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Hare Kon 182 Discussion Thread

By system2019-04-02 05:22:32.566Z

There are 23 replies. Estimated reading time: 13 minutes

  1. S
    sgm2019-04-10 05:27:05.599Z

    I signed up just to post this comment. I first looked into this manga because the art was eye-catching but the story made me so uncomfortable. I hate even harmless love triangles so there’s no way I can accept a harem (shrugs). However I kept following the raws purely out of curiosity but the chapter where Ryuu and ex-wife Madoka are about to get busy was super upsetting and I couldn’t stand to read any more.....I didn’t realise I felt so strongly about adultery! Anyway, thank you to the author(s?) of these summaries as I can rest easy knowing how things will end without having to enrage myself by looking at the raws. To be honest I don’t care about any character except Koharu....she wasn’t comfortable with the idea of a Hare-Kon to start off with but squashed her feelings and tried her best to accommodate everyone. I’m surprised she lasted this long. It’ll hurt to leave but at least she doesn’t have to be constantly tormented by whatever her role (or lack thereof) is here. Ryuu will ultimately always be able to find someone else if hare-kons are not abolished. Hope Koharu can eventually find someone faithful who loves only her and can give her the family she wants. Also I remember reading a character profile and finding out that Ryuu was an Aquarius. As an Aquarius myself, I am offended....hahaha!

    1. Jjojo0012019-04-10 12:08:17.420Z

      what make me feel disgusted and piss me off is ryu has sex with his ex wife madoka not only one but twice, without his wives know,
      I know she is his ex wife but his action count as cheating, maybe yuzu feels okay and I don't care about what her feel because she cheating too.. I just care about koharu, she doesn't deserve this way
      I don't know what the author wants, if she wants to show us what the meaning of true love, I think the way ryuu act to koharu is definitely NOT true love.. hare kon is toxic and ryu is the key of toxic, again I hope koharu will meet someone she loves more than ryuu and I want ryuu to suffer till die...

      1. Ssgm2019-04-11 10:58:22.810Z2019-04-11 11:07:57.301Z

        I completely agree with you....I feel he was cheating too when he had sex with Madoka. I was so angry for like a whole week and had to keep telling myself that these aren’t even real people and it’s just a story. :p. It doesn’t matter if she used to be his wife....the fact is she wasn’t his wife when he slept with her, so that’s definitely cheating. As far as I’m concerned, once you betray someone’s trust, it’s all over! It wouldn’t affect Yuzu as she has the same thought processes as Ryuu and in addition always will be the “first wife”. It’s hard for Koharu as she had trust issues to start with(?).

        I don’t know what his definition of love is but it is impossible to fully commit to all three of them equally. He probably thinks love is just looking after them and being physical. I don’t think he’s emotionally available.....definitely not for Koharu at least. Ryuu has all the qualities of a successful cult leader. Koharu needs to escape the cult if she ever wants a chance at happiness. And yeah, I would love to see Ryuu suffer least he should be made to regret taking her for granted!

        1. Jjojo0012019-04-11 17:18:41.477Z

          SAME, I had to keep telling my self that these are not even real in real life every time I read or remember this manga. cheater always be cheater. No one can life as saints so if the author hubby are cheat on her, and she knew it, did she forgive him?did she accept him again?
          For me, if my couple cheated, I will definitely leave or divorce. When you can flirt with other people then you can easily do it again, I mean in your mind even if once or twice, you see not only me..
          even if Im sooo in love, I will choose to get hurt after leave and get to someone who know how to treated me well from the beginning
          so after all, NO ONE deserves to get cheated the way ryuu did, especially Koharu,
          if the ending, Koharu leaves ryuu and find someone else, this manga deserve to get award :D. If not, THIS IS THE WORST MANGA EVER.

          1. Ssgm2019-04-13 14:09:04.686Z

            Exactly, if the person is capable of doing it once then there is nothing to stop them from doing it again. If I was cheated on then there would be nothing that can be done to make me trust that person again so staying with them would be pointlessly painful. After the initial anger I won’t waste my time worrying about them anymore....good luck to them in their life ahead, but I won’t be part of it.

            I seem to remember reading that this manga is classified as an NTR (although I might be remembering that incorrectly). If I actually knew what that was before I started reading this then I definitely would have avoided it. They are designed to generate horrible conflicting feelings and jealousy etc. in the reader. So if it actually is an NTR then the mangaka has been successful in achieving that outcome. I’m only still following now so I can get some closure once it ends after having started it.

        2. In reply tojojo001:
          SSandi1232019-04-15 16:45:28.452Z

          I agree with you. He's cheating with his ex wife, I feel the only faithful one in this relationship is Koharu

        3. In reply tosgm:
          Uultimateblast2019-04-14 01:39:43.529Z

          The art is the only things that convinces me to keep going. The story has been horrendous for quite some time

          1. Ssgm2019-04-16 23:37:16.237Z

            Hehe, yeah the art is what sucked me a fly to a Venus flytrap.

