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Hare Kon 180 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-03-03 21:41:28.806Z

There are 38 replies. Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

  1. K
    kamijooo2019-03-13 15:36:11.147Z

    Did you guys know that the manga will likely finish within this year? :(

    1. CCiara_1112020-04-28 17:45:14.313Z

      Finally! It's going to end. Bc this manga is psychologically depressing and twisted! Hahaha

    2. R
      In reply tosystem:
      Radomir812019-03-06 11:20:12.632Z

      Tanx for translation.
      The child is Ryuu, the DNA test would not give Madoce anything. But I felt so that she could not take a sample. She keeps Rin's photos on her phone all the time, she would not use him to move Yuzu away from her husband. Madoka is now either going back to her old polygamous family or be depressed - Koharu will talk to her, I think that eventually they will finally explain things.

      1. Bbeyonds2019-03-07 00:43:16.888Z

        Quite sure Rin isn't Ryuu's child. That looks pretty much confirmed. If anything, it would be a massive plot twist if Rin turns out to be Ryuu's son.

        1. RRadomir812019-03-07 01:02:22.071Z

          No plot twist, because from the manga, when her own sister watched the picture of pregnancy Yuzu (her younger sister) was there described the age of the child. The child had a few weeks, and at the time when Yuzu became pregnant, Joe was no around - He was in prison.

          1. FFarcar2019-03-07 13:13:54.461Z

            In ch 117 koharu in June says : <<
            "Lately every week it's been "doing lunch with an old friend ">> and Rin'll be born in spring, so...

            1. RRadomir812019-03-07 13:44:41.089Z

              Sister Yuzu looks at the picture of pregnancy, sees date (age 9 weeks) and knows why Joe quit. It clearly shows whose child it is - the author of the manga clearly shows it in this chapter.

              1. Uultimateblast2019-03-07 16:02:05.507Z

                I feel like you're just desperate convincing yourself of something that just isn't true. What about all the indirect confirmations we got that Rin isn't Ryuu's child?

                1. RRadomir812019-03-07 16:54:45.490Z

                  Seriously ... I write about the fact, which results from the manga. Read the chapter itself and do not write bad about people you do not know.

                  1. Uultimateblast2019-03-07 21:03:04.461Z

                    I didn't mean to write badly about you. If I did, I apologize. That wasn't my intention. My point is just that there were numerous indicators in the manga that made it clear that Rin isn't Ryuu's son. The most damming in my opinion was the scene when Ryuu's dad spoke his only words that they don't look alike at all, and Ryuu, Koharu and Yuzu had awkward silence, then it was kinda a taboo that they just wouldn't touch upon. Hence, I find it hard to imagine that Rin is Ryuu's son. I mean they aren't alike at all and there are more similarities between Rin and Joe, which the author makes it intentionally clear. If it turns out that Rin isn't Joe's son but Ryuu's child, then that would be a plot twist for me.

                    1. Tthecomedian2019-03-09 01:31:45.700Z

                      I'm sorry to disappoint you, man, but if he's the son of ryuu
                      first because they imply that she was pregnant since before she was with Joe
                      second ryuu is not sterile besides culeabn every day almost
                      third is blonde, but the girl is blonde can be more like her than the father, do not expect anything that

                      1. Uultimateblast2019-03-09 01:52:33.101Z

                        First I'm not gonna get disappointed since I would rather prefer Ryuu to be the father than freaking Joe. I mean why would anyone want it otherwise...Well it's of course very possible. But all the indicators since Rin was born is that he isn't Ryuu's son. The fact that it wasn't even clear whether Ryuu is capable of having children is something people stop gotta ignore. He went to the freaking doctor to check it out. Ehm remember?

                2. In reply toRadomir81:
                  FFarcar2019-03-07 19:10:14.254Z

                  In june Yuzu discovers she's pregnant, in the same period Koharu says "every week it's been lunch with an old friend". So is 9 weeks... it means in May/ early june she's got pregnant... lastly her little sister says to her brother that joe has entrusted everything to Ryuu... (really sorry for my english!)

                  1. RRadomir812019-03-07 19:40:26.655Z

                    You write better in English than me. Before chapter 139, nobody knew who she was pregnant with. Chapter 139, on the other hand, is to tell whose child he is. And also shows that Koharu's actions (persuading Yuzu to go home) were good. Yuzu's sister's words confirm me in this belief - otherwise this scene with this photo of pregnancy would not make sense and would not do anything. This is to make your own conclusions. And if Joe was actually Rina's father, then Koharu could be considered as bad person - because she separated them with her actions. Of course, I write about my conviction and how I rate the facts from the manga. I never give a stamp that the whole truth is with me ;D

                    1. FFarcar2019-03-07 21:00:00.260Z

                      Maybe you don't remember yuzu's pregnancy was revealed in ch 117.
                      I'm glad to read your thought and I also don't have absolute truth 😬 and I give my opinion.

        2. J
          In reply tosystem:
          jojo0012019-03-05 07:53:55.470Z

          what happens after this, I'm still want Koharu leaves that Date family..
          from the beginning, those relationship was toxic, Ryu are toooo selfish..

