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Shokugeki no Soma 302 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2019-03-08 03:45:35.744Z
  • 26 replies

There are 26 replies. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

  1. B
    beyonds2019-03-08 03:46:25.780Z

    She gets to shine for a bit till she gets her ass handed by Asahi. I do hope though that she will challenge him and cause some damage. That would be nice.

    1. H
      In reply tosystem:
      hindachris2019-03-08 03:45:35.833Z

      Gogo Megumi. Kill em with kindness :)

      Thanks admin ^^

      1. S
        In reply tosystem:
        Soumegu2019-03-08 04:25:05.417Z

        Okay Megumi stepping up at least with this we get to see more of what Erina means to her as a friend. I do miss that relationship interaction from the last arc.

        1. S2sorina2019-03-08 04:30:02.306Z

          looks like erina laughing on asahi's assuming self by saying that words in previous chapter on her

          1. H2HiyoriChan2019-03-08 04:57:49.349Z

            I think we are going to see soma vs erina soon

            1. Uultimateblast2019-03-08 06:09:28.947Z

              Will be curious if Soma will face off Erina or Asahi first. The brackets are kinda meaningless since the bookmaster does whatever she wants.

              1. S2sorina2019-03-08 07:01:48.390Z

                what do you mean

                1. Uultimateblast2019-03-08 07:32:13.418Z

                  You mean the bracket part? I'm saying that the bookmaster can technically choose any fight she wishes since she does whatever she wants.

                  1. S2sorina2019-03-08 08:17:57.968Z

                    Yeah she can wish soma vs erina. Just like takumi vs erina

                    1. Uultimateblast2019-03-08 08:47:38.559Z


                      1. S2sorina2019-03-08 08:58:05.833Z

                        yeah she can make erina vs soma before soma vs asahi

        2. S2
          In reply tosystem:
          sorina2019-03-08 04:07:25.560Z2019-03-08 04:58:19.268Z

          what megumi meaning of erina becoming gentler and laughing more

          1. U
            In reply tosystem:
            ultimateblast2019-03-08 06:08:41.770Z

            The recent chapters haven't been all to bad and it feels like the fandom just likes to complain and essentially give the series not even a chance to redeem itself. Just judge the chapters by its face value instead of dragging older crappier ones into relevancy.

            1. In reply tosystem:
              OyraYukihira2019-03-08 06:16:36.036Z

              This week ToC, SnS #10? Maybe this is the cause lol

              1. OyraYukihira2019-03-08 06:18:54.686Z

                Plus, right now megumi is Sorina since we heard erina's boyfriend criteria

                1. In reply toOyraYukihira:
                  Zzebrat192019-03-11 05:55:52.333Z

                  Wasn't Soma a bit lower than 10?

                2. S2
                  In reply tosystem:
                  sorina2019-03-08 23:28:28.487Z

                  what asahi meaning of this'll understand eventually.

                  1. Zzebrat192019-03-10 05:22:44.087Z

                    That people will understand how truly broken his powers are.

                    1. S2sorina2019-03-10 05:42:30.847Z

                      yeah he want to do that but erina is not interested what he say and she want to do it alone.

                      1. Zzebrat192019-03-10 06:13:47.396Z

                        She has at this moment no reason to listen to him. Her intentions are to help her mother.

                        1. S2sorina2019-03-10 08:11:29.721Z

                          Yeah she have no reason to listen to asahi anymore. Her mother is more important she want to help her alone because of her pride erina doesn't need asahi

                          1. Zzebrat192019-03-10 23:50:53.355Z

                            She will only listen to Asahi IF she experiences despair that she cannot help her mother and has to rely on Asahi. That's at least the way I see it.

                            1. S2sorina2019-03-11 00:15:02.845Z

                              I think because of her pride she is not feel despair. Also for me asahi is always assuming he is her hero and i always see erina rely on soma if she feel despair for not helping her mother.

                  2. S2
                    In reply tosystem:
                    sorina2019-03-10 05:44:35.135Z

                    Megumi have no chances to beat asahi but put some damage to him

                    1. Zzebrat192019-03-10 06:14:29.944Z

                      Yah. Hope it will at least be a 2-1 for Asahi and not him thumping Megumi. That would be a repeat of the previous arc and damn boring.

                      1. S2sorina2019-03-10 06:17:20.021Z

                        Megumi's hospitality put some crack on his power. So soma can destroy asahi.