        4. B
          In reply tosystem:
          bunhun2019-04-03 16:40:08.422Z

          So glad, I'm not the only one thinking that Koharu'd better separate herself from Date family and also wishing she will never rethink about it. Not that I hate Ryu, but I wish Koharu treasures herself more. I wish she will really leave because she wants to pursue her own happiness, not because she wants Ryu to suffer of her leaving him.
          Anyway, thanks for the translations.

          1. Uultimateblast2019-04-19 17:29:43.536Z

            Rin will make it tough for her. I think this is quite normal in adulthood. You do thinks that you absolutely don't want to do but the existence of your child makes you do it.

          2. B
            In reply tosystem:
            Bidji2019-04-09 04:41:34.424Z

            the end has come boys

            1. J
              In reply tosystem:
              jojo0012019-04-09 14:26:22.100Z

              I think ryuu will not release her so easily..
              this is not easy but I hope her still remains with her choice to divorce, find another guy and make her own family
              this manga sucks and worst if they still in hare or if koharu still choose ryuu in the end..
              whats good about him? he is only good at seducing, know their weakness and comfort them with action and words.. or maybe he is sex master..
              the only reason I still read this is I want to know about koharu life in the end

              1. SSandi1232019-04-15 16:46:26.049Z

                Me too

                1. In reply tojojo001:
                  Uultimateblast2019-04-15 17:25:49.796Z

                  I think ryuu will not release her so easily..

                  You were spot on

                  1. In reply tojojo001:
                    CCiara_1112020-04-28 17:55:54.227Z

                    If only Ryuu is man enough and honest about what he really feels towards koharu. This will never become like this. What a troublesome guy 😔

                  2. F
                    In reply tosystem:
                    Farcar2019-04-02 06:53:42.259Z

                    i I love this chapter. finally Koharu explicitly expresses her feelings, her frustration, her pain, her love for Ryuu. finally she becomes aware of what she wants: to be happy. She knows, however, that she cannot change Ryuu and therefore leaves. I hope that in the next chapter there is no rethinking and that Koharu leaves the Date family.
                    Go Koharu and be happy
                    (I always hope Ryuu becomes aware that he can't live without her!)

                    1. AANONYMOUSLY582019-04-02 07:13:24.150Z

                      U-huh this person is right and also with due respect to the author's decision, I wish Koharu leaves Ryuu, she needs to leave, she's suffering more than enough but I want her pregnant with ryuu's child as well. But whatever author's decision will be I'm fine with it.
                      Getting really impatient for the next chapter, I don't know what is going to happen.

                      1. In reply toFarcar:
                        CCiara_1112020-04-28 17:54:00.537Z

                        NON is playing with our feelings. Whatever happens. Please make Koharu and Yuzu happy! Pleaseeee they deserve it! 😞

                      2. P
                        In reply tosystem:
                        Pikut2019-04-02 08:15:00.093Z

                        I really hope she doesn't change her mind at the end..i just want her to be happy. She need to be happy . It useless to stay in this 'harekon' anymore. How i wish she will be free again .. Do what she want in her life and pursue her own happiness with her family and the one who really priorities her as a partner. I know she do love ryu ... But ryu dont deserve her love at all. Can wait for the ending ❤️ good luck koharu

                        1. FFarcar2019-04-02 09:10:15.752Z

                          I'm agreed with you, but I think (hope) that Ryuu doesn't know the meaning of really loving. He confuses the pleasure of sex, possessiveness, his need to "save" women in difficulty with love. Is a child trauma? Is it his true nature? we'll see if he can turn his feelings into true love

                          1. PPikut2019-04-02 09:21:57.825Z

                            Yup maybe he is still 'confused'. He admitted he loves them all but i dont see it looks like he do really loves them as a 'husband' or 'lover'. That is why i wish koharu will leave him and this family... I really want him to know who he really love. If he cant choose one of them than for me its better to not put them in a 'cage' where it only bring unhappiness. Idk what to say anymore. Idk about ryu, i just hope for the freedom of koharu 😅

                            1. FFarcar2019-04-02 10:24:30.263Z

                              Yes... it's impossible to love all of them in equal way...

                        2. H
                          In reply tosystem:
                          HakaseDaNyaaa112020-04-28 07:41:14.047Z

                          I have no clue why I'm still reading this manga. I think it's a guilty pleasure kinda manga for me. There's literally nothing I like. I don't like the idea of a harem. I don't like the idea that a man thinks he can have multiple wives. The closest I came to liking what was going on was when madoka was about to leave and koharu felt like she was losing a sister. This entire time, the manga has only been readable because I imagine this as a sort of incest hentai where everyone is siblings. Weird? Maybe. But that makes the relationship between the wives so much more understandable and acceptable. I personally really dislike the idea that a woman would be okay with such a man. I seriously wish they finally figure out this guy sucks and all leave him or something. Cause he's literally a player. He goes after multiple women with no regard as to the feelings of the previous wives. He likes making his wives jealous to feed his own ego. It's a character and trope that is not realistic because it is disgusting. I really think I'm only this far along because it's full of twists and turns like a shitty soap opera. But I HATE the concept.