          1. Zzebrat192019-03-10 05:22:02.917Z

            There's no way that Koharu will leave the Date household. What would happen after that is the issue. I think they will stick together. Maybe maybe Yuzu will leave and end up together with Joe but that's pretty doubtful to me as well. The end will probably be them all together and have a happy ending.

            1. FFarcar2019-03-11 15:27:37.289Z

              do you really believe that a person can love more than one partner at the same time and with the same intensity?

              1. Zzebrat192019-03-12 01:29:04.325Z

                You shouldn't apply your real life logic to manga. Do I believe a person can love multiple people with the same passion as loving one person? No I don't. But the whole premise of this manga is exactly that. The manga has been built up way too much to now say that the hare kon will split. I just don't see Koharu ever leaving Ryuu.

                1. FFarcar2019-03-13 10:13:26.892Z

                  I certainly forced my opinion on the manga, but what is a manga if not the expression of the thought of the artist who created it? as I have already commented elsewhere, I hope for a greater growth of the characters, even of the naive and weak Koharu, who bends his feelings to make others happy and be, perhaps, happy herself ... who knows what the future holds for us.

                  1. Kkamijooo2019-03-13 15:27:55.776Z

                    Agree with the desire of seeing more growth in the characters. One question. What does growth mean for Ryuu? How exactly can he develop as a character? The issue with him is that he feels fulfilled with his life that he himself doesn't desire growth.

                    1. FFarcar2019-03-13 21:22:39.018Z

                      from my point of view Ryuu must have a shock (another than the one he had as a child). He must be obliged to choose. I hope he remove Koharu, his only true, great love (I admit to being a romantic woman 😜), later I hope Ryuu suffers the pains of hell and cries tears of blood👿, to then recapture Koharu, who has meanwhile had his son without his knowledge (maybe I watch too many korean dramas!😅) ... alive for this moment!🤣

                      1. PPATATAchan2019-05-06 17:23:03.574Z


          2. B
            In reply tosystem:
            beyonds2019-03-03 21:41:28.895Z

            Well that was anticlimax...

            1. kraft2019-03-03 22:18:38.545Z

              If she stepped over the boundary that she must not step, then it would've changed the story way too much. This wasn't a bad chapter at all.

              1. In reply tobeyonds:
                YYahana2019-03-04 07:27:38.877Z

                Agreed :(. I hope the next chapter will be better.

                1. Bbeyonds2019-03-05 03:40:50.538Z

                  I wouldn't say the chapter was necessarily bad. It was probably only the realistic option to show some growth and also her true side. She's an evil person. She's just lost. The usual characters can't really help her. It had to be Rin. And now the others can talk to her and help her out.

              2. In reply tosystem:
                kraft2019-03-03 22:17:28.925Z

                Chapter showed that Madoka isn't rotten to the core and is still human after all. She's genuinely a sad person and I kinda pity her.

                1. K2Kyotos2019-03-04 01:02:10.700Z

                  Yes, I think it was bound to happen. Always felt like that only Rin would be able to change her mind.

                  1. kraft2019-03-04 03:02:19.504Z

                    Curious where they go from here. Koharu cares enough about her for them to make up.

                  2. In reply tokraft:
                    BBidji2019-03-04 09:44:32.412Z

                    Yeah she's still sane after all.... I think she'll going back to Date family in the end lol

                    1. Bbeyonds2019-03-05 03:42:52.481Z

                      I agree. If she doesn't rejoin the Harekon, she would likely just have a miserable life, unless she doesn't find a new purpose in her life.

                  3. P
                    In reply tosystem:
                    PATATAchan2019-05-06 17:20:50.648Z

                    Whatever is happening to madoka. Its all ryus fault for playing with these girls feelings...

                    1. Y
                      In reply tosystem:
                      Yahana2019-03-04 07:25:56.140Z

                      I feel like she may have lost her objective for her original storyline while she was on a break. The last two chapters were very unfulfilling and disappointing. It’s seems she lost her passion in her story. Thank you for the update.

                      1. Bbeyonds2019-03-05 03:48:34.451Z

                        They were indeed unfulfilling and this chapter was very anti-climax. But it was probably the only option for her. She could only destroy the Date family by targeting Rin, but she realized that she just couldn't drag an innocent kid into this mess. Hence she said she woudln't take her life by causing trouble to strangers or random people. This exactly correlates to Rin. She couldn't drag a kid who has nothing to do with this; basically someone who is innocent, into her vengeance. She came back to her senses and realized that what she's doing is wrong. Her feelings cannot be directed anywhere and only frustration that she can vent nowhere is left with her. It sucks but she isn't alone. Ryuu does care about her. Koharu doesn't like her, but she clearly cares about her as well, like it was displayed in this chapter.

                        Sorry it turned out a bit longer than thought.

                      2. F
                        In reply tosystem:
                        Farcar2019-03-06 08:40:41.360Z2019-03-06 10:06:47.789Z

                        It's Boring! They all unhappily ever after!

                        1. Zzebrat192019-03-10 00:13:03.588Z

                          Gotta be unhappy and then open up the doors for happiness

                          1. FFarcar2019-03-11 15:19:57.567Z

                            I hope so!