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Shokugeki no Soma 307 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2019-04-11 15:55:16.323Z
  • 4 replies
  1. S
    Soumegu2019-04-11 15:55:16.455Z

    Oh Tsukasa is back, but still no Rindo...

    I think obviously it’s the build up chapter where Asahi will show off his plate and then Soma.

    1. Uultimateblast2019-04-11 16:50:08.737Z

      Tsukasa was probably never "gone".

      At this point I'm not sure whether characters like Rindo will ever appear again. Guys like Megishima seemed like really interesting characters but man so underdeveloped and so little attention given... :/

      1. SSoumegu2019-04-11 23:19:32.350Z

        I am still hyped for Mega, but yea he is underdeveloped.

        1. Uultimateblast2019-04-13 21:10:32.236Z2019-04-13 21:46:55.532Z

          Don't get me wrong, I'm still hyped for Megashima. For some reason he's one of top characters so it's frustrating that he likely won't have an importance in this series anymore :(