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Domestic na Kanojo 226 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-04-10 13:30:00.664Z
  • 5 replies
  1. BakaData2019-04-10 13:30:00.818Z

    A pretty long summary. Enjoy.

    1. In reply tosystem:
      OyraYukihira2019-04-10 15:49:07.017Z

      Good chapter for team Hina

      1. Uultimateblast2019-04-14 01:39:57.744Z

        Not really

      2. M
        In reply tosystem:
        MrF0x2019-04-14 20:49:27.410Z

        I have mix feelings about this ark. Author wasted some potential(especially in case of Hina) and we probably got some plot mistakes(if girl from drama club will make some move in next chapter), when on other hand we got some good action and comedy- Cafe Master stealing the show.

        Hina was just use to move plot forward for me, especially in this last chapter. There was no logical point for her to go with Master to gang hideout when even guns were used. For me author just use it to set up the ending and getting them together- simply both of them are will to go as far as risking they lives for each other.

        As conclusion of this ark was "moving on" (in case of Natsuo dealing with Rui and breakup) and we will only have like 3/4 arks left with ending. I don't see other option than Hina x Natsuo ending now if it will be made in decent way. Well we could Rui ending still, but now it would be pretty much out of nowhere or some miracle ending.

        Also thanks for updates!

        1. Uultimateblast2019-04-15 12:59:17.382Z

          Yeah I wouldn't take much more out of this than it was just for moving on. I think it was handled pretty well and let's see how the romantic aspects of the story will be wrapped up from now on.