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Hare Kon 181 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-03-18 02:01:01.903Z
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    Pikut2019-03-18 04:43:52.988Z

    Finally... This is what i've been waiting for since rin was born and madoka came back to ryu life. I just thought koharu is just nothing to this 'family'. So for me it is a wise decision for koharu to leave ryu and let yuzu and rin be the only family member in date family. I hope koharu will get a divorce soon. I want her to move on... She deserves to be happy. She doesn't need to pretend to be 'okay' with this relationship, i dont see she was happy with it. She always try her best for the sake of the family and now it is the time to think about herself more than ryu. Goodluck koharu 😊

    1. Kkamijooo2019-03-18 04:58:17.568Z

      Feel like there's more than her just leaving Ryuu. She made it clear that she really loves him. This will definitely be interesting and a nice development instead of just following whatever Ryuu always wants to do.

      1. PPikut2019-03-18 05:09:36.299Z

        Yup it was obviously she is loving ryu so much. She always does right... But maybe she think it is better to leave than stay but always endup feeling 'hurt' because of all the 'situation' happen. It is more like if you loves someone it doesn't mean that you have to own him/her right... It is so sad but it is the ending for koharu i think 😊

        1. Kkamijooo2019-03-18 05:37:58.679Z

          I think Koharu leaving is good as long she leaves on her own accord as well as with a clearly determined will. If that's the case, then she should be fine. Let's hope she won't end up like Madoka who has been kinda miserable ever she left Ryuu.

          1. In reply toPikut⬆:
            Mmakanzie2019-03-18 17:21:58.412Z

            My opinion but I don't think she's necessarily hurt by the situation. I feel like she just thinks that she doesn't have a place at the Date household. And there's probably more to it.

        2. In reply toPikut⬆:
          Xxheng1872019-04-10 09:12:45.764Z

          Actually this is what I have been waiting for since Koharu was introduced to Hare Kon
          Mainly bcuz I just can’t share my partner. I’m not controlling or extremely possessive but the thought of sharing my partner to someone else would caused me a lot of pain
          And the amount of stuffs Koharu has put up since she did and had come to love this family even Rin and really had come to love Ryuu...

          But I really hope Koharu stay firm to her decision. And I hope that Ryuu will come and regret

          1. PPikut2019-04-14 13:24:19.265Z

            Me too... I just want koharu to just move on 😊

        3. B
          In reply tosystem⬆:
          Bidji2019-03-18 06:33:57.846Z

          Madoka : "What? Well welcome to the club mate;)"

          1. J
            In reply tosystem⬆:
            jojo0012019-03-18 14:20:26.161Z

            im not sure about Koharu's plan...
            its look like at the beginning the author would get that shitty man with koharu to be together on the ending...
            its just another drama.. Koharu can't leave Ryuu and Ryuu just selfish as usual, he wants all of them..shitty man

            1. K
              In reply tosystem⬆:
              kamijooo2019-03-18 02:01:02.521Z

              Didn't expect that at all, but her reasoning makes sense. She looked kinda isolated since Rin was born.

              1. Mmakanzie2019-03-18 20:39:02.571Z

                I wonder if her thoughts would change if she would conceive Ryuu's child.

              2. M
                In reply tosystem⬆:
                makanzie2019-03-18 17:10:17.760Z

                Why do people here hate Ryuu so much? What's THE reason? The whole premise of this manga was loving multiple women.

                1. C
                  In reply tosystem⬆:
                  Ciara_1112020-04-28 17:50:35.828Z

                  Now that's a wish coming true! RYUU GOING TO CRY AND GET DEPRESSED! DAMN IT I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY! HE ESERVES IT! KOHARU! BE FREE, LET GO AND LIVE YOUR LIFE FREE AS A BIRD. YOU DESERVE MORE THAN THAT. If he come clean, and chooses only you to love and to cherish. Then, that's pure love! (I hope so)