 05:22:34.026Z

                                                  so erina gonna be dark queen in the next chapter and join asahi in the dark side this gonna get married after blue

                                                  1. blastrophe2019-03-02 06:20:08.533Z

                                                    More like she's following the path way her mother once went through. I don't think she will play along with Asahi's plan. But I don't know what his plan is.

                                                    1. Ssorina2019-03-02 06:48:01.841Z

                                                      i see i thought when she join dark side erina accept to marry asahi

                                                      1. blastrophe2019-03-02 06:58:49.498Z

                                                        You're getting depressed because we're diverging from the sorina course at the moment don't ya πŸ˜‚

                                                        1. Ssorina2019-03-02 08:27:11.014Z

                                                          what do you mean

                                                2. B
                                                  In reply tosystem⬆:
                                                  beyonds2019-03-02 06:35:54.241Z

                                                  Why is everyone so damn sure that Mana is evil? Why are some of you so certain that it's Asahi who got into her head? I believe Mana wants t

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