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Domestic na Kanojo 224 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2019-03-20 01:14:23.006Z
  • 11 replies
  1. B
    Bidji2019-03-20 02:12:49.305Z

    Finally some action! Misaki, Tsubasa, Hyuga, Tachibana twin.... Oops sorry wrong manga lol

    1. N
      In reply tosystem:
      nazim102019-04-03 17:14:28.046Z

      No new summaries?

      1. BakaData2019-04-04 05:40:14.263Z

        Domestic is on break this week. It's back next week :)

        1. Nnazim102019-04-04 14:12:55.137Z

          Yeah, but how about chapter 225?

          1. BakaData2019-04-04 14:15:56.684Z

            Ahh you were talking about that! We didn't do summaries last week and there are scanlations of it anyway so I don't plan on doing them now.

            1. Nnazim102019-04-05 12:36:52.457Z

              Ah, I see! I understad that, and hope that you'll continue ^^

              1. BakaData2019-04-05 13:32:43.422Z

                We will try :) Thanks!

      2. A
        In reply tosystem:
        AirShark2019-03-20 01:14:23.153Z

        Thanks again for the great work!
        Come on, I'm already finding myself inside the psychologist of Kei Sasuga, I did not mention in the previous chapter that Misaki worked as a "mule".
        Now who should save them "Mary" Yakuza, I never remember the name of the master, but it is one of the character I most like, after Hina ... of course!

        1. BBidji2019-03-20 02:14:34.381Z

          Who is she? Rui? So she did that on purpose? Ckck she's evil little sister

          1. AAirShark2019-03-20 02:20:28.727Z

            The bad word in Portuguese writes "Ruim" and that's how I call Rui, hahaha Ruim Tachibana.

        2. P
          In reply tosystem:
          Peppa2019-03-20 09:25:10.143Z

          This is what happens when you bring a stranger to your home.