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Kanojo Okarishimasu 86 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-04-10 17:14:08.136Z
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  1. C
    chungdirung2019-04-10 17:15:24.013Z

    Dere mode: on.
    Nice-su. We gonna see a battle next chap

    1. Mmakanzie2019-04-10 19:21:23.847Z

      Am I the only one who's concerned for Chizuru's grandmother? She will die pretty soon...won't she?

      1. In reply tochungdirung:
        Uultimateblast2019-04-14 01:40:25.310Z

        Doubt Chizuru would really confront Ruka

        1. M2MrF0x2019-04-14 20:32:22.860Z

          More like Ruka will attack Chizuru when she will sort out her feelings. My bet is that Chizuru will make some open move (birthday kiss?) after all and Ruka will just go berserk. Also Sumi will show up at some point in near future.

          As for battle I would say it will come in next ark when Mami will make her move(possibly expose Chizuru rental work at school) or if Chizuru father will show up (he abandoned family, but it will happen probably later on when she will get some bigger role).

          In case of grandmother I don't think she will pass away before Chizuru will become actress.

      2. C
        In reply tosystem:
        chungdirung2019-04-10 17:24:23.574Z

        Dere mode: on.
        Nice-su. We gonna see a battle next chap

        1. M2
          In reply tosystem:
          MrF0x2019-04-14 20:19:12.622Z2019-04-14 20:33:33.562Z

          Well Chizuru finally moved they relationship forward (to be honest grandmothers still are doing most of the job) from rental-client, so it's quite important event. As now she openly considers Kazuya as friend- she misled him by saying it was only to prevent drawing suspicion, but we know that she wanted to add him on Line before.
          Next chapter will be for her to sort out her feelings as Kazuya is determined and set since play.

          Also thanks for updates!