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Kanojo Okarishimasu 81 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-03-06 01:06:54.308Z
  • 16 replies
  1. U
    unnshrt2019-03-07 03:02:44.253Z

    I like the fact that the same people who claim to "hate" this manga are the ones who go out of their way every week to find out what happens in every chapter (sometimes before the English scans are even out). When I don't like a manga, I drop it. I don't come back to every chapter and complain about the same thing over and over again. Please get a life and find some other manga if you don't like this instead of spamming the comment section with the same exact arguments every week.

    1. Uultimateblast2019-03-07 05:13:48.936Z

      It's like a hate love relationship 😂

      1. In reply tounnshrt:
        Kkamijooo2019-03-12 02:37:26.191Z

        I mean some criticism has absolutely valid. That being said, yes, it does certainly become repetitive. This is the same I observe in the Soma fandom. Once people have made up their mind, there's basically no coming back and they will forever shit on the manga no matter what.

      2. A
        In reply tosystem:
        AminnudinBDG2019-03-06 01:06:54.441Z

        make this MC like a grown man, so fucking annoying, but still this manga makes me curious :v

        1. Zzebrat192019-03-06 01:12:48.779Z

          RomCom and pathetic MCs is such an iconic duo. The only likeable MC right now to me is Futarou.

          1. In reply toAminnudinBDG:
            Cchungdirung2019-03-06 01:39:37.667Z

            If he is a normal boy, this will become hentai in anyways.
            And goona been ban in 100 country
            So the author have to ceate a dense one

            1. Bbeyonds2019-03-07 00:47:01.893Z

              It's not that he should take advantage of the situation and act like a perv or anything. It's just that he's so damn dull and pathetic. He's just a total loser without a positive aspect. That's the issue with Kazuya.

            2. In reply toAminnudinBDG:
              kraft2019-03-07 00:48:53.820Z

              What did you want him to do?

              1. In reply toAminnudinBDG:
                smashhbro2019-03-06 01:08:14.451Z

                What irritates me about this manga is that the MC's growth is so freaking little. We're like 81 chapters in and basically nothing has changed about him.

              2. I
                In reply tosystem:
                irawrzkai2019-03-06 03:23:13.651Z


                Come on, author! Can you start making this dumb and pathetic MC as an adult now??? I understand that he's a young adult but the dude's acting like a freaking teenager!

                1. MMrF0x2019-03-06 09:01:14.857Z

                  I would say that author makes good job keeping on each character traits and keeping story casual. Kazuya is just normal shy, kind guy and it's fine- there are a lot of people like that in fact, especially in Japan where they are even more close inside. It wouldn't make sense if he would start acting in different way out of the blue- people just don't change like that if they don't face some huge factor.

                  1. kraft2019-03-07 00:48:25.007Z

                    But there's almost no development from him...which kinda does make the story a bit boring.

                    1. Iirawrzkai2019-03-07 06:59:47.178Z

                      Agreed. You can hardly see his growth in all these 81 chapters. Heck, both Ruka and Sumi got some character development along the way, especially Sumi who is steadily becoming the best girl in this series (Sorry Chizuru!)

                      1. Kkamijooo2019-03-12 02:35:52.849Z

                        This! Sumi and Ruka have some nice character development. Kazuya in meanwhile...yikes.

                2. C
                  In reply tosystem:
                  chungdirung2019-03-06 01:43:48.457Z

                  If he don't realize Chizuru's feeling before Mami finish her plan. We gonna get 100 or more chapter

                  1. MMrF0x2019-03-06 09:19:04.513Z

                    It's situation where probably Chizuru should make first move to break rental/work nature of relationship. As I mentioned last time upcoming birthday ark will probably bring biggest changes to the story.

                    Also author may just continue it after they will start dating and it still should be good. I would even say that author is sticking to plan in good way and haves clear vision what he wants to do.
                    I just would be better if they would/could release full/half ark (not sure how you call it in manga, but I mean like know we have that "Dream Date" part) each time.