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Domestic na Kanojo 222 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-03-05 17:56:13.559Z

There are 24 replies. Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

  1. B
    beyonds2019-03-05 18:20:01.292Z

    OK that end is interesting. Seems like she has some kind of trauma at hospitals, which I assume is related to her scar? Anyway, the next chapter should clear up the mysteries about her.

    1. MMrF0x2019-03-05 18:52:25.990Z2019-03-05 21:13:11.543Z

      There is that and also it might be that she haves some conflict with the law(can't be registered at hospital) or something like her ex(etc) family is so wealthy that he holds connections to hospitals and so on (but I just hope it isn't the case- it would be too much drama...).

      Anyway I like your option the most also it would match with my suggestion from previous chapter that the guy Hina met isn't simply bad(he was kind of concerned this chapter and left in normal way at least) and wants to help Misaki(my hunch is for brother atm).
      Maybe Misaki is runaway from her family and friends? It would be also connected with Natsuo- as both of them are running away from they problems/fears instead of facing them.

      1. Bbeyonds2019-03-07 00:45:23.828Z

        I like the two options you stated and quite likely but also a bit too cliche for me. I don't quite agree with that guy being all that nice. He didn't act like a normal adult and acted more like a shady ass guy.

        1. In reply toMrF0x:
          kraft2019-03-07 00:59:45.326Z

          Anyway I like your option the most also it would match with my suggestion from previous chapter that the guy Hina met isn't simply bad(he was kind of concerned this chapter and left in normal way at least) and wants to help Misaki(my hunch is for brother atm).

          He doesn't remotely look like a good or normal guy. First, in Japan, to be that age and have that kind of a hair color usually means that you're some unlawful citizen and not a normal adult. He treated Hina pretty badly and didn't even acknowledge. He's definitely trouble.

        2. In reply tobeyonds:
          Zzebrat192019-03-06 00:31:31.253Z

          She either got treated badly due to her scar or it's entirely something new. Or it is indeed something criminal.

        3. P
          In reply tosystem:
          Peppa2019-03-06 10:42:39.034Z

          Maybe she's pregnant

          1. Kkamijooo2019-03-10 00:09:29.583Z

            Would explain why she wants to have sex with Natsuo so badly and say it's their child lol

            1. PPeppa2019-03-10 03:18:57.172Z

              Well let's see the next coming chapters

              1. Kkamijooo2019-03-12 02:34:48.016Z

                True ;)

          2. B
            In reply tosystem:
            Bidji2019-03-08 10:37:47.097Z

            IMO it's better if Natsuo transferred to Isekai

            1. Kkamijooo2019-03-10 00:09:50.573Z

              Would be the most boring Isekai ever with that boring personality he has :D

            2. A
              In reply tosystem:
              AirShark2019-03-05 17:56:13.753Z

              For Gods, Hina has to let go of what's stuck in her heart if she's not going to end up with my ... Misaki certainly came in the plot for Natsuo to do his good deed of the time ... Actually, I do not care about who Hina stay, I just want to see the character happy. It is very disappointing to have a character with captivating, suffer so much in silence!
              It took a long time for Rui to hear what she heard from "Mary." She was always petty wanting everything for her, I think her immature side influenced a lot, but when she thought of the feelings of others? It was not only Hina's that she went over, there are Natsuo's, Momo's and Al's.
              Just waiting for the flying saucers to arrive to really see where it will go ...

              1. Zzebrat192019-03-06 00:30:53.716Z

                Hina can't suddenly take advantage of Natsuo's situation after Rui's breakup. She needs to wait till he has cleared his mind. Then she can go after him. Anything before that would probably be not that good for their relationship.

                1. AAirShark2019-03-06 01:02:25.500Z

                  True, it has to have a well done turn for both of them, but it is that I am very impatient that it happens hahahahaha

                2. In reply toAirShark:
                  MMrF0x2019-03-05 19:12:29.475Z

                  Problem for Hina is that she is the only main love interest/mc without any character development outside of Natsuo(not connected to him). It was shown even way back in stalker plot when she rejected him at start(when everyone still considered him 100% normal and nice) for just being close to Natsuo just as friend and since then everything she plans and do is somewhat for him.

                  Where Rui is safely set up for any ending- she can either end with Natsuo or with that chef friend or she may just become great chef(in short she can focus on her passion).

                  That why I think it will be Natsuo x Hina at the end. Also once there was some small "flash forward" where married Natsuo was ask to write about how he met his wife and he answered that he must ask her, because he can't lie about it as all friends and family know the truth. In that context Rui wouldn't be interesting/shocking enough story compared to Hina(they student-teacher status and devotion for each other) and it's just too late for another women in the current plot.

                  1. In reply toAirShark:
                    AAirShark2019-03-05 17:57:52.465Z

                    I read the spoiler and followed the scans that I still found in Japanese. Thanks again for the dedication!

                  2. Z
                    In reply tosystem:
                    zebrat192019-03-06 00:26:11.382Z

                    That last reaction from Misaki indeed looks weird. Someone else already said it but it looks traumatic. Can't quite see how it connects to everything we know about her so there will be probably entirely new revelation.

                    1. AAirShark2019-03-06 01:06:50.311Z

                      Come on, I think of two more simple theories, first she may be pregnant, which explains a little she wants to have sex with Natsuo anyway, may be looking for a fool to take over the child, the other may have problems with chemical dependency, and being an old acquaintance of hospitals ...

                      1. Zzebrat192019-03-06 01:11:44.164Z

                        Ehh the pregnancy thing is a possibility but not sure why that would warrant that kind of a reaction. She could still hide that from him. Natsuo could take her to the hospital but he wouldn't have any rights to hear the confidential information about a patient as Misaki isn't her family and she could just say that he isn't allowed to hear it and he would also respect it. The scar thing is the most likely one but again, I'm not sure what was so traumatic to her. I feel like personally that there is more to it. Hence the note at the end said that everything about her will be revealed.

                        1. AAirShark2019-03-06 01:16:33.171Z

                          The plot is very confusing in relation to Misaki, which in fact is a good side after so many rounds around Rui, is really waiting next week so we can know what happens and how our Paladin Natsuo will solve.

                          1. MMrF0x2019-03-06 09:43:30.025Z

                            Pregnancy is most likely off the board as she is drinking quite often. I mentioned few possibilities in my another post, but I still like trauma idea most(it's delicate genuine matter and it don't bring too much drama like rest of possibilities).

                            Maybe she can't trust people after getting scar from one of her co-workers and going to hospital would mean facing her family? It would match with Natsuo as both of them are currently empty shells wearing fake smiles/mask in front of friends and family. Also resolving it should be interesting.

                            1. Zzebrat192019-03-10 00:12:32.029Z

                              Would you think that the scar factor would give her that much trauma? It's definitely a possibility I won't deny, but personally, it feels a bit too simplistic to me. We will know pretty soon though :)

                            2. In reply toAirShark:
                              Zzebrat192019-03-10 00:11:27.102Z

                              Oh yeah totally agreed. I like having some mysteries and confusion around the story instead of direct human drama.

                          2. In reply toAirShark:
                            AAirShark2019-03-12 11:08:07.522Z

                            I knew, Misaki uses drugs!